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  1. Was really tempted to stick a grand on Italy to win tonight, but I’ve shat it. Can count Turkey out of getting a draw.
  2. I think the most bizarre and remarkable thing about all this is that on most occasions there is an element of ‘goading’ involved between two sets of aggressors. A city to yourselves and still managed to turn it into day of the dead [emoji23]
  3. Putting up a union jack flag on the streets in Scotland is like putting up a ‘please wash your hands’ sign on your toilet door at home.
  4. There’s 3 points to play for, but I understand the sentiment.
  5. Free Solo. Jaw dropping documentary about Alex Honnold who attempts to become the first person to free solo climb El Capitan mountain in Yosemite National park. The guy has this insane desire to do this climb and the tension is unbelievable throughout.
  6. Can’t really blame the guy for not wanting to re-sign for the newco, even if Southampton got the rangers captain in the bargain bucket, think it improved his game moving down to England, came back a better player for it. Saying all that, would still much rather have Brown as my captain.
  7. The way our squad is playing it wouldn’t surprise me if the Saints take all three points. Griff & Eddy to start? Say it every week but it never happens.
  8. I did play zombies when they had the free trial version, not sure if it’s still available tho. I enjoyed it, was a refreshing break from Verdansk.
  9. I really wanted to use the Krig after obtaining the Death Cert & Enigma blueprints, but similar to you they weren’t doing it for me. The FFAR is a great gun, I’ve just not levelled it up enough. Never ran a shotty as a second actually. Went back to the Kilo because I maxed it out and it was popping off. But I’ve found the Grau (oophaga blueprint) for mid to long range, and the MP5 as a second are feeling good just now.
  10. What loadout you currently running?
  11. It’s made quite a difference. Got a few wins on Plunder last night. Started using the Grau with the MP5 and levelling those up.
  12. Great tip, cheers. Seem to be getting snapped on a lot recently in the new season so I’ll disable cross play and see how that goes.
  13. I hear ye! Just as long as it’s has a wee wipe before the proceedings.
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