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  1. Plus side, Arturo might get his name on the clubs shirts for a bargain price if they’re playing in the south of Scotland league.
  2. Talk of the sixth tier of Scottish football and someone earlier used the term managed decline! Wouldn’t that make most of those reluctant to embrace change at least rethink their position? What’s the end game for those holding out? To be sat in Lesser Hampden in say 5 seasons time watching Queens Park v some random south of Scotland side thinking “we’ll at least we stuck to our principles!”?
  3. I get that people would be wary of breaking with tradition and what that means to them and the club, however wouldn’t the move away from Hampden be exactly the time to do this? To modernise the club, move to a more appropriately sized stadium and build towards a new more prosperous future? Engage with the local community and try and build upon the existing fan base, market themselves as a club for the south side of Glasgow, a real alternative to Celtic and Rangers and all the crap that comes with them. Rather than a club who from my perspective as a local who goes along occasionally, hides away in Hampden and people mere streets away aren’t even aware they’re playing.
  4. Sleep suits/babygrows with zips! Nobody mentions that these are essential with a new baby! Nobody wants to be messing about with poppers on a sleep suit.
  5. For all it’s supposed faults I actually really like Hampden as a stadium. Mainly for nostalgic reasons. However I’d be enthused about a move to Lesser Hampden and a fit for purpose ground for Queens Park going forward. I never enjoyed watching Glasgow Warriors play at Firhill, the move to scotsoun though not purpose built for Glasgow brought about a change in atmosphere and attitude around the club and they’ve made giant strides forward in that time in terms of attendance figures and the upward trajectory of the playing side (ignoring this seasons abysmal start)
  6. So the bare minimum would be to put a roof on that small open stand left over from the commonwealth games? Plus turnstiles, kiosks for food and that would be it? Hopefully they release some sort of detailed plan going forward. Once the whole pro/amateur issue is settled.
  7. What’s helped us is my wife has a friend who’s a midwife and her sister is a doctor. We’ve had a lot of support from them, they’ve got young kids of their own so have been great to lean on for advice. The health visitor we have also looks like a minor character from Peep Show so I kind of struggle to take her seriously.
  8. I know the priority seems to be discussing the pros and cons of going professional, however has there been much info from the club to fans/committee members regarding the work to be carried out at lesser Hampden to make it viable for playing in the league next season?
  9. Our health visitor one week gave us a hard time for feeding the baby with a bottle (mostly to give my wife a better sleep in the night) the following week she’s suggesting we top up whatever the baby has had from the mrs by giving her a bottle until she’s sick? I mean, isn’t that counter productive to go to the trouble of expressing and bottling it, only for the baby just to throw it all up?
  10. My Grandad lived on Stanmore Rd and would watch Queens Park, as a kid I’d go to the odd game with him. Mostly Scotland games at Hampden. The first game I properly remember paying my own money to watch Queens Park was a B&Q Cup game against Clydebank when they lost 5-0 or 5-1. I’d go every so often to games that intrigued me, Ross County and Caley Thistles first season in the league, that sort of thing. I’ve drifted away from Celtic as I’ve gotten older, general malaise at the same old teams capitulating at Celtic park. I’ll still go to European games, my dad etc still have season tickets and I can go when I like but to be honest I preferred watching 90s Celtic when fans went in hope rather than today’s spoiled lot who expect wins and it’s all rather meaningless. Anyway long story longer, Queens Park are my local team, I’d like to see them do well. I go when I can if it doesn’t clash with Glasgow Warriors games. As a local I know more about what’s going on with the potential closure of the bowling club and plans for the letherby triangle than I do with what’s potentially happening with Queens Park and the move to Lesser Hampden and any plans for developing the ground there. They need to put themselves out there a bit more and engage. It seems ridiculous that people in the area would have no idea that there’s a game of football going on in the giant stadium on their doorstep every other Saturday and not just at cup finals and Scotland games.
  11. Did anyone else get really frustrated at conflicting information from midwives when they’d visit after you brought your baby home? Our wee one has only just got back up to her birth weight after 4 weeks, wasn’t latching on properly as she had a tongue tie. Not noticed by midwives or health visitor but suggested to us by a friend who’s own we girl had similar.
  12. More engagement with the local community would be a good start. I go to watch Queens Park 4/5 times a season, I’m a well wisher more than a fan. We’re 4 streets from Hampden (second avenue), in the 6 years we’ve been in this house there’s only one instance that we’ve been made aware that Queens Park are playing at Hampden, we got a card through the door prior to the Clyde game one Christmas/new year to make us aware Queens Park were returning to Hampden after the commonwealth games. Surely something as simple as letterbox drops in the local area could get extra bums on seats? During the winter break for the premier league maybe push the fact that there’s still SPFL football happening in Glasgow?
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