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  1. Hibs against Napoli with DIno Zoff in goal.
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    Part of the away season ticket.here. Still think a loyalty points system should be in place for games like this.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    Myself and Jagfox.
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Hayley McQueen is pathetic
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    McLeish interview on now
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Hopefully sky cut out the coverage.
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    More chance of Dundee winning the Scottish cup than Scotland ever qualifying for a major tournament these days.
  8. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    3-0 down and brings on a striker for the only striker on the pitch
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    It’s back on.
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Even sky has had enough
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Lewis Stevenson and David Gray should have been playing
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Useless c***s