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  1. Seen The Charlatans doing their 31st anniversary (30th anno delayed due to Covid) greatest hits tour in Manchester last night. Banger after banger... Next up for me is The Human League on Friday night. Doing a 'Dare' 40th anniversary tour.
  2. I have The Charlatans doing their greatest hits tour in Manchester next Saturday, Initially bought a ticket for Liverpool on the 8th, but my shift pattern has changed since i bought that and have had to nab the new one instead. If anyone is around the North West and fancies a face value ticket for Liverpool on the 8th give me a shout
  3. Man City 1-3 PSG: UEFA Youth League - 24/11/21 Unfortunately Scottish interest was consigned to the bench (Cieran Slicker and Adedire Mebude) although the latter did get the last 20 minutes and looked fairly sharp wide on the right hand side of the front three for City). Standouts were the PSG number 9, Xavi Simons, who was unplayable for the City defense for spells in the first half in particular. Also liked the look of the PSG left back, Vimoj Mungu, a diminutive French full-back in the lineage of Lizarazu, Digne etc...who despite his slight frame stopped everything down the City right and managed to get a limb onto everything. As for City, they actually looked the better team for most of the second half, I liked their Norwegian left side midfielder Oscar Bobb.
  4. Reece James is really, really good. Despite the howls of protestation emanating from Anfield way every time an England squad is announced, the Chelsea man is far and away the best right-back they have
  5. Astonishing slur on McTominay there, get that c**t sacked
  6. One of the games I have tickets for was the Anfield QF and was looking forward to seeing some rugby there, but I haven't been to Wigan's ground yet so that'll be a new stadium to tick off, so I'll take that!
  7. Skim watching the last couple of weeks of Raw. Jimmy Smith just introduced Dominick Cruz Vs Bobby Lashley for a spot on the Survivor Series team
  8. You can get to Salford's park easy enough on the Bury bus that leaves from Victoria Station, runs every 10 minutes. But i'd go with Stockport Vs Kings Lynn out of those options. Going to head along to Chester Vs Guiseley myself that night myself though I think.
  9. Seeing The Wedding Present playing 'Seamonsters' tonight in Manchester
  10. Not random at all really, as I go to most home games. But this season is first time I've been in a position to get some away tickets so indulge me as I fire some first stadium visits on here from these.... Wolves 2-1 Everton 1/11/21
  11. Draw made today. I bought some tickets in the pre-sale in the summer so good to see what games I'll be seeing after today. I have tickets for: England Vs Austria @ Old Trafford (the opening match) Netherlands Vs Russia @ Leigh Sweden Vs Russia @ Leigh Italy Vs Belgium @ Man City Academy and the Final at Wembley. anyone else catching any of this?
  12. Not liking Australia in yellow and BLACK, what's that all about?
  13. Also caught some EFL Cup action this week. Burnley 0-1 Spurs on a first ever visit to Turf Moor...
  14. Harsh. The third over wasn't bad either. Then he can wrap it
  15. Frazer Wright in bell end shocker! Colour me amazed. The guy has always been, and I suspect always will be, a massive, massive tit. Not really on if he's having a pop at the fans after a start to the season like this mind, but I'd don't expect any less from the likes of him.
  16. Dune (2021) The worst film I have paid full price in the cinema to see. Was going to write a big long thing but it's just a self-important and portentious dumb film that remixes aspects of Star Wars and Game of Thrones in a parade of dull neofascist imagery and themes (hereditary power, great men, narratively convenient magic). There's some nice imagery but honestly filmmaking is so much more than nice images that look a bit like David Lean. Really boring. 2/10
  17. Seen this patter before, usually a sub-group that appears to think 'groundhopping' is beneath them/or become too popular...not sure what their actual beef is tbh? "I don't groundhop, I fixture collect/hop"....oh right aye
  18. The last time I seen UoS in a BUCS game there was a Northern Irish lad about 50ish going absolutely fucking tonto, nominally supporting Stirling but giving the lads absolute pelters for moves breaking down and chances being missed. Started bellowing advice to the dugout which was met with a few sharps looks! All seemed very odd at that level and wondered if he was a regular fixture. I'm sure he mentioned something about doing a show on the student radio as well! This guy still about?
  19. Officials in different colours there, bit unusual
  20. Christophe


    Sky boxsets/Now TV
  21. Started that last night after someone suggested the same thing to me. Managed 30 mins of ep1 before I had to go out, and just when i thought it was just going to be a historical reenactment of true life events things are already getting quite strange. I'm gonna love it!
  22. Anyone catch this, i missed it's initial run over the summer and must admit didn't know anything about it, but just stumbled upon it on the iplayer.... A BBC/AMC collab 5-part drama starring Colin Farrell as a harpooner on an ill-fated whaling expedition to the Arctic in the 1850's based on Ian Maguire's book. Great supporting cast of Jack O'Connell (bit harsh saying support with him, he's the co-lead really), Stephen Graham, Tom Courtenay, Peter Mullan. Amazing settings, they filmed a lot of it proper close to the North Pole, i'm amazed they didn't just CGI lots of it, but it looks excellent for it so i'm glad they didn't! Suitably as grim and bleak as it's source. If you like gothic creepiness in harsh environments check it out. Farrell looks huge in it, not sure if it's a fat suit or he's actually gotten massive.
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