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  1. #Perthshire isn't a fan of you - we're currently crowdfunding a one way ticket for you to Dignitas. I'm pleased to report that there's terrific enthusiasm for it.
  2. Get out of our prestigious #Perthshire thread, toley trebuchet.
  3. He wasn't trying to punch anything or anyone. Did you not notice the quotation marks around "spit"? Do you not know what I'm implicitly saying there? Your team's won, but you're kicking and screaming on the internet playing the vhicthim act.
  4. That video shows that: 1. the lad "trying to punch" Sinclair really isn't trying to punch Sinclair; and 2. the trajectory of the "spit" looks like it came from the Celtic contingent. You thick, floundering rhat.
  5. CGR

    Dota 2

    Jesus, EG throwing that game one vs Alliance. DING DING DING MOTHERFUCKER!
  6. I'mGoingToNeedANewLiverSoonCardine is fine with racism coming from fellow ****, so it's unsurprising to see he's turning a blind eye to bheastliness.
  7. CGR

    Dota 2

    Bulldong's tower deny and taunt 4Head
  8. Sterling Shepard to win OROTY. Jags to win the AFC South. Broncos to finish last in their division. Amari Cooper to be WR5 or above.
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