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  1. Once you’ve had 2 bags of Wotsits you start to see things clearly. Sevco are utterly shite & have nob all chance of winning on Sunday. Glasgow’s green & white!!
  2. I’m still heading Cosgrove’s pathetic effort over the line.
  3. Whoever starts up top for Celtic on Sunday, the combination of Goldson and Helander pleases me greatly.
  4. Accies should be going into their 6-pointer at the weekend with their heads held high.
  5. I know! You could say it was so uncharacteristic of him.
  6. Wee Mikey Johnston’s goal was a thing of beauty. Lovely give and go, sold the defender a bovril and a calm hit.
  7. Gonney tell us how well Ryan Jack is gettin on plz?
  8. Kazakhs heeds have gone. Just a shame it took us 90mins to find out.
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