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  1. Best thing in AEW at the moment.
  2. I’m seething at this news. Anyone got the Barca complaint email?
  3. The crowd will be absolutely seething if Verstappen wins tomorrow.
  4. Pretty good so far. Miami is some track.
  5. When these games do start. P&B servers will go down.
  6. Again I would like to nominate us for having the worst away socks of the season.
  7. Let's say if it's a no vote again, would we see the SNP being voted out of parliament or will they stay in power?
  8. Think if it's a no vote this time again. We won't get another referendum for a long time.
  9. We’ve signed numerous B team players with the Boyle Money.
  10. 2 Centre-backs needed maybe even 3 if Porteous leaves, another midfielder like you said and possibly another striker?
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