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  1. It’s a shame, yous Dons fans never see anything coming till it hits yous square in the kisser.
  2. Jim Goodwin, Stephen Glass and Derek McInnes would all agree with me.
  3. Greetin faced, Entitled, Miserable fukers Pittodrie Stadium. Got a nice ring to it.
  4. Fortunately I didn’t see his post. I’d hazard a guess it was the humour of a gormless rowie eating manchild.
  5. Aberdeen, sanctimonious, vermin, appalling, spew. BINGO!
  6. Is it still considered cool to show your disdain towards the auld firm?
  7. Hmmm... interesting. I think we did miss a focal point in the cup meeting we didn’t hold the ball up in the final third for long enough, allowing others into play, that’s what GG is good at. Either way, I can see both making an impact. I’ve a feeling Ange will start with Kyogo. I think he’s just one game off the pace at the moment.
  8. Bit late to the party, can already see its jumping. There’s a a healthy wee debate amongst the Celtic contingent wither to start GG or go with Kyogo.
  9. You can even create a wee new special star on the strip to commemorate the victory. Astronomers would love the new rangers kit.
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