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  1. Wijnaldum coming up on the rails here
  2. Absolutely mental if the base decision is now the difference between us calling up a B team for this! Can you imagine
  3. Any other wits want to recycle the 'quarter final', or the 'England midfield will be fine' joke?
  4. That's right, John McGinn was telling stories about noising up golfers on the putting green last week. Seems ridiculous, I'd imagine most others will be shut away
  5. Oh f**k! Assuming the rest are being tested, this could get worse
  6. Fair enough pre-game then, but I doubt anyone would have been down paying pligrimage at the Gannochy if we'd had a wee score tweet at any point since! BU friendly cancelled, was a bit silly scheduling so not completely surprised at that one. Could have seen a few "sickies" pulled on both sides if that was going ahead!
  7. No idea, the communication from the club on these friendlies has been non existent. Didn't even bothering acknowledging the game in Saturday.
  8. Seriously tempted mate, but would leave me tight for getting across the city for my 8pm plans. Cheers anyway, hopefully someone takes you up. Good offer
  9. What category, and how much are you looking for?
  10. Just had a phone call to confirm a booking I didn't even remember I had at The Paxton's Head, Belgravia. 2x people, from 7:30pm tomorrow. Cancelled it so if anyone still needs anything and calls now may still be available
  11. The referee is Argentinian? Does he officiate in one of the European leagues?
  12. That's the first round of matches done. Some stats: 8 of the 28 goals so far have come from our Glorious 32 2 of the 3 players in 1st position for the tournament golden boot are active in our game. Our pal Pat Schick the odd one out. 8 of our 30 players will be nervously awaiting the 2nd round of group games as they held a player who didn't even make the starting XI in the openers. Squeaky bum time coming up for those valuable minutes! (Sane, Malen, Moreno, Giroud, Rashford, Werner, Andre Silva, Belotti)
  13. I'm assuming there is no chance there will be any fans allowed in to see the Kilwinning game on Saturday? I don't think the game has even been acknowledged on the website or social media by the club so guessing not?
  14. Think Hibs and Spartans both have women's teams playing at Ainslie of a Sunday afternoon.
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