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  1. Good luck to to the man, endured a lot in his time at Celtic. I’m looking forward to the prospect of change, the players need revitalised and an upgrade on our style of play.
  2. I did let it rest for a good 6mins after frying, took the glaze right off it.
  3. Big Tomahawk steak will be next to get it. Donald Russell sausage rolls are quite nice.
  4. Chips and steak are from Donald Russell, alpine chips I think they’re called.
  5. Ribeye steak tonight. Chips and mushrooms, onion peppercorn sauce.
  6. Tremendous seethe if that ‘claim’ was given at the other end. I would’ve laughed.
  7. Tense 5mins for Celtic at the end. Aberdonians will be furious with that non-penalty claim. Celtic didn’t really kill the game off and faded as the game went on. Looked tired and lethargic. Glad for the 3pts.
  8. Theatrics and running down the clock against the dons, how embarrassing.
  9. I dunno who he is, but I’m enjoying Rob MacLean’s attempt at being impartial and keeping him in check.
  10. Nah, he’s just funny because he’s a paranoid wreck, whoever he is.
  11. Every fan thinks refs are against them. Not me though, they’re just dicks.
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