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  1. Whether anyone else will have the series knowledge to come up with the 'You're a w****r' meme... That's the thing.
  2. This is like Still Game does blighty's hardest boozers, this pish.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I did make a post about Super Mo but a fellow supporter who was allowed onto the internet for the evening complained, explaining that I wasn't helping things, as though a post on a forum could make or break our fate on the park. I've said warm furry things about Petrie and Mo' since he took them over and got them promoted from league two. He's took to management really quickly, done some great recruitment, and has shown a lot of tactical smarts too. He's got a good future in management if he wants it I think. Mo' themselves have got a really versatile team; they can play a lot of different ways and there's nothing of a "rabble" about them, contra what my Ukranian colleague (above) says. Just the opposite: well drilled, good mix of young and old, pace and strength. All the rest of it. I think if the window is kind enough, they'll be in the running for fourth or better until late on in the season.
  4. That's code, meaning: you are informed. Just come out and say that you're intimately familiar with the club's finances and politics. Alluding to knowledge is little better than trolling; I would know.
  5. I love this club. A gang of punters with insider knowledge using it to beat those without it. All perfectly conducive to a unified support, free of in-fighting.
  6. Is your purpose on here just to be a club partisan then? You're the first to tell us how difficult it'll all be; I don't think I've ever read you even speculate on a way out; a solution, a trade-off.
  7. Tell them we can't afford to keep them, be pragmatic about helping them find them new clubs and negotiate low-to-no settlement for contract termination. If you thought I meant push them onto a plane, you've just convicted yourself of stupidity; no jury required on that.
  8. Same way Harry Redknapp got Benjani away from Portsmouth and up to Man City, if needs be.
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