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  1. Tata Martino Roberto Martinez Jose Enrique Who's next?
  2. He's flying back out to Qatar on Friday by all accounts, so maybe give the baseless gossip dice another roll?
  3. I always look at who's worked at a higher level but maybe been struggling to get another gig for a while. Tommy Wright for example, could we tempt someone like that to drop down to get back into the game? No idea what he'd want paying, and would imagine he'd be disappointed not to get a shot at something like the NI gig recently so likely wouldn't be looking to take up a post in L2 but that's what my thinking would be, without obviously knowing the ins and outs of our budget Not necessarily him but looking in that kind of direction. Would be perfectly happy with Danny Lennon though, he's done the business at one point or another and really shouldn't be taking a genius to get us going with our squad so recent failures wouldn't necessarily put me off that one.
  4. Assuming they only have 4 games left (2 QF, 1 semi and the final) they probably are just going to run with the "A team" on comms, given they will also have no more double game days either.
  5. Our QF line-up.... Netherlands - @Scary Bear vs Argentina - @Caledonian1 England - @CM. vs France - @Shanner Brazil - @Bert Raccoon vs Croatia - @BFTD Morocco - @welshbairn vs Portugal - @Shotgun
  6. Pablo Sarabia goes out having hilariously played a whopping 2 minutes, hitting the post and missing a penalty. What a carry on! Probably not so funny for @ayrunitedfw, suppose it's all about perspective! He needs Lautaro Martinez to do something for Argentina
  7. @jagfox loses Pedri, who played 357 minutes and didn't get a sniff. He has Raphinha left in his Barca collective to try and bring home the bacon
  8. As @Comrie mentions above, he's our other joint first out, Alavaro Morata finishing on 3 goals in 183 minutes of action for Spain. With Jamal Musiala also gone, it's the plane home for him
  9. @gannonballloses Ansu Fati who didn't trouble our chart in his 44 minutes of World Cup action. He is now, one of two, official first players out, as he's already waved goodbye to Kai Havertz. Better luck next time sucker
  10. @MeadowArab says goodbye to Ferran Torres, who managed 2 in 219 minutes for Spain. Hopes pinned on Richarlison now for him
  11. He was in the melee for the first one, don't let the TV narrative sweep you up!
  12. If Morocco had a Marouan Chamakh we'd be up the road by now
  13. "brilliant game" "Morocco throwing everything at it" Some absolute pish there from Laura Woods
  14. First world cup I can remember Is Italia 90, im all for it, tbh who's the new Pavarotti to belt out the classics That c**t from GoCompare
  15. Agree South American bid is most likely for '30....but a run of Germany, UK&I and Spain from the Euros 2024 - World Cup 2030 would be cracking for fans from the UK after a run of shite hosts like Qatar, Russia, Euro-wide with restricted capacity etc. Could even add the North America WC into that run to complete it, which isn't exactly a horrible place for a couple of weeks jolly!
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