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  1. Same issues here, can’t log in or even track it. When is our deal finished with JD? Can we opt out of it early?
  2. Just hope they don’t cancel my order!
  3. Indeed, order from the app.
  4. Same discount code for all SSC Members.
  5. Top on JD now. £90!. £63 with SSC discount.
  6. ‘You started a company and a promotion you couldn't get over in, and you ran away’
  7. Anyone have any idea what time this will on sale online tomorrow?
  8. In other matters why were Celtic playing some Jennifer Lopez music after their 3rd goal today?
  9. Think the current crop of referees need all binned and we bring in new referees without a bias.
  10. We were good enough with 10 men and Celtic didn’t even deserve to win that. Steve McLean is a fanny.
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