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  1. Any idea of the trialists for us tonight? I know we had Botti Biabi and the first keeper, but no idea of the others!
  2. That’s us confirmed Ross Maciver on loan, any opinions on him? Sorry if this has already been covered.
  3. Farm Simulator available on PS, no idea why I downloaded it, but I did. And don’t have a fucking scooby what you do. Destiny 2 is also free, and is brilliant if playing with mates.
  4. Yeah I get your point, I prefer it as there is an objective to the game and multiple ways to play it. I wonder if they will bring in any other maps to this.
  5. I personally prefer Plunder over BR. Plunder Quads was brilliant as I play with pals, now they’ve took it off and installed Plunder Duos. Really enjoying the game though.
  6. Intrigued to see how Jai gets on, as Scott said his turn of pace is frightening, and not many defences will be able to cope with his pace and power. His finishing is nowhere near the finished article but time will tell. Forbes is a tremendous player for league one, his left foot is one of the best in Scotland. Just don’t put him in the middle of the park, Duffy’s probably quicker.
  7. 8 in a row now, 2 great wins against Belfast.
  8. Yet another great result for the Clan tonight, they’ve been absolutely superb recently. Patrick Killeen the best NM in the league? Not for me to say, but yes. Fife on the other hand....
  9. Steven Welsh has signed for us on loan. Any opinions on him?
  10. Been on trial with us, looked alright against St Johnstone on Tuesday. Hopkin was set to offer him a contract as well.
  11. Don’t think Kilday has ever played in midfield, can’t see that happening as he’s not the greatest distribution wise.
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