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  1. I think the big guy now understands the tiresome & tediousness of scottish football and indeed our media. In the pre-match press conference the first two questions were exactly the same & both were ‘what do you think about Rangers’ one straight after the other You’d think as a trained & qualified journo you’d have a backup question? I mean, it must take some patience doing this same old two-step jig twice a week & on match days when the sole purpose becomes less about the game itself and more about give us a big bold headline. I’m sure all the media training in the world still can’t prepare you for the brain dead merry-go-round of the glesga goldfish bowl.
  2. His first yellow was just baffling. Youan was a constant threat tonight, Celtic in that second half were dug shite.
  3. Great holdup play & shot from Oh. Unlike Abada to miss from there.
  4. He’s putting the hacks in their places. Next season is next season. They want a headline that’ll stick. He’s just put into context there’s no ‘real’ favourites, regardless if you’re strengthening or indeed defending champions.
  5. It’s great to see a Celtic manager who doesn’t get dragged into these petty media battles. AP’s response to ‘how do you feel about Rangers strengthening’ is superb. Away and write some other shite to fill your clickbate headlines with.
  6. Just depends on what Sellick team turns up & if we can be arsed I suppose.
  7. I’ll need to see it again, but I thought it popped up & Carson saved it from going in.
  8. Joe should’ve saved that first goal, it’s too close to him. Kyogo’s goal was class. Reo was close with a screamer. O’Riley nearly squeezed one through. Main capitalising on Celtic’s poor attempt at playing the offside trap. St Mirren played well that first half, Celtic just need to take their chances.
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