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  1. Bit of a gap now for me til a busy Feb-March.... Julian Cope - 16th Feb Black Midi - 17th Feb Supergrass - 20th feb Big Thief - 2nd march King Krule - 21st March
  2. Aldous Harding on Sunday night, Designer is one of the best albums of the year.
  3. Thought I was all quiet until February now but just picked up a ticket for Aldous Harding in December at Summerhall
  4. Managed to get a resale on the Billy Bragg shows next week. For the Wednesday, the "career spanning set" night, happy enough with that.
  5. Strathclyde University (1sts) 2-0 Glasgow University (2nds) in the BUCS Scottish Division 2A
  6. His missus has stated he's undergoing tests and recovering well, that's good news. Leon Edwards frontrunner to replace Diaz, apparently had been in a standby camp
  7. McGregor teasing replacing him already...
  8. BMF title fight off - Diaz popped for supplements, claims UFC asked him to fight and hide it until after the event
  9. Double header at Oriam today.. Montenegro 1-1 Northern Ireland in a Women's U-17 Euro 2020 qualifier on the indoor pitch... followed by Hearts 1-0 St Johnstone on the outdoor in the SWPL2...
  10. That's another game I was really looking forward to that I'm gonna miss. Waterford due to the TV scheduling and now this as I can't make it next weekend. Gutted. Is it mean-spirited to hope for a further deluge of rain next weekend!?
  11. I've heard The Crown is the best bet as it has a bookies and bank machine and another pub directly across the road!
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