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  1. Tartan tammy, i'm reliably informed our next striker is A. Skargill Moving up from the minors. 🤣🤣
  2. Thought you'd have been all over that announcement TT given the guys pedigree. Did Liam no run that one by ye first?
  3. 100% two of the best in the game and both loved it at the vale, proof is in the stats.
  4. "On board" i said, not "on the board" 2 totally different phrases. Know whit, forget it. You are not officially linked to our club, that was all i was asking, i got my answer, thanks. Nuff said. Phew!!
  5. So saying what level and where you watch and what position and style of player we are meant to be speaking to isn't giving anything away? Putting it across like you're passing info to and from Liam isn't sharing his business?? Gef a grip. Are you involved in an official capacity? What is it you are challenging folk to do better? What is your role within Ladeside?
  6. Do any better at what? Are you actively scouting for us? Are you on board with the backroom team at the vale? What is it you are doing? I'm not interested in your business but only my clubs affairs. If you're not involved with ladeside in an official capacity then it's hee haw to do with me but if you are then why splatter it all over here? Liam must be well chuffed that you are happy to share his business on this platform?
  7. Also claimed to have spent years in amateur dressing rooms, weren't watching Ladeside from there???
  8. i must admit i was probably the most vocal in my disappointment at Chris Craig being allowed back but we must allow Liam to make the call. if the committee back it then i'm quite happy to let it go, given the club have brought Kieran Hughes and also follow that up by bringing Jamma home too then it bodes well for next season. fan base are buzzing already and it's only the 2nd week in June. hopefully we'll see the stands filling up again and the choir in full voice going into the new season. a few good positive noises coming from the vale again and reading forums and comments on social media we should have a decent support. lets hope the rebuilding on the park is a success from the off and we can enjoy the football. the names so far are certainly pushing us in the right direction. squad looking quite decent, still a couple that could go our the way and one or two more inbound would put us in a good place in my opinion.
  9. Is he pkaying for hee haw till he pays us back what he bumped last time?
  10. Lol, we've got 2 keepers [emoji6]
  11. Grant Hay left mid season to work down south.
  12. Think we'll be ok by the time the season starts, remember it's no finished yet for a few[emoji6]
  13. wonder who will be nominated to win a years subscription to this , names on the back of a stamp please! every club has one!
  14. rumour mill in full flight regarding replacement for Budgie. a few well respected names in the mix. hopefully get some activity reported shortly??
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