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  1. There’ll be dancing in the flooded streets of Alloa tonight. Maybe even some pumping.
  2. Thistle are minging, had the ball for 80% of the game and hardly made a chance. Decent point for us but an instantly forgettable game and a miserable night
  3. Have any of the trialists from the two games looked promising?
  4. He scored a wonderful overhead kick away at Albion Rovers [emoji3]
  5. Agree with all of this. Cawley in for Shields as well for me. I went along to watch Ayr v Partick last night knowing full well that i might be leaving disappointed. Much like Saturday, Partick were first to every ball and didn’t allow Ayr to create any real chances, I can’t see Ayr getting anything from them at the weekend and a win will see Partick clear of the scrap. I was disappointed on Saturday by how much we let Partick play, we’ve had a lot of joy this season playing football against teams and taking the game to them, to retreat onto the edge of our own box as soon as we conceded possession was difficult to watch and Partick’s goals felt inevitable (very much reminiscent of the cup game at St Mirren). Having said this, it was totally understandable that this would happen once we had a lead to protect, as once Partick went ahead the roles were very much reversed. I hope we go out to play on the front foot on Saturday, as opposed to relying on containment and counter attacks. This team have been a joy to watch and have shown unbelievable resilience throughout the season, i’ve no doubt that the players will understand the magnitude of these last two games and rise to the occasion.
  6. I’d agree with all of those. I also loved Trouten’s goal against St Mirren, great play down the left and then he passed it home without even breaking stride
  7. Admittedly I missed the game so can’t comment on yesterday - but I just can’t ever understand starting Shields and leaving Cawley on the bench
  8. Zanatta was lucky with his yellow aye, i don’t think it was deliberate but he did catch him. After that Baird never missed him with an elbow/forearm for the rest of the game, the one early in the second half being particularly callous.
  9. I think Baird got away with what was obviously a second yellow because you already had a man sent off
  10. Even if it is his own wedding, still not totally acceptable [emoji3]
  11. Good source at Hearts told me this morning that it’s done Still waiting for an official announcement though
  12. Is the manager of the month curse still a thing? I’ve got memories of getting beat the following Saturday every time Hartley won it
  13. Hearts fly out to Spain tomorrow for some training I think, I guess whether he goes or not will give us a better idea
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