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  1. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Copeland and Halas stole the show last night at the Clan vs Cardiff game, imagine Willie Collum levels of officiating and x100. Copeland especially should be in the stand watching the game, he’s a complete and utter liability.
  2. Quick, strong and can finish. Scored a good goal for us at the start of the season. Wish him well, and hope he scores a few goals.
  3. The Bandstand Thread - Stranraer FC 2018-19

    Thoughts on Dylan Dykes? Just signed with us until the end of the season.
  4. Mark Russell surely a stick on to sign for you guys?
  5. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Ross Maclean is very quick, he may start as part of a front 3.
  6. I’m a fan, his movement is really good and links very well with Tidser. Needs to be more consistent in front of goal though.
  7. Next permanent Morton manager

    Still, at least you’re not one bit bothered though.
  8. Literally no one here is one bit interested in your pish.
  9. All things Dundee FC

    A fully fit Quitongo would give any defence in the league a headache, very strong and quick, needs a bit more composure infront of goal but when he does score they seem to be absolute belters. He loves playing against St Mirren, ragdolled them nearly every time he's played against them.
  10. Nope. We brought in Chris Millar, Jim McAlister, Charlie Telfer and already had Michael Tidser for his position so didn't have the room for another. Great player that probably every Morton fan would have back.
  11. We wouldn't be due anything as we withdrew his contract.
  12. Championship Golden Boot

    Denny Johnstone 22.
  13. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Correct, Motherwell have the option to recall him at Christmas if needed. #Gary in talking pish shocker.