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  1. And that we're not paying transfer fees worth talking about, and letting high earners go. Looks impressive but I doubt it's the cash splash some perceive it to be.
  2. Having renewed I'm looking forward to sitting once again in front of Hank Scorpio but behind Paddy X and Broken Algorithms.
  3. That's me all season ticketed up again. Bring on the goalie!
  4. Can the felly who has the goalkeeper gossip PM me noo? I'm all of a quiver having signed another diamond....
  5. Thanks to our ortho / surgical expert there for that in depth analysis and understanding of the complex injury histories of some of our players.
  6. We don't need players without ambition. You can keep him.
  7. In what way? There are plenty of folk in here saying "better not be signing Barjonas" or other, more emotive but similar sentiments. My comment is aimed at them.
  8. I won't be. He was with us years ago. He will be a different player now. If the same people who think Jack Hamilton is a good fit think Barjonas is too, I'll support it and reserve any judgement until he's settled in and played a good few games. You know, like an adult.
  9. You've forgotten to add goals in all cup competitions. Will surely be much higher than 45.
  10. Berra leaves Livingston. Bring him home. No don't. I was joking.
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