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  1. Netflix

    22 July was hard to watch a few times.
  2. Monday Night Raw Live

    That Ronda promo was amazing.
  3. Israel v Scotland

    Deserved goal.
  4. Israel v Scotland

    Forrest to come on and do nothing for Scotland as usual.
  5. Israel v Scotland

    f**k off souttar.
  6. Israel v Scotland

    Hanlon, Porteous and McGregor would have been better call ups.
  7. Israel v Scotland

    Pleasing stuff
  8. Israel v Scotland

    Same team as the Albania game.
  9. Celtic vs Hibs

    We’ve been given a smaller allocation apparently.
  10. The Hibernian Thread

    How good was Riordan.
  11. Sure the original one of that shirt was £500 on classic football shirts a while back.
  12. ill not be purchasing one! appreciate it though. only dundee top i wear to games these days is the league winning top. retro kits allow you to wear the colours with a bit more class! Have a number of old retro hibs shirts except for a hibs adidas home strip.
  13. Aztec Retro are meant to be bringing out a frank graham remake this weekend. Would pay anything for that tracksuit top.