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  1. Craig amongst the subs for St Johnstone tonight. Looks like they've got a strong bench tbh. Hopefully increases our chances of borrowing him
  2. The longer Queens Park fanny about over appointing a permanent manager is good news for us I'd be very surprised if Jack Ross ended up there.
  3. A tin of spam would win more headers than Ben Hall
  4. Would agree with this. That's certainly a vastly improved starting 11 on what we went in to the window with If I was being greedy I'd want a new 4th striker on the bench in the place of Ross
  5. You have to be realistic and assume Cove will double their points tally they took from their first 18 games, so 37 x 2 gets them to a very respectable 74 points. They've already won 4 games out of 4 since then so are looking good to achieve at least that. Cove do have a small squad and could have some sort of injury crisis/ collapse like we did, but I just don't see it. Even if we win every single game between now and the end of the season, we will finish on 73 points. That is why it is idiotic to suggest we can still win the league.
  6. The 16/17 season when we finished 2nd to Hibs under Houston, since then: 17/18 - Houston sacked 18/19 - Hartley sacked 19/20 - McKinnon Sacked 20/21 - Miller & McCracken sacked 21/22 - Sheerin Sacked
  7. After the Clyde game last season we were 7 clear of Partick (who had a game in hand) and 8 clear of Airdrie. We then lost 6 of our last 7 and finished 8 behind Partick and 6 behind Airdrie. The gap to Airdrie isn't insurmountable, but as others have said the advantages to finishing 2nd over 4th is pretty small. I suppose it gives us the second leg at home for the semi and possibly the final if the championship team lose. There's still a lot longer to go this season but I'd take 4th place right now given our defensive problems.
  8. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised a club like Liverpool came in for him, considering our other young players were going to lower end premierleague sides (eg Swansea) or championship clubs at best. And there were quite a few better prospects than Gallagher - Wallace, Kingsley & Fulton to name a couple. Obviously I hoped he would really kick on and Liverpool would sell him for millions which we would get a % of, but wasnt to be and I'm not surprised he's ended up somewhere like St Johnstone tbh
  9. I'd consider Hall scoring to be less likely than the 7-1 scoreline tbf
  10. Good to see Dixon, Mutch and Morrison back as well at Watson being pitched straight in Anyone know what the final score was?
  11. Agent Yogi will send the Pars down. He's not even being subtle about it, signing dross like Chalmers and even paying money for him
  12. Rennie said before the East Fife game he was 'looking forward to getting some more announcements' That suggests at least 3 players to me, one of which was Watson He also put an emphasis on not just signing anyone, as I'm sure he's very aware with Holt's recruitment just how wrong it's possible to get it It did sound like we were already in negotiation with these targets so hopefully we can get a couple more in before the Montrose game
  13. I thought Watson left because he got a better offer from Dundee Utd rather than us punting him? Still, anyone that says they can't play for Dunfermline because they are injured, when they were actually getting a haircut and going on holiday instead is alright in my eyes
  14. Delighted with that signing Ben Hall must lose 10-15 headers a game and it absolutely does my tits in
  15. Still plenty of work to do in this window given no one is likely to want/ take any of Hall, McKay, Miller, Hetherington, Wilson or Ompreon. Hopefully two central defenders, a defensive midfielder and two strikers still to come in If the money isn't there for that, I'd hope for a central defender (with Dixon hopefully back within the next couple of weeks), a midfielder and a striker as a minimum.
  16. A little disappointed if Keena is away but in reality he just never kicked on, spent much of his time either injured or un-fancied (albeit by largely shite managers). 20/21: 7 starts - 1 sub - 1 goal 21/22: 8 starts - 13 subs - 5 goals * * 2 from open play You need your strikers to hit the ground running like Dowds and Kabia, having guys that take half a season to get going like Keena or Ruth just isn't going to cut it in a Falkirk jersey in league 1. Though tbf the latter two spent much of their time up front on their own, completely isolated. When looking back at the goals he did score there is clearly a player in there, but can fully see why Rennie has moved him on. Would wish him the best for the rest of his career.
  17. Morrison will have Covid. For another Scottish club to actually pay money for him in this window would be absolutely wild
  18. I think Rennie getting a player on loan from Livingston and him scoring two goals immediately sums up just how utterly ganting our recruitment was under Holt and how shite his contacts were
  19. We created enough clear cut chances against Airdire to win two games, and lost. Important to finally get a clean sheet. Hopefully Williamson being subbed is just precautionary
  20. Agree that McCann was absolutely dreadful, his worst game in a Falkirk shirt but he hasn't ever really been good enough since he's come to the club in all honesty You simply can't pass up that many chances and defend like we did today and expect to win a game. The 1st and 3rd in particular were an absolute comedy of errors and typical of the goals we've been conceding all season. Saying that, Airdrie still had to be clinical and I don't recall them having many (if any) real opportunities outside of their goals? I'm still optimistic that a couple of new players in key positions will make a huge difference to this team ps @Rugby Is Terrible, have I done something to upset you? Red dotting weirdo
  21. How in the name of all that is holy has ATS missed that? We should really be winning this game
  22. I dont really know what the Airdrie fans are getting so upset about. The ref has been honking for both teams
  23. This ref is hilariously whistle happy, for both teams. Just let the game flow ffs
  24. Airdrie have scored their two chances - aptly assisted by our howling defense - and Morrison has wasted our two glorious opportunities. You simply arent going to win football matches with that combination
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