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  1. That penalty sums up how we've played at home all season. Fucking shite.
  2. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST FALKIRK. Our defending is absolutely tragic
  3. I was at the game when he slid out of the box at Motherwell, released the ball and gifted their striker a goal. We'd only equalised about a minute beforehand IIRC I also remember him punching a cross in to his own net against Hamilton in the last minute when we were already 4-0 up. Other than that I think he was a solid enough keeper. His best moment for us was the following season with the double penalty save against McGeady in the 3-3 game I certainly wouldn't pin any blame on him for our relegation. We were fine at the back and had something like 6 or 7 0-0 draws, not being able to stick it in the net at the other end was definitely our problem that season
  4. The highlights are so much better without the terrible Falkirk TV commentary imo
  5. Easily our best performance in the league since August. Could and probably should have scored 6 or 7 McDaid had a really good first half. Hall, Hetherington, Miller, McGuffie and Ruth who have all deservedly had criticism over the last couple of months put in a good shift today. A nice mixture of short and direct passing, with Nesbitt and Telfer running the show Definitely helped by a poor Dumbarton side though, both through bad play generally and terrible defending for the goals. Add Williamson and Morrison in to that team and we may yet have a decent season.
  6. A surprisingly competent 45 minutes from us, should really be at least 3 up.
  7. That line up is great banter. Really decent away support here considering how shite we've been playing
  8. Probably Wesley Sneijder or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, fantastic players
  9. This is spot on. The last game against Dumbarton was a terrific example. We were't playing well but I remember thinking 'at least we'll take a 0-0 draw and tinker the attacking setup for next week, or maybe sneak a 1-0 win late on'. Then Dumbarton get a goal kick and 10 seconds later the ball's in the back of our net. Followed shortly after by Gary Miller Gary Millering a Sons' clearance out of defence and all of a sudden we're 2-0 down. I know we conceded a lot of second phase set pieces under M&M but the standard of goals we've been conceding has never been lower. Even when we were playing well earlier in the season we were still conceding these goals. It shouldn't be difficult considering a center back pairing of Mark Durnan and Gregor Buchanan only conceded 18 goals in 28 games in our first season down here. We're already almost at that total after 13 matches this campaign. To not be firing properly at either end of the pitch is hugely concerning. Hopefully Morrison and Williamson can help remedy 50% of that tomorrow
  10. I'd be a lot more confident if Morrison and Williamson are fit enough to start this one Martin Williamson Hall Dixon McCann Telfer Hetherington Morrison Nesbitt McGuffie Ruth Mutch, McKay, Krasniqi, Ross, McDaid, Ompreon, Keena Suddenly that starting line-up looks a lot better (even with Hall and Hetherington still stinking out the place) with better options on the bench as a result. We've still got to perform the basics though. The number of goals we've conceded this season from long balls up the park has been absolutely comical.
  11. I'm also looking forward to the game on Saturday. If Morrison and Williamson can stay fit for the rest of the season that will be massive for us. When Morrison was injured I was heavily advocating 3-5-2 as we were desperate for two strikers without his creativity. Whilst McCann and Williamson would be great wingbacks at all times, I think you have to accommodate Morrison in his natural position now he is back and either go 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. That also allows Nesbitt to play as a 10. I'd also hope to see Krasniqi finally get a start at the expense of Hetherington. The big man has looked really good in the fleeting appearances he has made so far, whereas Hetherington just doesn't offer enough for me
  12. Morrison is the best player in the league by some distance tbf. 4 goals and 2 assists from his opening 5 matches. Has absolutely tormented any left back he has been up against this season (possibly apart from Quitongo at Airdrie) though we did play with 10 men for 45 minutes in that game. Then he missed a penalty and got a bad injury and was taken off against QP which has kept him out for the last two and half months, but now he's back - coming off the bench on Saturday. Our midfield is ok but he's largely surrounded by dross overall. It can't be easy when you've got Gary fucking Miller behind you as a fullback and only Michael Ruth to aim for up front. We probably won't canter to the title or anything but we will improve significantly if he is starting every week from now on, demonstrated nicely with these stats: With Morrison 90 minutes: P4 W3 D1* L0 F8 A3 Did not play: P7 W2 D2 L3 F8 A11 *1st game of the season at Cove when we were severely impacted by Covid Split in to a per game ratio, it's effectively halved our goals scored and doubled our goals conceded whilst he's been out. Really brings in to sharp focus just how terrible our recruitment has actually been under Holt so far.
  13. Two of our best players have missed most of the season through injury but I'm sticking them in anyway along with Martin and Nesbitt. Martin Williamson Fordyce S Morrison Steeves L Brown C Morrison Nesbitt Easton Longridge Goodwillie Subs: Muir, Dixon, Fox, Telfer, Webster, Megginson, Murray With the likes of Ballantyne, McCann, Milne, S Brown, Fyvie & Henderson unlucky to miss out That team would waltz to the league title. Not exactly the most defensively minded midfield, but it wouldn't matter because you'd be scoring at least 5 goals a game
  14. Disgusted at the treatment of Dave Mac tbh. I don't know him personally but it's still yet another episode to go in the catalogue of monumental f**k ups by the shower of shite 'running' our club. One of the better stadium announcers in Scotland who had missed something like one game (league, cups, friendlies - the lot) in 15 years of home matches at TFS. I knew he announced for other clubs but only when we weren't playing at home, and when he missed a couple of games earlier this season I thought that surely, surely we hadn't fobbed him off and he'd gone elsewhere. Now it turns out that's exactly what we've done, probably for the sake of about £50 a match Also worth mentioning that he brought £thousands in to the club through his lockdown quizzes advertising virtual 50/50s and STs last year. He was treated disgracefully a few years ago for calling Sevco Sevco, and has been done dirty once again. Get the hand in the pocket and pay the man ffs FFC. We literally cannot do anything right at the moment.
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