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  1. I can remember being pumped out the Scottish Cup by Clyde (possibly the game mentioned above) in horrendous weather conditions. We definitely filled the stand along the side that night and had a couple of hundred fans in the stand behind the goal as well. ETA I also remember the game when Latapy 'Panenka'ed it, with the Clyde announcer twice asking over the tannoy if a Mr Jimmy Gilmour could contact the nearest steward...much to the amusement of the away support
  2. Assuming our juggernaut support will be in the away stand with pie stalls and turnstile change stocked accordingly?
  3. In the last 12 years we've been top of the Premiership/ SPL and the Championship at some point. We've also been to two Scottish Cup FInals in that time. But then you were just being your usual boring, tedious self weren't you?
  4. A victory for football. f**k Montrose and their dirty, cheating, time wasting tactics
  5. Will be disappointed if Campbell doesn't run on to the pitch bollock-naked and helicopter towards the south stand when our 8th goal goes in tbh
  6. Same 11 as Saturday suits me fine Bell Doyle Buchanan Toshney Dixon McShane Connolly Telfer Tisder McManus Sammon Subs: Mutch, Durnan, Miller/ Moore, Gomis, MacLean/ Leitch, Longridge, Johnstone Crowd 4,116 3-0 Falkirk - McManus, Connolly, Longridge
  7. You have to fear for Dumbarton after that. We did put together some lovely passing moves (4th goal = yum) with Telfer and Connolly both in absolute baller mode, but we were certainly helped by some static defending and questionable decision making. I can't remember us ever cutting through a team so easily who had been set up so defensively
  8. Some width across the midfield to stretch the game and help the fullbacks would be excellent Ray... Assuming MacLean is still injured I'd go with Bell Doyle Durnan Buchanan Dixon Longridge Gomis Telfer Connolly McManus Sammon Subs: Mutch, Toshney, Tidser, McShane, Leitch, Johnstone
  9. Pleased with the signing of Longridge. Just the kind of player we'll need to unlock teams sitting in in this league
  10. I think we may have peaked as a football club shortly before kick off in Vaduz. Some trip
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