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  1. Good luck to Raith in the Championship this season.
  2. Jota reminds me of an early Petrov. Trying hard to grab the headlines (much needed in this squad atm). Will grow into that position.
  3. And before anyone pipes up, I understand it’s the principal of offering tickets to away fans, that should always be attempted. However it’ll save you all moaning about overpriced product, restricted views and over zealous stewards. (All 50 of yous).
  4. Relatively new squad of players, Ange won’t get 3 years to win a league title.
  5. Agreed. Unfortunately there’s no quick fixes in football (especially scottish fitba). Fans are gonna have to put up with a few head scratchers. As pish as we were today, Celtic are gonna need to come up with some answers for Livingston and that pitch sooner rather than later.
  6. Utterly shocking performance from Celtic, unable to break Livi down at every opportunity.
  7. Lucky you’re not down to 10 in this half.
  8. I’d possibly give Welsh a start in this one ahead of Starfelt. Ajeti to continue getting on the scoresheet.
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