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  1. As nothing concrete yet we might as well speculate on away days. Following today's playoff final the English entrants would be Notts County and Yeovil
  2. Disappointingly it's not Bo'ness United that he's signed for, would be quite happy to see the lad play at that level. It's Bo'ness United Juniors, the team that formed to take a spot in the East Region Juniors when the "big" BU joined the EoS. Looks to be pretty much a "waifs and strays" team made up of former Lowland/EoS reserves, youths and general ex-junior/amatuers jobbers. Found the tweet ....
  3. I'm positive that they put an announcement out around Easter time saying he has penned a deal and would be joining on expiry of his contract...would imagine that would have been this summer at the latest if he's been able to discuss with other clubs. Bit of a disappointment if he's off to that level tbh, but in saying that don't think the ever really did the job at the BU seniors, Camelon or Oakley on his loans. In a case of "what might have been" he's currently goalscoring for Motherwell in the Premiership in 2022/23 in my FM2020 save!
  4. I thought Tiwi signed permanently with Boness United Juniors earlier in the year?
  5. Does anyone know if anyone's done any Scottish Pyramid mods since the WoSL was announced? Enjoying playing a pyramid mod at moment but would be good to start again if there is one going around with the West Region Juniors within the WoSL and the league system.
  6. I suppose the thought of us coming down so your big derby isn't held in a theme park must be pretty exciting.
  7. The "fire your Saturday matchday money to the club" option has been refined....see below. It's Saturday lads, let's go fucking mental at the virtual wee bar and pie hut!
  8. That's the bit that made me think yeah, the post including various other pics of him celebrating Warriors goals so got a feeling there is more too it then talking about the break
  9. Yes I'd hope most ST holders will continue paying....I will and would happily stick another admission price in the pot for each called off home game for the foreseeable if there is anyway the club could set something up?
  10. I thought A Winged Victory For the Sullen was wonderful gig. They were great. V soporific though, only just managed to stay awake!
  11. Haven't decided on the later summer stuff yet (EotR usually a must), but going to get to Doune and also Bluedot in Cheshire for the Bjork exclusive in July. Wide Awake in London in June is an amazing lineup for the price also so hoping I can make that work too.
  12. My March lineup: A Winged Victory For The Sullen - 1st Big Thief - 2nd John Shuttleworth - 17th King Krule - 21st
  13. Two hour wait but finally got tickets for the two possible Scotland Hampden games, considered a last 16 but only the top tier category left so left it for now. Happy to finally have soemthing booked. Might have a nibble at some further afield knockout rounds nearer the time if still available.
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