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  1. Game 3 of the season and a run over to the Wirral tonight, in the West Cheshire League - Division 2 Poulton Victoria 5-1 West Kirby
  2. First competitive action came in the Cheshire Football League: Division 1 Golborne Sports 3-4 Vulcan
  3. Season 2022/23 off and running with some pre-season friendly fayre. Warrington Town 2-2 Bolton Wanderers
  4. Another tidbit from the "Buzz" character, he was named after a certain English comedian...
  5. Someone has cleaned up the English audio of "the phonecall"....
  6. He is a self-destructor yeah. Whatever happened in that phonecall has pushed him to self-destruct again and I wouldn't be surprised if he is trying to get himself arrested with the cancer grift break-in
  7. Potential phonecall spoiler...
  8. Yeah true there is not much else they could do with them really, and if they didn't appear at all I'd probably moan about that! But did cement in my mind that I don't really care about them now in this extended universe and am just fully invested in seeing what happens with the BCS characters/post-BB timeline. Do we think they've scratched that itch sufficiently or do we think there will be further split timeline scenes to come?
  9. How did everyone find the scene? Personally didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Would have been quite happy if which I think would have been a nice enough tie-in to the BB stuff. Was very "fanservicey" wasn't it?
  10. Episode 12 teaser... https://youtu.be/o8BNeTChCCQ
  11. Close enough for me, 'Waterworks' then 'Saul Gone'. I'm calling it!
  12. Further thought on next week's title...
  13. So happy Next week's episode is called
  14. PLEASE be set during the Breaking Bad "Better Call Saul" episode and be from the opposite perspective! That would be too perfect!
  15. Oh and Jimmy again connecting with his feelings only when in the process of scamming someone. The guy has issues!
  16. Loved that, absolutely great to get a full Gene episode. As mentioned above, another loose thread is tied up in the Jeff threat so absolutely no idea what the last 3 episodes are going to through up, almost have a clean slate storyline wise to go into here! Unreal that Gilligan and co can create such tension on a story we have zero prior emotional connection too. Phenomenal work really! Thought the theme tune cut to the blue screen was a nice touch going into the Gene timeline. Didn't think there was much room for them to go after draining all the colour away but that was cool!
  17. Odenkirk One of them is misremembering here then!
  18. Where did you hear that? Odenkirk said himself the scenes he done prior to his heart attack were in this week's episode. He looked like hell at the HHM wake.
  19. Oh, also loved the shot of Kim approaching Gus' from above which was very reminiscent of the shot of Walter approaching to do the same thing in Season 4 of BB.
  20. Think we will get a fairly decent time jump next week then? All the ends have been tied up other than where Kim is in the BB/present day timelines...so I don't see any need to hang about in the current timeframe. Onto Saul in the gaudy mansion and beyond? We still need to fit that/the FBI stuff, a possible Cranston/Paul storyline and the Gene stuff into the last 5 episodes
  21. Absolutely brilliant!
  22. I saw The Strokes at Lytham Festival the night before TRNSMT, the band were fine but Casablancas sounded like shit, and done some amount of fucking about between songs. Even fucked off the stage a couple of times, while the rest stood waiting to start the next song. They could easily have fit another 3-4 songs in with the time they lost. Was pretty annoying.
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