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  1. Wondered if he was related to George. Good fact!
  2. Warrington Wolves 2-3 Durham Cestria - Women's FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round - 18/10/20
  3. Gerard Athletic 8-1 Hawkley Athletic - South Lancashire Counties Football League - Premier Division - 11/10/20
  4. Runcorn Linnets 1-1 Marine (3-4 on pens) - FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round - 03/10/20
  5. http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/10218 Further point of interest.... Stenhousemuir's first Brazilian player? 😆
  6. Seen Jack Hodge play a couple of times, he was in the same Scottish Schoolboys side as Tiwi Daramola against Australia at Ochilview last year. Seen him for Civil Service against EK once too. Very hard working central midfielder from what I've seen. He was definitely one who stood out in those games hence I remember him. So hopefully does us a turn. He will have played in the same Hibs youth team as the boy Fairley that we also signed I assume. Seen Hamilton reserves a few times last year but can't say the name Grigor stands out, so not sure what he's like. All the best to all the lads though, hopefully enough talent in there for some of them to give the manager selection headaches.
  7. McTominay hugging the touchline now covering O'D....is that what's going to cost us?
  8. Been fine for 5 mins now on mine, give it another whirl
  9. Mine spazzed out a bit for a few minutes there, dropped to the phone app and was fine there, TV back on now and behaving
  10. Thought he said Aston Villa have made a "sexual" start to their season....and well you couldn't argue with that!
  11. Sounds like the Scotland subs are going to have to up the chanting here, Israeli boys going tonto
  12. See Edinburgh City are doing their League Cup game tonight as PPV for a tenner. So presume the same will apply for Saturday.
  13. Early one at Ochilview this morning. 11am KO! 1-0 up, McGuigan goal. Updates on the Berwick Twitter account
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