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  1. 8 in a row now, 2 great wins against Belfast.
  2. Yet another great result for the Clan tonight, they’ve been absolutely superb recently. Patrick Killeen the best NM in the league? Not for me to say, but yes. Fife on the other hand....
  3. Steven Welsh has signed for us on loan. Any opinions on him?
  4. Been on trial with us, looked alright against St Johnstone on Tuesday. Hopkin was set to offer him a contract as well.
  5. Don’t think Kilday has ever played in midfield, can’t see that happening as he’s not the greatest distribution wise.
  6. We’ve apparently agreed a fee with you guys for Liam Dick. Is he any good?
  7. Eh? We didn’t offer him a deal, he also wasn’t training with us. We signed the boy from Rangers over him.
  8. Hopefully both are ready to Hit the ground running, especially Dallas as we’re really needing some pace up top and obviously goals.
  9. Left for first team football as he wasn’t guaranteed that at Morton. Didn’t feel that comfortable with him in goal as you could blatantly see the defence didn’t trust him all that much. 0 communication and prone to a blunder. Did make some top drawer saves - the triple save againast QoS at Cappielow earlier in the season being the highlight.
  10. Copeland and Halas stole the show last night at the Clan vs Cardiff game, imagine Willie Collum levels of officiating and x100. Copeland especially should be in the stand watching the game, he’s a complete and utter liability.
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