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  1. Pleased with that initial list, much of the drossiest dross included there Hopefully more to follow over the next few days
  2. Cmon to f**k Holt, this is beyond dire. Get Connolly and a 2nd striker on in the second half and actually have a go for once
  3. Our style of play is utterly fucking chronic Airdrie are quite direct themselves but at least they are effective at it
  4. That booking for Gomis summing up his season. Far too fucking slow to the loose ball
  5. That line-up is stinking btw Probably trying to shitfest our way to a 0-0 draw
  6. I would have accepted the loss of form if it coincided directly with the injuries. We would obviously be far better at the back with Dixon in there and far more dangerous going forward with Telfer and Connolly in the team just now. But after winning 6 and drawing 2 of our first 8 games (and Connolly only started in 1 of those) there have been a good number of weeks when everyone else has been available. The two defeats against Airdrie are classic examples of that. It also annoys me that so many mistakes have been persisted with. 1 up front. A central midfield pairing with no goal threat. Todd being stuck on left midfield. Playing our oldest, slowest players at fullback. Two thirds of the goals we concede coming from set pieces. Shelling high balls up to our strikers, even though none of them are any good in the air. Ill discipline (no surprise we are 2nd bottom of the fair play table). Fannying around with short corners and freekicks. Sadly virtually all of these traits started under M&M and none of them have improved under Holt. We were even given a two month break after the appalling defeat at East Fife to sort our shit out. A mild improvement followed and it looked like we would see out promotion comfortably enough - but since the most recent defeat by Airdrie it has been utterly grim
  7. A child's drawing of a dead baby would be a viewing improvement on our recent performances tbf Just purchased the stream on the extremely naive basis that we'll somehow get our shit together tonight in preparation for actually making a decent fist of these play-offs
  8. If we had Dixon, Connolly and Telfer available I'd be confident of making it through the play-offs But the fact that they're out for the season plus Holt's brand of football seems to be just as chronic as M&Ms means I'm not so sure.
  9. As much as I dont think Durnan is very good he's a long way from our biggest problem imo
  10. After watching that tonight and the performances since December, we'll be lucky to sell a single season ticket for next season Think I've suffered permanent psychological damage
  11. Morrison I would keep. Every single other one of them can f**k off though
  12. The only positive I'm taking from tonight is we will never see the vast majority of these players in a Falkirk jersey again after the summer
  13. Gary Miller runs like he's towing a caravan that's got the rest of our squad inside it
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