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  1. That's a good question. I know that plenty of other clubs have done it now eg Dundee, Ross County, Livi, Partick, Hamilton, Airdrie, Dumbarton & Alloa. Assuming at least some of those won't own their own stadium
  2. I see our neighbours across the water have sold the naming rights to the big pink bus shelter. Probably something we should look at doing to raise some extra cash
  3. Was at the game where he put us 2-0 up against the **** at Ibrox. Glorious.
  4. Now that we've changed our entire starting 11 - bar the two fullbacks & Morrison - Nesbitt and Hetherington look just as poor as they did previously. I don't really buy the positional argument tbh, you're either good enough or you're not. Guys like Muirhead, McGhee and Vaulks could all fill in at CB, FB and midfield when required. Equally hoping that Jamie Wilson will turn in to a good wingback because he's utterly pish up front just isn't going to happen. I had hoped that a combination of a competent manager and playing in a better team would see them do ok but it's not looking good at the moment Both have now played over 30 games for the club in total, Nesbitt has done well in maybe a third of them tops (mainly when he's been able to play to his strengths of being fast and having a decent first touch), and I'd struggle to count good performances from Hetherington on one hand. Once McGlynn figures out his best team I doubt either of them will be regular starters
  5. The stand sold out before FFC even announced the details https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2022/08/16/next-up-fc-edinburgh/?fbclid=IwAR2I1Y5HmufGXAQxqw-b4YIPT6npiScJbkdW6Lzb0tvR9q5y9EMHjR3HR_I There is also an allocation of standing tickets
  6. Our entire allocation is 863 (113 seated + 750 standing) and reckon we'll shift the vast majority of that Dunfermline were only about 20 shy of selling out so don't think we'll be far away
  7. The set up looked like absolute banter from the pictures I saw of Dunfermline's visit last week. I certainly won't be paying £18 until Edinburgh can install some decent facilities for away supporters
  8. I would say so. At least capacity for 1,500 by my reckoning. Probably makes sense to eventually have that as the 'away' stand and have the other 3 sides for home supporters. Demolish the silly directors stand and move closer to the pitch from the original design and you could get something running the full length of the west side to take the total capacity to a little over the 5k mark
  9. There were still Covid restrictions in place tbf Imagine we'll bring our usual 1200-1500 tomorrow
  10. Losing out on Mochrie (though surprised he hasn't gone to a championship side) is a blow and possibly tips Dunfermline back to being bookies favourites again. Our new attacking signings are pretty much completely unknown but if they can perform as well as the defensive players we picked up earlier in the window I'll be confident of a good season
  11. Dunfermline have sold 300 STs in the last week to move ahead of us. Hopefully our numbers get a late boost as well, especially as it could be the difference between getting one more player in or not
  12. It depends what you define as 'seaside' I suppose I would add to the criteria that as well as being near the coast it also has to be a small town with a long history of no top flight football (aka in my lifetime) for the full diddy/ bucket and spade experience. The kind of place where the food kiosks consist of a single burger van and the toilets resemble portaloos. I've highlighted the teams in your post that this would apply to. Interestingly the Championship still has the most and League 1 has the least, after the Premiership
  13. I dont mind that the blue seats in the main stand are beginning to fade/ rust a bit but can they not replace those blocks of white seats in the main stand upper with new navy ones? Especially as we also need to replace about 200 seats in the north stand and could do a bulk order now
  14. All aboard the John McGlynn promotion Juggernaut. Thank you.
  15. Thanks for clarifying. Tbh I'd also be happy with a winger and a striker as our two final pieces of business, especially as Kennedy is out for two months. As McGlynn says the defence has looked good so far even with several players missing and being forced to play McCann/Yeats/Mackie out of position along with 4th choice CB McKay getting plenty of game time. Some more quality in the final third and we won't be far away imo
  16. 3 to 6 weeks isn't as bad as I feared for Henderson. He's only 25 so hopefully his recovery time is on the shorter side of that estimate as he has looked quality in his two fleeting appearances. Good to hear that we are still in for a RB and a striker which are the two positions we need. I like Oliver but he probably isn't going to get us the goals we need - might be an option in the no. 10 role? Will be interesting to see what Alegria (and eventually Kennedy) can do as all of McGlynn's signings have looked a big improvement so far
  17. Don't know if it's been mentioned previously on here but hand eggers Glasgow Warriors have a similar problem at Scotstoun - trying to use an oval shaped arena for a sport played on a rectangular surface Appreciate it's not the bonniest looking thing to be erecting at a brand new facility but would surely do the job until you could get started on a more permanent stand along the other side of the pitch to increase capacity? They have one at each end and hold 1,309 each. I've also included a photo of our own small temporary stands (rip) which held a total of 1,068 and were constructed along our empty side in about 5 minutes but had to be filled 3 times a season to pay for themselves.
  18. If Motherwell lose to Sligo that will be an enormous minter. The standard of the Irish league is rank rotten
  19. I enjoyed my visit to NDP last night. Good location for a stadium and the matchday experience certainly beats going to places like Dumbarton or East Fife. The pitch did have quite a slope but it didnt bother me - as others have said a good leveller which is what you want if you're the home team. Catering was decent but definitely need more than one van as took an age to get served (supposedly also ran out of pies by half time) for larger away supports. The exit arrangement was farcical though (and dangerous/ crush potential at the corner flag due to the abrupt change in level) - probably need to install turnstiles and an exit gate to the street directly behind the goal. Best of luck to Bonnyrigg for the season ahead and delighted they've replaced Cowdenbeath whose ground resembles the town itself - an utter hole
  20. We were cruising it last night before Henderson went off which was definitely the turning point of the game becoming more even. Sneddon came on and did fine at LB and although McCann did ok after moving to CB Bonnyrigg started to bully us a bit and were able to get up the pitch as a result. I dont think we played badly but again highlighted we need another option in the final third and probably another RB. Pass marks for most apart from Williamson and Hetherington. At the moment we're placing a lot of hope on the two loan guys from Sevco being good. Getting and keeping everyone fit will be key to us having a good season imo
  21. Hibs only sold out their end about 2 hours before kick off so additional stewards/ segregation etc in the Main Stand would have cancelled out any money from tickets. However Bonnyrigg could have easily given us another 100 without consequences. It's still a cracking home turnout by them but well below their 2400 capacity
  22. Given that it looks like we aren't going to be one of the three best group winners (even if we win our last two matches) and therefore not seeded for the next round it doesn't really matter if we finish first or second in the group. As long as we finish on at least ten points to guarantee one of the runners up spots that will do. Would be nice to take a big step towards that total tonight though
  23. A couple of people on here a few pages back and also a couple of posts on the COYB page were looking for tickets I think
  24. Tbf on these type of projects the architect basically gets told what do to by the client a lot of the time. A larger stand would have been more expensive and Edinburgh Leisure simply wouldnt have cared what size was appropriate
  25. How are Bonnyrigg sales going for tomorrow? Our end has sold out
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