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  1. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    What a bizarre assessment given we have picked up 7 points out of the last 9 and Brechin have picked up 1.
  2. Do in-house releases count as shoddy ‘journalism’?
  3. SPFL Reserve League 2018/19

    Hearts 0-0 Ross County @ Oriam
  4. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Didn’t get a picture of the stand, but yes, quite the impressive structure. Must seat about 25!
  5. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Whitburn 1-3 Broughty Athletic on Saturday, took the opportunity to get to somewhere new with the Warriors being on the TV later on...
  6. Game of Thrones

  7. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Abu Dhabi FC 4-4 Mount Zion Academical! Good game but not as mental as the Jon Macken 4-3 classic!
  8. Game of Thrones

    Thought that was a sort of OK 6/10 episode, the series openers are always a bit like this. The bit with the dragons and waterfall was total shit, proper I_dont_like_sand.wmv territory. My main gripe at this stage is that all the good actors have been killed off. We’re basically left with about 5 good actors and 100 2D stage schoolers. I can’t work out if Daenerys and Jon for example are boring bland b*****ds beacuse they’re both SHIT soap-level actors or if it’s the characters. I’m leaning towards it being the acting. Daenerys is potentially a gold-tier TV character (sold into chattel, enjoyed her abusive brother getting goldheaded, reborn in fire, led armies across continents, may have genetic disease that will send her shit-stirring mad) and is played like she’s the mean one in ‘As If’...Arya has got worse as an actor, she’s somehow actually lost range. I suspect Sansa never had range, but she’s well cast so I don’t mind her. Bran is AWFUL. Yara is fine on the action stuff but not when she has to be downbeat and emote. Lord Umber Jr, Jr, Jr goes full on Victorian urchin, it was almost a parody. GLAD HE GOT CUT INTO A SWASTIKA. On the other hand to make it look like I’m not just picking on the kids, the one on the horse, Lady Whatsisface is still good. It’s unfair though, because the older departed castmembers are all seasoned as hell and the kids are just so green, proper Harry Potter levels. Unfortunately that’s just where we are with the story. The quality of the cast leaves me wondering what I actually care about at this point, what do I actually want to see in the final episode? Basically just hoping for an unhappy ending. I really enjoyed the new opening credits though it was a bit unsettling after being so used to them for so long. LOOSE PREDICTIONS: Jaime will so obviously shoot Cersei dead with Chekhov’s crossbow. Theon will die defending Winterfell having (sort of) redeemed himself to both the Stark’s and the Greyjoy’s (actually don’t think we’ve seen the last of Yara, pretty sure she’ll kill Euron). There’ll be some big twist involving the Lord of Light, hope they don’t over explain things though. I quite like how no one in the show claims to fully understand it all, even Melisandre.
  9. 8 for Wednesday....thought we were done with Australia fucking me over in these things!
  10. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    (95-99) Out of Blue 7/10 Interesting little film this one. A re-working of a Martin Amis novel (Night Train) by Carol Morey, starring Patricia Clarkson (who’s a wonderful actor but not at the top of her game here) as a homicide cop who can’t remember her childhood, investigating the apparent murder of a young woman who is a theoretical astrophysicist. On the surface it’s a noir thriller but it goes into issues of particle physics, Schroedinger’s cat, multiple universes, duality in general. Even Eels gets a namecheck, in relation to his dad Hugh Everett III who posited the many worlds theory and asked for his remains to be put out with the rubbish. It’s a tightly told story which brings together multiple strands in a satisfying conclusion and I really did enjoy it quite a lot. I suspect however that it’s not quite as clever as it thinks it is - perhaps a bit like Martin Amis! (cinema) Dumbo 4/10 Literally, what is point?* It was, like, ok, kinda, I guess, but what.is.point? *Point is Burton’s Alice films drew well over a billion dollars. Because people are stupid. *Other point is that if Disney don’t use their IP rights then they fall into public domain. (cinema) The Fugitive 7/10 One of a funpack of six DVDs I got from CEX (others: Fargo, Fish Tank, Eternal Sunshine, Lawrence of Arabia, Inglorious Basterds) for £3 (mostly teaching aids). Always had a bit of a love for this but probably my first watch in 15 years. Mostly it holds up - the pace is constant but never overly quick, there are spots where things breathe, even though in the first half hour Harrison Ford goes from free man to arrested to trial to prison bus to on the lam to diving off a dam - without losing focus on other characters, emotional development, etc. The ending is great too, for the kind of film it is (superior thriller/action) - Ford is absolved, the One-Armed Man is caught and the friend who betrayed him vanquished, but there’s this hollowness, like, great, got to go back to my wifeless freedom. It does feel like a TV movie in parts from the perspective of 2019 bit generally a good template for future endeavours should people consider the need to make films from templates. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 7.5/10 Think it’s still pretty good and clever despite feeling like a lot of sad indie songs of that time. The visual tricks are amazingly well done and am surprised Gondry hasn’t gone on to be one of the main filmmakers of our time. McQueen 6/10 Documentary about fashion enfant terrible (bad child) Alexander McQueen, very interesting lad if you like this sort of thing which i do. (Netflix)
  11. MMA Thread

    Basturt! Was seriously knocking on the door of a nice 118/1 shot last night....