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  1. SORRY? No need for apologies, my speech isn't disappointed and neither am I, I take it we are talking about roman? And if so then committed to what may i ask? And for the record, you've not ruined my weekend I'm just curious as to wtf your on about?
  2. Id like to thank weeredbook for his continued support to local football, Dumfries, annan and now Lockerbie, Scooby doo has more of an idea
  3. I've watched the best striker in the league being slated for his apparent desire for financial gain on this forum, 2 fish bowls, 10 jager bombs and a couple of encouraging words from his pals and we would like to offer the new mid annandale manager the opportunity to sign Roman Soltys? #romanscominghome #midsfortheleauge #soltyssignsfornowt #mugsysrecordsupforgrabs #dinglesstagontour #weawaityourresponse
  4. more than mids and fleet interested apparently
  5. i will never forget that night, awesome back heel, moving forward I wish ally all the best but I hope he's on the receiving end on Saturday, MON THE ANNAN
  6. any proof of this Harry?? Coz I think yer talking shite I've heard from a good source that it's boots only so sorry to piss on your bonfire but if your posting stuff like that up please make sure it fact.
  7. i will never forget his back heel to beat Alexander at Ibrox the day we beat The Rangers. I would like to thank him for that moment and wish him all the best too!!
  8. Good news IMO, about time Lockerbie had a decent facility for all to use
  9. Need hearts Motherwell the morra for 3 pound 6 team golden goals accumulator and qpr and Everton in another 5 team one. Fuckin stick on that they both don't come in coz I've posted it !!!
  10. quality answer still chuckling when am writing this, i thought you could get door to door service up yoor end!!!
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