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  1. Watching those goals for Clyde looks like East Fife goalkeeper was on Clyde half time full time @ 11/4.
  2. I’m still pinching myself that the bookmakers had Clyde priced @ 11/4 for last nights game winning half time full time. Clyde were a certainty with our woeful away form and all the injuries .
  3. Think the Alloa job would be a step sideways, both clubs pretty well run part time teams now in the same division. Surely if he decided to move on it would have to be full time. Don’t know if Peter Grants managerial role was full time. Suppose Alloa might have a bigger budget than us.
  4. I assume nearly all fans will be glad that the season is over. Mental asking part time teams to play all those games in such a short space of time. Big big decisions are now awaiting but until we officially know if Darren Young will continue in his management role then well all be left in suspense . The squad fillers that came in for the mad part of the season will be returning to their parent club.Think it’s fair to say few of them proved themselves . Personally I think the squad needs a big overhaul as we seem to be stagnant. We need to see a freshness to the squad and hopefully the right personnel can be identified. Hope Darren stays on but you would have thought things would have been tied up by now. Difficult to get players to commit to a manager who might not be there when season begins. The board might be looking to go in a different direction and maybe can’t see any progress being made under Darrens leadership. Having said that we are usually very loyal to our managers so I’d be surprised if Darren was to go it would probably be his decision.
  5. Easy money from the bookies that a home win was the biggest certainty of the season with all the missing players we had.
  6. Agnew only player to make starting 11 when part time teams play so many games in quick succession inevitably injuries are a certainty.
  7. Source of players out please. Lot of big players missing if true Darren Young post match after Forfar game.
  8. Going to be a really weakened East Fife team tomorrow night . No Ryan Wallace, Chris Higgins, Kevin Smith, Danny Swanson and Agnew doubtful. Be a lot of youth players in the squad. If I was a Dumbarton fan I wouldn’t be very hopeful. Clyde will surely be fired up with what’s at stake for them. However pressure does funny things and Clyde will really feel the pressure. I think not being a crowd will also work in their favour. East Fife only having 48 hour turn around from Forfar game also big advantage for Clyde. Home win I think.
  9. Well done Montrose wish you well in the play offs great to see a part time team punching above their weight. The Mo are a prime example of the roller coaster ride of lower league football. A couple of poor managers and two or three bad transfer windows and you could be fighting for your future, then a good management team with good player recruitment bringing a feel good atmosphere to the club. Just look at Brechin to see how quickly it can go tits up. Enjoy the good days of supporting a lower league team. After seeing Morton in the cup at Bayview you have nothing to fear.
  10. Really enjoyed participating in the competition has helped beat a bit of lock down boredom. Thanks to BWA Clyde for taking the time to run the competition. Will Clyde do the business against The Methil Milan tomorrow night. BWA Clyde will be hoping so. Let’s hope we’re not sitting watching games on tablets and lap tops come August.
  11. Airdrie. 2. Falkirk. 1 Dumbarton. 2. Peterhead. 1 Forfar. 1. East Fife. 3 Montrose. 1. Patrick. 2
  12. Clyde. 1. Dumbarton. 0 Cove 2. Airdrie. 1 Falkirk. 1. Montrose. 0 Peterhead. 2. Forfar. 0
  13. EastFife. 3. Peterhead. 1 Forfar. 1. Clyde. 2 Montrose. 0. Cove. 0 Partick. 3. Falkirk. 1
  14. The season at part time level should have been binned months ago. Madness to carry on the fans couldn’t give a hoot about a stop start season watching pixelot streams. Only fans that were desperate to get a conclusion was Falkirk and look how that turned out. Abandon the season now and make Raith Rovers European Champions.
  15. Airdrie 0. Montrose. 1 Clyde. 1. East Fife. 0 Cove. 1. Patrick. 1 Dumbarton. 1. Forfar. 0
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