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  1. Jack Claffey (aka Jack Gallagher) has signed up with BKFC, knew he was an MMA enthusiast (and has a 2-0 amateur record) so be interesting to see how he gets on
  2. Last 16 and draw 'halves': Burkina Faso Vs Gabon Nigeria Vs Tunisia Senegal Vs Cape Verde Mali Vs Equatorial Guinea ----------------------------- Guinea Vs Gambia Cameroon Vs Comoros Ivory Coast Vs Egypt Morocco Vs Malawi
  3. Going to Idles who play three nights in Manchester next weekend and I had plumped for the first night (Friday 28th). Now see Porridge Radio are playing Blackpool on the same night and want to see them, could have chosen any other Idles night and caught both, GAH! Solution....I am now heading to Wrexham on the Saturday night to see Porridge Radio there instead. Wrexham at home in the Conference that afternoon so might as well make a day of it!
  4. Ivory Coast vs Algeria is on the BBC this afternoon. Though it looks like they haven't scheduled it on any channels again, available on iplayer/red button/website etc.
  5. Ticket portal opened today for applications. Any optimists tempted with the nation packages? You can apply for 3,4 or 7 game packages for any country that is still in the running to qualify, rather than guessing/waiting for group draws. Cheapest seats 3 game Scotland package comes in at £167. £244 if you fancy us to get to the last 16. And if you are a complete lunatic and fancy us to be contesting the final you can see the lot for £1,187.
  6. So... Bannon, Furtado & Scotland. With Ormond doing it across playing/management. Pretty exclusive club
  7. Don't think he got any time at the WC but I'm going to assume he's clocked up some Gold Cup minutes so another good shout
  8. Zimbabwe B team riding Guinea silly here, and Guinea will probably still qualify automatically, unless Malawi can shock Senegal
  9. Must've missed the major international tournaments they played at! Did Harry Paton get any minutes in the Gold Cup?
  10. Willis Furtado came off the bench for Cape Verde today against Cameroon. Any other ex-Warriors taken part in major international tournaments?
  11. They had Gabon Vs Ghana the other night but only put it on the BBC sport site/iPlayer, so I suspect all their group game choices aren't making it to an actual channel. Not sure if they've shown anything else
  12. Ferguson Vs Gerrard in the dugout next Saturday?
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