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  1. cheers, see it now. Nightmare with Kerr being out. Any idea how long Frazer is out?
  2. Cowden Cowboy...cant see anything on sfl website on Deano being suspended for Forfar game, re your post previously. Can you confirm?.
  3. dont know about McDaid being out, but hearing Mo is missing this
  4. Just checking.Two bookings v Brechin= sent off, Dean has had seven yellows in various matches before and after that game in September.
  5. Done nothing of note until yesterday. Much more involved v Stenny than previous games.
  6. Much needed win today, but we nearly blew it again. Thought Stenny actually overplayed at the back at times and were their own enemy for our first goal. When we got a quick second the game should have been ours, but the home side pressed and we collapsed for a spell. Lost a couple of shocking goals from our point of view, but a composed finish from Lewis got us back in front. Our oldest outfield player was 23 years old which shows what a young side we have, and of course we will be inconsistent. Must add, the tackle on Scotland by our captain was as important as any of our goals.
  7. Ian Little yes, played/ managed at Berwick.
  8. Definitely. We were comfortable at that point, and without question that moment determined where the points would end up. Thought both were at it, and why the ref showed a yellow and not later in the game when on two occasions Spence was hauled back which were far more blatant than the spot kick incident.
  9. Was our best player away to Airdrie recently, but does too much at times when he could get the ball across goal early. Good that he scored today and hopeful we will get more from him as the season goes on.
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