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  1. Montrose were absolutely woeful at TFS earlier this season with some of the most chronic time wasting I've ever seen as well. They've improved significantly since then and I'd take any kind of win here
  2. Really unlucky to lose that imo. Mental that that Hearts side turned over Sevco a couple of weeks ago
  3. The pitch was a massive leveller today. Churned up really badly to the point where the bobbling ball was quite comical at times Thought we played ok in spells but Stranraer were right up for it and the 2nd half was basically one big battle. To make matters worse I thought the ref was really harsh on us today, including buying a couple of absolute swan dives from Stranraer players, one of which he then booked McManus for complaining about. Perhaps we were complacent at 1-0 as Stranraer weren't troubling us at all and hadn't scored in the 3 previous games against us this season Having Gomis and Miller in the middle of the park together is too negative for me, I'd play one or the other and have them next to someone with a bit of drive. A draw is a disappointing result but if Todd had stuck his chance away (it looked harder to miss...which is exactly what he did) I think we'd have gone home happy with the 3 points and a good afternoons work
  4. Looks like about 50 gorgie minks have bought tickets in the main stand block H so far
  5. Cant remember the last time the south stand sold out with a week to go before kick off tbh, probably the play offs. Can see us shifting at least 5000 tickets for this one, more than enough to justify giving Hearts the North Stand only
  6. Given the squad we've got on paper, I think this once again highlights the terrible job McKinnon was doing with the players at his disposal
  7. As comfortable a win against higher level opposition as I can remember. Tremendous crowd considering the absolutely grim weather btw
  8. Agree with much of what has been said. Was impressed with Hall (the ability to direct a header rather than Buchanan and Durnan's 'anywhere will do' attitude was refreshing and we finally scored from some set pieces as a result). Promising debut for Todd as well, a bit more match sharpness and he could be an excellent addition. Felt sorry for the Forfar keeper who made some great saves throughout and stopped it being double figures, agreed that Connolly was MotM and good to see Longridge back and quickly up to speed. All in all a good afternoons work with a couple of players rested for the game against Arbroath on Tuesday
  9. If we can move McShane on to QoS and get in another striker to play up front with McManus I reckon this window will have been a pretty good months work. The midfield picks itself for me now in Longridge - Miller/Gomis -Todd - Connolly, and we've only conceded 13 goals in 22 matches. Not convinced by either Sammon or McMillan - both can play well but just don't show it enough
  10. It was still less than 500 though. Big away supports could make all the difference in the run in
  11. The amount of knicker-wetting from the stewards after a single smoke bomb was quite funny tbf
  12. Can only assume League 1 was piss weak last season given the way Arbroath ran away with it?
  13. We were certainly unlucky with the refereeing decisions that went against us in the games against Raith and Airdrie. Hopefully they will even themselves up later in the season. Against East Fife, the ref was howlingly bad, however was just as bad for both teams - the game could still be going on now and neither side would have scored.
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