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  1. Lee Wallace he likes to grass on people
  2. Could even boot Fort William out of the Scottish Cup aswell
  3. Could cause a few problems if some are booking pitches for these games leaving the clubs only 9 days after this Wednesday
  4. St Anthony's vs Kilsyth Rangers off already Unforseen circumstances St Anthony's tweeted
  5. I don't know that what was originally going to be there league plus you would have the 2 other divisions aswell left from the North Juniors
  6. Quote above is the blurb for the new P&B Highland Pyramid Forum. Has the North Region Junior League now been officially renamed the Grampian League? I think the North Region of the juniors have just kept there name
  7. Heston Rovers have withdrawn from the league for this season
  8. Last Night the EOS League released there fixtures but also noticed the West must be getting a new cup called the Strathclyde Cup with the winners vs the winners of the South Cup and the Alex Jack Cup in the East, South and West Of Scotland Cup Winners Shield
  9. All remaining East Teams left are in the Midlands League while the North Junior Clubs are still the same as they where when league was Nil and voided so teams in the Superleague North are Tier 6 along with the North Caledonian League and Midlands League while North Division 1 is Tier 7 and North Division 2 is Tier 8
  10. Buckie Rovers and Spey Valley are the two teams sitting out this season
  11. Yeah official on the Lowland League development league twitter now season been delayed to July 30th
  12. Westerton FC have withdrawn from the West Of Scotland League
  13. BSC Glasgow in the Lowland League are now changing there name so people won't be confused by the two names now in the leagues So the only BSC Glasgow in town will be the BSC Glasgow in the West of Scotland League
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