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  1. Didn't think I had anything on in October but just noticed Sports Team are playing Manchester on Saturday so going to get along to that.. November is busier: Simon Amstell, Black Midi and The Wedding Present all booked
  2. Ada Lea - One Hand On The Steering Wheel The Other Sewing A Garden Rather lovely stuff, for Big Thief/Adrianna Lenker fans
  3. Andorra - never played Armenia - never played Azerbaijan - never played Bulgaria (Excluding Kirin Cup) - never played competitively Estonia - last played competitively in 1999 Finland - last played competitively in 1995 Greece - last played competitively in 1995 Hungary - never played competitively Kosovo - never played Luxembourg - never played competitively Montenegro - never played Northern Ireland - last played competitively in 1981 (not including home nations tournaments) Portugal - last played competitively in 1993 Romania - last played competitively in 1991 Sweden - last played competitively in 1997 Switzerland - last played competitively in 1996 Turkey - never played
  4. 3 seasons in (almost) and i've only just realised that this is created and written by one of the Peep Show co-creators. Jesse Armstrong! Mind blown.
  5. Art School Girlfriend - Is It Light Where You Are? This came out a couple of weeks ago but just been put onto it and it's instantly one of my favourites of the year. Shoegazey, female Cigarettes After Sex with The Smiths vibes. Love it
  6. FA Cup replay night...few options in the NW but went with Southport Vs Chorley. They (obviously) just played the original tie on Saturday, replay tonight and meet again in the league on Saturday coming! Just the one goal with the home side winning 1-0 but what a goal it was. Just minutes after missing a penalty a Southport cross ball from the left was met with as sweet an overheard kick as I've seen, nestling in the postage stamp. Will do well if I see a better goal all season.
  7. I've pencilled Valley Parade in for their next home game against Rochdale for a first visit. Attendance looks a bit sparse, is it a decent atmosphere or a bit dead?
  8. Thought I'd pop along and see what this Champions League lark is all about on Wednesday past...wasn't half bad...
  9. Also enjoying this week: Eric Bibb - Dear America : bluesy americana Loscil - Clara : ambient strings Katy Kirby - Cool Dry Place : Big Thief-ish folk Water From Your Eyes - Structure : psych-electro David Grubbs and Ryley Walker - A Tap On The Shoulder : guitar duo, Grubbs is ex-Squirrel Bait and Walker's stuff is always good value Shannon & The Clams -Year Of The Spider : punk/psych Dorothea Paas - Anything Can't Happen : melancholic singer/songwriter Jane Inc - Number One : Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mega Bog - Life, And Another : jazz-tinged pop Angel Olsen - Aisles : 80's covers EP Started listening to that Metallica "Blacklist" album, 4 hours of artists covering Black Album songs, 7 versions of Enter Sandman by people i didn't know later i sacked it off and just put the original album on Listened to Donda too, but also way too long at 1hr 50, though thought it was pretty decent to good in places considering i'm not usually a fan.
  10. New 'Turnstile' record is excellent, hardcore you can dance to
  11. Not totally sold on new Low. Last one took a bit of time too, so willing to give it a few tries. Double Negative stuff really worked live too. The final track however is absolutely fucking great.
  12. On the subject of Roddy McKenzie, that's reminded me of something I always wondered about. I have vague memory of it being some kind of covert loan deal, whereby we technically signed him on a free and then "sold" him back on a free to Hearts at the end of the season. Just remember it being all a bit hush, with neither side actually using the word "loan deal", even though it was widely known amongst fans that it was. There was even an article in one of the daily rags before a cup game I think, about him being on the books at Hearts as their "groundskeeper", complete with a picture of him taking a pair of scissors to the Tynecastle turf. Anyone remember the ins and outs of it?
  13. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis last night in Blackpool. Outstanding. The Ghosteen (the album) stuff in particular was utterly compelling. Cave's "here we go" before starting to play 'Ghosteen' (the track) was lump in the throat enducing. Less a call to arms and more of a personal note-to-self "you can do this"....emotional stuff.
  14. Considering doing a mad European away trip for one of the Pavement gigs. Maybe Aarhus or Bremen. Something different.
  15. Got Nick Cave and Warren Ellis doing 'Carnage' and 'Ghosteen' tomorrow at the Opera House in Blackpool. Reviews from the first couple of nights of the tour sound outstanding Edit: not tomorrow, it's not Thursday yet Christophe! Gig is on Friday night.
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