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  1. Here's the first edition of our magazine. https://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/article/brand-new-hq-magazine-launched
  2. Anyone else manage to get the Italy renaissance shirt on m and m direct this morning.
  3. That is a fucking shite kick off time. Was looking forward to visiting Arbroath's finest drinking establishments.
  4. No shot on target against 10 men. Play like that next week against Hearts and we’ll get pumped. Get that Boyle money spent.
  5. Just seen it. See McGinn isn’t our vice captain.
  6. Hope most politicians reject this. They can get to f**k. That sub will defend the SG on everything. Probarly the same people who will defend the SG on twitter.
  7. Will we still be able to get free plastic cups of water like last time?
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