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  1. Can we at least wait until he's started playing before we tear in aboot him?
  2. It's not beyond imagination that when this is built, the away end becomes the home end.
  3. His run and pass for the goal were superb. Wasn't there but liked what I saw.
  4. Back in the old days, Willie Penman used to cross the ball from wide, then run under it and lash it into the net when it reached the box. Maybe big John can do similar with his throws.
  5. I know what he was saying. I simply disagreed. At 2-0 we were playing very well indeed, and Ayr had their work cut out just to stay in touch. Being the Rovers though, nothing is certain, and sure enough, 2 wasn't enough. Over the piece, a good, close game, but I think we were worthy winners.
  6. Don't get all revisionist and pedantic on me. You certainly look beaten to me.
  7. Never looked beaten? Except when you were beaten? Righto.
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