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  1. Too many mongers of doom on here. Woe is me and Davo is shite and Nisbet is away and Gillespie too and why we signing boys fae Brechin? Short memories boys and girls - remember the apathy with which Nisbet's signing was greeted? "How we no sign Loy?" Give the manager a chance to work his chosen players into a unit. He's forgotten more about football management and coaching than most of us will ever know, so if everybody could just chill oot a wee bit that would be just Jim-dandy. Judge him and the squad after the 1st quarter.
  2. Nisbet was a 5 goals in 60 games man, or something stupid like that, before he joined us. Reserve judgement until they're actually playing. Sent from my SM-N950F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  3. 1st crowd w**k of the 2019/20 season. Congrats.
  4. When is the big reveal? Bored reading about Falkirk and Morton's pissing contest.
  5. Tomato, tomato Potato, potato Let's call the whole thing off
  6. This. No time for romanticism. Delighted to have him as back up and coach but not 1st choice.
  7. What's MacDonald like? We've just got shot of a bomb scare on loan. Do we relax or maintain our levels of nervous tension?
  8. Pipe doon with your rumours. The facts are out there. And the situation is slowly improving. Sensible in the transfer market is essential though, rather than waste cash on haddies like Johnny Court, eh?
  9. No evidence of any of the above, yet. Pipe doon.
  10. Nat and Buchanan on bigger bucks by all accounts, so definitely sensible. Flanagan just not good enough so I hope we've exercised a 2 way release option in his contract. I'm sure JMc will have a list of people he wants so offloading big earners and avoiding another year's contract for Flanagan make a lot of sense. Does seem however we're gonna need players in every position.....
  11. Jeeeeeeeez. Is this your best material? And you had to edit it?
  12. Much as you'd clearly love it to be otherwise, we were resigned to this outcome weeks and weeks ago. It's turned out precisely as most of us thought it would, so you'll go a long way to find any tears falling from the eyes of Rovers supporters. Personally, I'm quite excited by the impending bonfire of vanities and looking forward to replacing dead wood with whatever we can find. And finishing above your horde yet again.
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