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  1. Cant do much when every time we had the ball there was a real chance of our players legs being broken.Hamilton must be the dirtiest team Ive seen in years and am surprised none were sent off.If players assaulted people like that off the pitch they would be arrested .Having said that we were poor today and this might just be what was needed to bring us down to reality .........The above statement is partially correct in as much as we had six players on trial today.
  2. Was very sceptical when I first saw the team that was getting put together but after seeing them play I am more optimistic.Good goalie,defence looks solid and midfield are spraying the balls about,the only cause for concern for me is in attack.We lack a goal scorer and I can see us having a lot of draws this season because of our lack of bite.
  3. Johnstone has been promoted to club Capitan as a part time player so I suggest he must be doing something right.Durie on the otherhand was our weakest link last season as far as Im concerned and Im very surprised that we re signed him.
  4. Thing is all opinions are just that opinions.Most teams have a basic settled core of players from last season with a few additions ,we dont.East Fife have built a brand new squad from near enough scratch.Nobody knows at this time how this squad will play or gel so making predictions just now is silly.Arbroath and such know to a degree what they are going to get from their team and can make assumptions about them but to make the same assumptions about a completely new team that hasnt even played a game yet is pure folly and might just come back to bite them.
  5. What rhetroric would that be,Only thing our chairman has said was he would like to finish about 6th.
  6. We played him in centre defence and full back,cant pass and his first and only thought is to punt the ball any where,cant tackle to save himself and was a big part of our defensive frailties last term.
  7. Is this a full time or part time contract
  8. At Bayview theres Sids bar(soon to be renamed) and upstairs lounge.These two bars will be upgraded as our new owner has several pubs in the area.There is also the Brig Tavern which is about half a mile from the stadium.
  9. Ryan Stewart signed,any info on this lad.Think he was at Hearts as a kid
  10. No no no please for feck sake not Novo,Hes a little twat that will be more interested in the plaudits he receives from the peeeeple when we are at The Big Hoose than trying to beat them.
  11. FFS the gossip gets worse,the latest being Garry O Connors going to be signing if he dodges going to jail this weel.
  12. Maybe ayes maybe naws,it will all become clearer in the coming weeks.One thing for sure our season cant be any worse than the last one.
  13. Dont think our new untried manager will fare much better
  14. Video footage of supporters meeting and what was said on East Fife Tv on the official site.
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