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  1. David can you expand or explain on your comment re Mitchell and Johnston?
  2. Have to agree about Howie.He is going to to get better and better.
  3. According to BBC Final Score Clyde have refused a request from PT to talk to Danny Lennon.
  4. The answer lies with you.The website is run by volunteers.Why don’t you step in? That way you will have all the inside info you want.
  5. Interesting contratemp between a Stranraer Director and 2 Clyde fans. Not sure what started it off but interesting to note the Clyde fans were still in their seats throughout the game whereas 2 Stranraer Directors were absent for the second half.The behaviour of I Director was outrageous.
  6. Can someone explain to me how some of these Lowland League teams survive? As a Clyde fan I am particularly interested in Cumbernauld Colts who drew 82 fans to a recent game v East Kilbride.Surely this is unsustainable?
  7. Confident of a win tomorrow.Goodwillie approaching full fitness to hit 2 in a 2-1 victory.
  8. Not particularly looking forward to tonight’s game,but I’ll be there nonetheless.Plenty of fans on here making it clear they won’t because we are playing a Colts team.What difference does it make whether it is Motherwell Colts or Falkirk? It is a national cup competition and the composition of the opposition is irrelevant.
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