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  1. I suppose the thought of us coming down so your big derby isn't held in a theme park must be pretty exciting.
  2. The "fire your Saturday matchday money to the club" option has been refined....see below. It's Saturday lads, let's go fucking mental at the virtual wee bar and pie hut!
  3. That's the bit that made me think yeah, the post including various other pics of him celebrating Warriors goals so got a feeling there is more too it then talking about the break
  4. Yes I'd hope most ST holders will continue paying....I will and would happily stick another admission price in the pot for each called off home game for the foreseeable if there is anyway the club could set something up?
  5. I thought A Winged Victory For the Sullen was wonderful gig. They were great. V soporific though, only just managed to stay awake!
  6. Haven't decided on the later summer stuff yet (EotR usually a must), but going to get to Doune and also Bluedot in Cheshire for the Bjork exclusive in July. Wide Awake in London in June is an amazing lineup for the price also so hoping I can make that work too.
  7. My March lineup: A Winged Victory For The Sullen - 1st Big Thief - 2nd John Shuttleworth - 17th King Krule - 21st
  8. Two hour wait but finally got tickets for the two possible Scotland Hampden games, considered a last 16 but only the top tier category left so left it for now. Happy to finally have soemthing booked. Might have a nibble at some further afield knockout rounds nearer the time if still available.
  9. Busy week ahead from next Saturday Sat: Lisa O'Neill @ Summer ball Sun: Julian Cope @ St Lukes Mon: Black Midi @ Liquid Rooms Thu: Supergrass @ The Barras
  10. What's this about? Is Vimto doing "a hing" or did Neilly forget about his original post and log back on under an alias and reiterate almost word for word?! Odd! On the Cook being blamed for the Brechin goals thing, I did notice Irons going balistic at Cook earlier in the game when a poor corner was again snuffed out easily before the first post...what happened to sticking Blair on the corners which looked much more effective at Hampden a couple of weeks previous? On the Hampden note Cook probably WAS to blame for the two goals there, but he was being played out of position so I'm sure I said at the time we can't be too harsh on him. Maybe this was still in Irons mind following the Brechin incidents though.
  11. Binning a second manager in a season is not going to solve anything. Especially at this time of year when he will already have window targets, and we'd give zero time for a new guy to make any plans in terms of changing personnel. We have to bite down now and hope Irons can make 9th, that's literally all I'm hoping for now. The board should however be starting to think of a new guy for next season NOW, proper process, no more easy options, we've made the obvious in-house easy appointment over and over and it's gotten us nowhere. They have 7 or so months now to get a good appointment in for next season, in the meantime we bite down and hope we are still in the senior set up by then. Can't see any other way of doing it at this stage of the season.
  12. Top gigs of 2019: 10 - The Oh Sees - QMU, Glasgow 9 - Deradoorian - Rainbow, Birmingham 8 - Anxiety - New River Studios, Haringey 7 - Cosmic Dead - The Lanes, Bristol 6 - Ariel Pink - Gorilla, Manchester 5 - Peter Brotzmann - @ JazzMadrid Festival 4 - Human Eye - Los Globos, LA 3 - Pissed Jeans - Brudenell, Leeds 2 - John Maus - Brudenell, Leeds 1 - John Maus - Elkin, Tilburg Still swithering on final album list, and considering putting a decade list together...tbc...
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