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  1. The problem with these new 'ITK' posters is how vague or thinly veiled their criticism of a situation is. Either have the decency to spread the juicy gos or gtfo
  2. Last season we had 14 points after 9 games, though 10 of those were from the first 4 matches. The year before we had 20 from the first quarter. Both ended up going terribly wrong and arguably the worst two seasons in the entire history of our club. For that reason I dont think anyone will be getting carried away
  3. I thought Kennedy looked pretty lively when he came on. He'll improve with match sharpness, he's only played about 10 minutes in total this season before yesterday and missed the last month of last season through injury as well. I wouldnt go dropping Nesbitt or McGuffie as they are contributing plenty but both need shooting practice. Nesbitt for getting shots on target and McGuffie for not taking an age to pull the trigger. It's refreshing to be talking about small tweaks for improvement rather than having an entire squad that isnt good enough
  4. Tbf to McGlynn it was always going to take him a few weeks to figure out his best team with 12 new players brought in over the summer. Definitely has us moving in the right direction, the sexy bas
  5. No failures today in a very comfortable win. Clyde were lucky we took our foot off the gas in the second half. Would have been nice to notch up the goal difference a bit but overall a good afternoons work especially considering results elsewhere. Donaldson, Henderson and McGinn give us such a strong spine at the back to build from (I can only remember Clyde having one real shot of note and that was when Oliver gave the ball away on the edge of the box). Those 3 along with Burrell have been our best summer signings and are night and day compared to what we had last season. Yeats with another very accomplished performance as well and Nesbitt was everywhere again. The transformation of him and McCann under McGlynn shows just how important it is to have a manager that knows what they are doing. The squad is looking strong with plenty of options on the bench to change things up if we need to. Feeling refreshingly optimistic about the season going forward
  6. By my count we have 23 but that does include 3 senior goalkeepers and also McKay, Hetherington, Ross and Wilson (lol). Plus Ryan Williamson who is injured almost constantly and Paul Watson who was ruled out for 9 months in April. With so little available in the market this year injuries/ suspensions will play a big part in how the league turns out this season imo
  7. I'd set up he same way as the previous two matches, with the only difference moving Morrison and McGuffie to their natural sides where they are more effective imo Hogarth Yeats Donaldson Henderson McCann McGinn Morrison Oliver Nesbitt McGuffie Burrell Assuming PJM and Williamson are still out but hopefully Alegria will be back to give us a fairly strong bench of Martin, Mackie, McKay, Hetherington, Carroll, Ross, Kennedy, Lawal, Alegria 3-0 Falkirk Burrell x2, Morrison Crowd 4k+
  8. 6 games at home under McGlynn now, 5 wins and a draw. Scored 10, conceded 2. Just need a bit more consistency in our away performances and we won't be far away come the end of the season
  9. Thought Nesbitt was excellent again. Long may it continue. Playing him and Oliver in a deeper role is a tactical masterstroke by McGlynn. Donaldson and McGinn were different gravy at the back, Henderson getting into his stride with more game time as well. Burrell deserves a mention for absolutely tormenting that Partick defense. Him and Alegria up front together could cause some real damage in the league, though I'm liking the 4-1-4-1 formation we've set up in the last two matches. McCann has surely got the LB position nailed down now? He was superb again and put the second on a plate for Oliver. On another night we'd have scored at least 5 and probably 6 or 7. I know Partick were rancid but you can only beat what's in front of you and we've made unbelievabley heavy work of beating dross over the last few years
  10. Genuine question: Are Partick a Championship side or a lowland league side? We've ridden them senseless so far and should be at least 3 up
  11. Dont know the exact figures but both ends looked a good turnout. Based on the upper tier holding 2,150 I'd imagine we had somewhere around the 2,000 mark (bearing in mind the overcrowding in the far left section) which would leave 4,670 home fans. 3rd highest attendance in Scotland on Saturday and also higher than St Mirren vs Celtic yesterday
  12. Purely in terms of size of club you'd be looking at Celtic Sevco Hearts Hibs Aberdeen Dundee United Dundee Kilmarnock Falkirk Dunfermline Motherwell St Mirren Of course, a 12 team top flight is ridiculous and a 16-18 team league including the likes of Partick, Inverness, Ross County and St Johnstone with everyone playing each other twice would be far better. Sadly there's more chance of Scotland winning the world cup
  13. The penalty was a clear penalty for me. A moronic challenge that quite simply didn't need to be made. I immediately thought 'if the ref doesn't give that we've got away with one here' - as others have said the player reactions are always a giveaway. No complaints Dunfermline improved when they stopped shelling high balls up the park which were meat and drink for Henderson and Donaldson. They got Mochrie on the ball and he started to dictate the play. I certainly don't buy that Dunfermline were well on top in the second half. They improved (a lot) but it was still pretty even overall, I would say we looked more likely to get a winner despite being pegged back. Dont think the goalie was getting near the shots from McGuffie or Morrison which were very well blocked tbf. I'm still not sure how neither Burrell or Hetherington didn't tuck away Morrisons cut back near the end, possibly the former toeing it away from the latter Nesbitt was really good on Saturday as well. If he can turn in a performance like that every week rather than once every couple of months that would be huge for us With players returning from injury the bench is looking stronger but to not have another option to bring on up front and continuing to have to play Yeats at right back definitely effected us. Hopefully Alegria and Williamson are back soon as ironically it's probably the two positions in the team we are most short in. I doubt we'll bring anyone else in so just need to hope we are fortunate in that regard
  14. Can only really echo what has been said before. Good turnout by both sets of fans who were treated to a really entertaining game with two teams going all out for the win. A cracking advert for Scottish football despite being played in the 3rd tier. We bossed it first half and should have been out of sight by half time. Dunfermline were coming back in to it but still frustrating to give away such a stupid and needless penalty. We played some good stuff and missed a fair number of chances over the piece whilst they hit both posts and dragged a shot wide from a great position. Both sides will feel they were lucky/ unlucky in that respect. Think over the 90 minutes we shaded it which was surprising. Burrell grabbed his opportunity and looked quite handy, McGinn, Donaldson and McCann all played well. Mochrie was Pars best player I thought. Ref was utterly stinking for both sides, also randomly booking/ not booking players (Benedictus lolz) as he went along. Though McPake getting a yellow after 5 minutes for losing the rag over two nailed on fouls was pretty funny Long way to go this season but plenty to be optimistic about after that today
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