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  1. correct, an o.g. from a shankland header.
  2. bankies got beat at home from glenafton, they could have leapfrogged pollok into 3rd place.
  3. talbot have drawn last 3 games, one win would have kept them top.
  4. spl clubs should stick to their own league structure/level for reserve matches not join others, if it don't work, tough.
  5. league matches before 18th: bot away to largs home to rutherglen. darvel home to clydebank away to cumnock.
  6. well done kennie rather you than me!
  7. kilbirnie running out of games only 5 left prob need to win them all
  8. they play mon, wed, sat for next 3 weeks including talbot, see where they stand then.
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