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  1. And this is coming from fans of a club with similar standards to ourselves in terms of what should be expected of a professional footballer. Not some bumpkin outfit like Alloa. Keep them coming John
  2. I seem to remember Donaldson being one of the few players Pars fans didnt absolutely hate last season. Will hopefully do a job for us in L1 and as TheScarf suggests will surely be a massive improvement on McKay
  3. No, not having that. Dowds had a bit about him, had injury problems and was badly treated when fit. Hetherington on the other hand, what a shit player Look no further than the 6-0 game against QP for a vintage performance of his: https://youtu.be/uz2FoO-BrVU Left for dead by well known speed-merchant Jake Davidson down the touchline for the first. Nicely demonstrating his complete lack of pace. Turned his back on a powderpuff shot for the second, deflecting it in. Nicely demonstrating his complete shitebaggery. The backpass for the third. Nicely demonstrating his complete inability to pick out a teammate from more than about two yards away. Falling on his arse rather than easily dispossessing Longridge for the fourth. Nicely demonstrating his complete inability to do anything at all. I know I've picked out one game only, but he really has been that disappointing in virtually every single match he has played for us. In 27 appearances last season he didn't manage even 1 goal and I'm struggling to think of an assist? Now, I understand he's not an attacking player but if he was signed for his tackling ability he certainly didn't show that either. He repeatedly picked up stupid niggly bookings after arriving about 800 years late to the scene of most 50/50 balls and was a constant liability. It was no coincidence that we played better when he was suspended and results improved when he was finally dropped, only to then go backwards when injury to others forced us to play him again. I can't be bothered compiling the actual stats but he wasn't involved in any of our 3 biggest wins (3-0 vs Alloa and Clyde and 6-2 vs Dumbarton) and pretty much only acceptable team performances last season. Worth also mentioning that in the two games when he was sent off we still won both matches. All of the above make him a genuine contender for our worst ever 11. And we've had some absolute rotters over the years. If McGlynn can somehow get a tune out of him or Brad McKay I'll consider it a Guardiola-esque achievement.
  4. Not just saying this, and I know P&B is Exaggeration Central - but he was genuinely rank rotten. It takes some doing to reach jobber levels of Steven Hetherington and Gary Miller but he managed it effortlessly. Probably a good player in his prime but looked way, way past it with us.
  5. I had been leaning towards wanting an Inverness win but all the Celtic and Sevco shite has made me change my mind. Sing your own songs ffs
  6. Agent Yogi. Absolutely hates Fife and everything in it xoxo
  7. With the teams now confirmed, anyone else already looking forward to next season despite what we've just had to endure? Dundee Partick Thistle Inverness Hamilton Morton Raith Rovers Arbroath Ayr Cove Queens Park Falkirk Dunfermline Queen of the South Airdrie Kelty Edinburgh City Clyde Alloa Montrose Peterhead With the depressing one-stand away days of Dumbarton and East Fife gone combined with the 4 new teams coming in to the league our fixture list looks decent this year. Dundee aside, a real whiff of diddy coming from the Championship as well. Incredibly important to get up this season.
  8. Airdrie and Dunfermline should be embarrassed to have lost to that Queens Park side over two legs tbh As others have said definitely the best result for us as they would doubtless have improved in the summer
  9. Agreed. Falkirk would have filled two stands and maybe overspilled in to a third, which is exactly why we should have been given a bye straight to this game
  10. There's definitely a player in Kabia. Just fell down a lot and was unlucky with injuries. Jacobs on the other hand was absolutely rank rotten. I would take Sibbald back in a heartbeat, dont know much about McMillan though
  11. I don't suppose there's any way we can replace the pitch this summer? I know moving to a hybrid surface is favoured, but I'm sure when we put down the current pitch we were told replacing it with a new plastic one would be an easy process due to the various substrate layers already being in place. If that could be carried out this summer I would do it. Our injury record over the last 18 months has been shocking. Especially important when some of the better players we may be able to attract is exactly because they are already 'injury prone'. It's going to be a much tougher league this season so we should be trying to give ourselves every advantage we can
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