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  1. Watching the media conference yesterday, although it was portrayed as he has been given their full support, it was clear to see Lenny has now been given his final written from Lawwell and Desmond.
  2. Aye, lots of fun, pick your loadout after each respawn, option to lay back and snipe or get stuck in bullets flying. Found that too many people are hiding in Battle Royale. Plus you can level up & unlock weapons quickly. Yes, It’s often my go-to AR.
  3. Looks like they removed Warzone Rumble in the last update. Hope they bring it back, was enjoying unlocking guns on that mode.
  4. The good thing about the appointment of Mark McGhee is that he’d stop Elyounoussi from using his mobile phone in the stands.
  5. I would imagine there’s a few players who want a move away from Celtic. I’m certain Lennon is trying to get the best out of this squad. I’m also certain Mark McGhee has his CV typed up ready to go.
  6. Honkin performance and result tonight. A team playing with zero commitment and confidence. Questions were asked of Jullien & Ajer, but by fcuk we’re missing that partnership just now. Lennon needs to get more out of this bunch and fast.
  7. Complaint from Hearts incoming as they request half the empty seats.
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