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  1. Have a red dot. Merry Christmas, dickhead. Onto the game, neither a vintage performance nor match but I'm delighted to get three points. We played well in the first half, without creating a great deal from open play, and deserved our goal on the balance of play. Queens were the better side in the second half, our lack of an outball did us no favours and we should have changed our midfield 10-15 minutes earlier than we did. Like Morton, despite edging the half, Queens struggled to create much in the second half. Gunning strolled it today and played some excellent balls forward. There were a few things highlighted by our performance today - we need at least one new striker (two if Quitongo leaves). Quitongo is crutial to our tactical approach and we miss that outball badly. McDonagh, despite putting himself about well before being taken off, isn't a credible option at this level. Oyenuga is absolute dung and Duffy point blank refuses to give Scullion a decent chance. As delighted as I am with the amount and quality of set piece deliveries/goals, we need to create more chances from open play if we are to take a decent amount of points from our upcoming set of fixtures, starting with burying the second nail in the Shaint Mhirren coffin in a week's time.
  2. Wish I'd have thought ahead and got a price on Higginbotham to get sent off. Moon unit of a boy.
  3. The initial contact was probably a foul, but throwing himself down like that meant he got nothing. And the fact that McKendrick is a w****r.
  4. Not a chance. Have you seen Duffy's record against Ray McKinnon?
  5. I'm using VIPBox and my stream is still working fine.
  6. Two good finishes from the Killie centre forward there. Looks like either team could have snatched that there.
  7. I'm looking forward to another tear-stained breakdown from Gaz when a Morton player puts in a challenge he doesn't like.
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