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  1. Celtic should increase the allocation for these bawbags & laugh when they can’t fulfil it.
  2. Hearts second half flurry felt as whimsical as a comb through Robbie’s hair. Thank god for the offside goal.
  3. Another offside goal right now would be sweet. Or a contentious penalty would be even sweeter.
  4. We keep up this intensity in the second hawf and we could get a barrel load against this shyte.
  5. Bang in another & Tynecastle will be like a morgue. Allocation cutting feckwits.
  6. If a goal goes in against the jambos, Tynecastle will fall silent as usual. Like their brothers across the m8 they just can’t handle a ribbing from opposing fans.
  7. You know what, I was just thinking that. Also, the bounce and run of the ball seems not too artificial.
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