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  1. Come back when we've got the 5 starters who were missing today and you can donate yet another 3 points. You absolute circus clown.
  2. That was absolute dugmeat. How many times did we pass straight to an opponent? How many times did we pass straight out of play? How many 2nd balls did we win? Some people here saying Armstrong causing them problems. He caused me problems choosing to shoot when he had 3, maybe 4 better options. Tait not quite good enough, Matthews not playing well and Bowie got a sore one. No urgency at all, even with 10 mins to play and the ball in Munros hands. We couldn't keep possession if we tried and it pissed with rain from start to finish. Awful. Just. Awful.
  3. Wee bit disappointed more of the team didn't turn up at the brunch. It was a great afternoon, but you could have guessed who would be there and got it right.
  4. Is this a worse result than the complete pumping you got last year at the Rovers? Or do you not like the Scottish Cup?
  5. Lewis Allan, just back from lengthy injury layoff and didnt play a full game? That Lewis Allan? What were you expecting?
  6. Apologies Peterhead. We used up a season's worth of luck there. A shitfest from start to finish.
  7. If I didnt know he was a recovered alcoholic I'd have said he was blootered. All over the place with his stories, losing track and stopping mid flow a few times. His journey is an interesting one and his work now is worthy, and he did tell us, in too much detail sometimes for a family show (eg phoning his crack addict wife and asking her to come home because he wanted to piss on her) about how low he had been. But he wanted to talk about football. Except every time Bill Leckie tried, Tony turned it back to his low he had been and what an effect it had had. Threw in a few too many billy big time stats and stories too, suggesting to the audience at one point, "You might want to clap that." I didn't. A couple of anti Scottish jibes too. Know your audience Tony. Jan Molby was better and definitely more interesting but both were poor compared others who have gone before. Also very little chat with those on stage. Good wee chat with Lewis Vaughan and then Sinky & Dair on the cup final, but no chat with McGlynn, nothing from current players and v little from former players. New production team - it showed.
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