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  1. Been screaming out for a centre-half that can play 35+ games a season and give us some consistency. Instantly makes the squad better for nothing, so a good signing. There is money to spend. Lampard will get the Richarlison money and there was already about the same amount in the pot. So around £100m available. The club isn't skint, it's just about negotiating the FFP minefield, but they've been in open discussion with the PL so know what they can outlay. Obviously that amount takes the club back to FFP "borderline" if you like so may be a preference to not spend all that if possible and retain some credit for next year's balance by working in the frugal market of frees and cheap end of contract deals.
  2. AMC have released a pdf of the Plan and Execution script. It's a tremendous read, i love the little filler bits between lines that pre-empt audience reaction, it's so descriptive it reads like a novel in places! Enjoy
  3. Amazon strike deal to get first pick of Tuesday night games from 2024. BT to cover all other games live. BBC will bring a highlights package back to cooncil telly with a programme on Wednesday nights at 10pm
  4. Same size as it was on Watford last season, but yeah unnecessary
  5. A break over the weekend and then next week is absolutely loaded for me: Tuesday: Pixies Thursday: Elbow/Richard Hawley/Badly Draw Boy Friday: The Strokes/Fontaines DC/Wet Leg Saturday: Tears For Fears/Alison Moyet Sunday: Paul Weller/The Charlatans
  6. Alanis Morrissete doing the Jagged Little Pill 25th anniversary tour in Manchester tonight:
  7. Sponsor is huge and looks terrible but otherwise I think it looks ok from that shot
  8. Sneak peek, I assume there will be some white detail on the shoulders that isn't visible here (if only Hummel chevrons)
  9. Yeah I think it's a big gamble on his part going there in a World Cup year with their existing front 3. I wonder if someone is being moved on?
  10. Contract is up today, as is Delph's and Tosun's
  11. Won't be missed? That's crazy. We lost all the assists last season (James/Digne), now there go the goals. If DCL has another injury prone season, who is scoring the goals to stay up? Emmanuel Dennis has agreed terms apparently. Fee still being negotiated. Watford want £20m, Everton keen to drive it down closed to £15m
  12. To me it looked like he was knocked out and collapse rather than dodged the rain maker, and switchblade notices and ends the match, unfortunate but only thing they could do Ah ok, fair enough. Haven't re-watched the finish yet, I'm just watching the whole event "as live" and still on the main event.
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