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  1. 10 - Carlito's Way (De Palma) 9 - Days of Heaven (Malick) 8 - Rosemary's Baby (O'Steen/Pulanski) 7 - Taxi Driver (Scorcese) 6 - Jaws (Spielberg) 5 - Napoleon (Gance) 4 - Rome, Open City (Rosellini) 3 - Vertigo (Hitchcock) 2 - The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (Argento) 1 - Citizen Kane (Welles)
  2. Well that leaves the 205 division a bit messy!
  3. I always look at who's worked at a higher level but maybe been struggling to get another gig for a while. Tommy Wright for example, could we tempt someone like that to drop down to get back into the game? No idea what he'd want paying, and would imagine he'd be disappointed not to get a shot at something like the NI gig recently so likely wouldn't be looking to take up a post in L2 but that's what my thinking would be, without obviously knowing the ins and outs of our budget Not necessarily him but looking in that kind of direction. Would be perfectly happy with Danny Lennon though, he's done the business at one point or another and really shouldn't be taking a genius to get us going with our squad so recent failures wouldn't necessarily put me off that one.
  4. Big thread already over in Misc Other Football Chat
  5. I've caught a fair bit of this, mainly by watching on catchup overnight on quiet night shifts. Brecel-Patrick, Allen-Lee and Ronnie-Bai were all entertaining fare, as was Ding-O'Connor today, Donaldson-McGill beforehand though was an absolute slog. Not surprised to see Ronnie out today, wasn't looking at all himself against Woolaston
  6. Runcorn Linnets 2-1 Macclesfield Northern Premier League: Division 1 West clash between the table-topping visitors and a home side firmly in the play-off positions. Very open end to end game. The home side, (who lost the promotion play-off up to the Northern Premier League proper last season against Marine) were probably the better side first half, yet found themselves 0-1 down to the leaders about ten minutes before the break. The game turned 5 minutes later with a straight red for a proper forwards two footed lunge by the Macclesfield number 9, apparently on his debut! Two minutes into the 2nd half a peach of a free kick from the edge of the box restored parity. An injury to the Macclesfield keeper (a Brazilian lad on loan from Liverpool) proved to be the second turning point, with no sub goalie on the bench we got the always exciting sight of an outfield player pulling on the top. To be fair the Macclesfield defence managed to keep his shot stopping interventions down to a minimum but with 20 minutes remaining they conceded what was to be the winning penalty with a lazy leg out tackle on the edge of the box. Both teams should be in the running for the title in this division come the end of the season. Impromptu fireworks display right outside the ground seemed a weird seemingly-unrelated interlude with 10 mins remaining but did serve to gee up the loud celebrating home fans further as the game closed out. The game apparently marked a record 1,080 attendance for a league game for the home team No sign of Macc DoF Robbie Savage, though they did include Ex-Palace, Leicester and Guyana international Neil Danns
  7. Hello! Never dipped into this thread before as Kid A is 19 now and it wasn't around when the world imploded and she was created! Now, six months short of 20 years later, B&C are on the way. Identical twin girls due on December 22nd. Anyone in the twin club? I've been buzzing since that early scan back in May, though Mrs Christophe has had a few wobbles trying to get her head around it. It is quite the thing, planning and budgeting for one only for everything to double! We are only 4 weeks or so away now and i forgot how fast everything goes, the time really does run away from you!
  8. It really is an absolute crime that they done one stand in that place, and gave it an 100% ZERO vista of the tourist attraction sight right on its, LITERAL, doorstep!
  9. I mean when was the last time we had someone we thought might even come close? It's like the wummins 800m that record!
  10. Can John McGinn become all-time Scotland goalscorer? Halfway there now
  11. Are Sky on a delay here?? Just had a UEFA notification on that goal the exact moment it went in!
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