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  1. Have updated it based on Kieran's post on COYB re the standing sections. Yeah we will sell from B8 and C5 first then along from from there
  2. Based on the Falkirk Daft poll of where folk are going to buy tickets and based on how many I think we'll take, will probably end up with something like this for the semi
  3. Pretty sure that was for Latapy day? They had steel drums and mandolins, no pics of them unfortunately. Dwight Yorke was up for the game as well
  4. I really can't stress enough how I'd rather have a roof like this Over something like this Or something like this
  5. All a fair summary. Another thing which has helped a lot is bringing in Blaine Rowe in January, has made a huge difference having an actual right back (as Ryan Williamson has been injured all season and we had no one else). I wouldn't say we've got a real weakness in our side, opposition teams tend to target our left back McCann with high balls a lot - not sure why, although he's quite small is also pretty solid defensively. I suppose we don't have a lot of height generally but Ayr's players were all huge and we seemed to cope ok. Under McGlynn we pretty much always play out from the back so we are susceptible to losing the ball from a high press. Hopefully the big pitch at Hampden will make that easier We've knocked the 3 sides directly above Inverness out of the cups already this season but judging by their own cup results are very capable of raising their game.
  6. Quite surprised to see Michael Ruth has barely been getting any game time under either Gibson or Bartley. He wasn't great but did manage to score 4 goals in 10 starts despite being part of the worst Falkirk side ever last season. Would keep the team as similar as possible to the last time we played at Palmerston, but Rowe in for Yeats with Henderson moving in to midfield and McKay to CH. Then bring on Kucheriavyi, Lawal, Oliver, Allan etc if required.
  7. Great competition for places all over the park now. Last season we barely had half a decent starting 11, and now everyone is fit (apart from Meekison?) we've got two Kinnear Rowe McKay Donaldson McCann McGinn Kucheriavyi Morrison Nesbitt Kennedy Burrell PJ Morrison Williamson Watson Henderson Mackie McGuffie Oliver Yeats Lawal Allan Wright I'm not saying we should go starting the whole of that second team but pretty much everyone in there can slot in and do a job. Really highlights the absolute miracle McGlynn has performed in the two transfer windows he has had. If we want to go up via the play offs and get to the cup final everyone will have to play their part.
  8. Would keep Nesbitt in, but only if he's played as a 10, completely wasted out wide. The last time we were down there Kennedy and Burrell absolutely destroyed them and the game was done after 48 minutes. Both must start imo.
  9. The initial draw was for Aberdeen or Darvel away. Though considering how utterly ganting they were playing under Goodwin at that time we'd probably have stuck 7 or 8 past them anyway
  10. That was the case when the stadium was first build, however has since been conveniently re-zoned when Asda wanted to build a new delivery depot further down the road, so no issue with developing that land now
  11. Pars fans with home end tickets desperately attempting to saw off their 6th fingers so they arent clocked by the police at the turnstiles
  12. £38 is an absolute hoormeister of a ticket price. Can forget about us taking 9/10k, will be our core 6/7k home support only now. f**k you SFA
  13. We've always had Planning for a stand there the same size as the south and the north, though very much doubt it will be built unless we're back in the Premiership and have been for a while, or someone wins the Euromillions. Then there's the corner pods... I suppose Raith fans could still get section A & B as it can be split in any configuration, but doesn't seem logical to have the Accies fans split up on either side
  14. Good effort from the Rovers fans. My best guess considering the initial allocations and stadium layout is something like the below, with the extra tickets almost definitely being those sections in green. I'm not sure why the upper tier is lopsided like that but it has always been that way. Worth noting that the north stand can easily be split 50/50 as we have done it many times in the past for home games as there are turnstiles and exit gates on both gables with a separating wall in the concourse. Surely Hamilton haven't sold tickets in every section for that? SFA policy has been 'sell out 1 block, open 1 more up' for ages now. Can't see any reason why they couldn't put Raith fans in there next
  15. Based on those Inverness strips I reckon we'll be in navy blue and they will wear their 3rd kit
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