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  1. I didn't mean there was any subterfuge or anything untoward. More that we pre-signed a noted goalscorer, albeit not in top form at time of signing, and after failing to get fit enough to play in our league, now looks to be doing the same in a lower one. JMcG has proven he knows a player when he sees one, so I'm just wondering where it all went wrong with this one.
  2. That's not good, is it? If he's a ghost at that level he's pretty much done. The whole signing is a strange tale, and one we'll probably never get to the bottom of.
  3. Ethan Ross is going to be as good a signing as I hoped he'd be. Looked sharp today.
  4. You're probably right about the chariddy thing. Remember there was a campaign for the club to STOP playing it at matches.
  5. We had a re-recording of “Geordie Munro” some years ago, for Reclaim the Rovers, I think. It was Crooked Jack plus some supporters, if memory serves correctly. Awful.
  6. It really should be "an" undercurrent, not "a". Tattie bogle.
  7. If Dykes is the answer we're asking the wrong question.
  8. You and me both. Only realised when my app said teams were announced and warming up! Luckily I'm only a few streets away and game kicked off as I was going through the turnstile. Bloody 1pm ko. Nae need.
  9. How low on options would you need to be to go and watch East Fife out of choice? There must surely be better options, even in the Methil area. They're utter dung.
  10. Excellent post mate. I'm another Raith supporter who has had a chuckle at Grant's delusions from day 1, but the Anelka and more recently Locke debacles are still all too vivid for me. When you can take apart the statement line by line as you have done, your board's contempt for supporters shines through. This all seems bad enough at the moment but it will be resolved at some point in the not too distant. I'd be more worried about the more grandiose plans still waiting to drop, like the academy and training facilities etc, and the culpability of the Germans in the decision making. It surely doesnt bode well.
  11. He was slower than an older man who had played 90+ minutes and 83 minutes more than him. I never thought he was fast but I've seen faster lava flows.
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