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  1. All in all a good day at the office for the champions. Today’s game was nowhere near a classic, but satisfying nonetheless. Hatate was instrumental as he usually is.
  2. Superb chasing down by O’Riley to square it to Kyogo.
  3. Well should’ve taken that early chance there.
  4. I remember this, he seemed to tone his paranoid ranting down after making a cnut of himself with the ‘Lions Den’ response. He seems a bit more media savvy these days, still… needs to learn it takes more than reputation to be a good manager.
  5. Still fighting the good fight Monkey and plotting the downfall of Glasgows gruesome twosome for the benefit of our game I see. Good on ya!
  6. Missed the first 50mins. Not sure if I can want to watch it back now.
  7. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]Taylor was not sliding on his knees in celebration, for fear of third degree burns. Don’t blame him.
  8. That pitch looks like it needs a hoover. Not very pleasing on the eye.
  9. Steady now, you know what happened last time Rangers* didn’t play by the rules. *the clumpany.
  10. This VAR thingy could be quite refreshing for Celtic fans, giving them something to cheer in their meaningless winning procession to the title. Perhaps.
  11. Would be a clip round the ear in my day for that behaviour at that age.
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