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  1. Remember him on trial with us and we couldn't afford his wages.
  2. Ron Gordon: “How much do you want?” St.Mirren: “A million dollars and three Hawaiian islands. Good ones, not the leper ones.”
  3. Heard he was signing for Hearts a few days back. Decent signing that.
  4. The Rock v Roman at wrestlemania is box office. Make it happen.
  5. Douglas Ross assistant ref today. Hope both teams give him some abuse.
  6. Marciano, McGinn, Porteous, Hanlon, Doig, Boyle, Newell, Gogic, Wright, Nisbet, Doidge.
  7. Marc McNulty was arrested for match fixing. Wonder if it involved some of our games last season.
  8. Did Boris really threaten the U.K. with putting the army on the streets.
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