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  1. Port have snuck back into the 8! Keeping everything crossed we make it to finals. I went to the MCG a few weeks back and it's an impressive place - same size as camp nou.
  2. CCTV showed someone walked onto the bridge that night on the Edinburgh side and they didn't leave on the fife side. That's according to the sun.
  3. I use airVPN and my uncle's sky login for any Scotland/Ross County games not on foxtel in Australia. It works well. Smart DNS worked even better when it was all the rage. It occassionally goes into megadrive mode where the ball becomes a square blob and the players become 2 square blobs, but for the most part it's decent. I hook it up the the TV and watch it through an HDMI cable.
  4. I was absolutely delighted the crows got hammered in the final. Hoping port Adelaide can up the game next year. An excerpt from the crows Wikipedia page: The Crows were formed in 1990 after a supreme court injunction to halt The Port Adelaide Football Club from entering the AFL. They are a composite team originally owned by the SANFL (later gaining independece) and played their first season in 1991. Good on Richmond. It's been a long wait for them. First ever AFL premiership for them too! Their coach was a member of the playing squad when port won it in 2004 too.
  5. 2017 Finals season is starting this coming weekend. I'm a Port Adelaide Power member, looking forward to it as long as our local rivals don't win it! Over here about 10% of the population in Adelaide are members of one of the two teams. It's huge. The atmosphere at the oval on game day is great. After the finals there's going to be an "international rules" game - a cross over between AFL and gaelic football. Should be interesting too!
  6. Good luck to them. Would much rather keep the highland derby in the SPFL but there you go.
  7. Aye, nobody believes him. Waste of time! Price is creeping up towards 500 just now. The difficulty to mine/create a Bitcoin is going to double mid July, creating a lot of hype.
  8. In Australia, if there's a power cut for more than about 2 hours all the fridge items have to be chucked. My housemate went up to the supermarket the evening after this happened, opened the new shiny bin, and grabbed about 100 fancy cheeses (among other things) which went into the freezer. He never told people where he got the fancy cheese he was serving them.
  9. One of Australia's Netflix competitors, 'Stan', had just released a six part series carrying on from the wolf creek movies. After the abortion that was the second film I was a bit worried it would be terrible, bit I quite enjoyed it. The premise is that *obvious spoiler* this 19 year old American girl is on holiday with her family in the outback, when Mick appears and kills her family. She escapes, and sets out to get revenge. She has some brushes with the police and a few other shady characters along the way. It's got a bit of a low budget fell to it - especially the opening scene. There are some ridiculous bits in it too. John jarrett is still excellent as Mick Taylor, and it delves a lot more into his psyche and background. Worth a watch if you liked the first film.
  10. RCR

    Game of Thrones

    My take on the end is that for the red witches and wizards to bring someone back to life, they have to sacrafice their own immortality. Because she's about 400 years old, if she wants to bring back Jon Snow she'll likely die.
  11. Overplay isn't working for me either, been 3 weeks. Australian Netflix is pretty bad. I'm tempted to cancel both and go with a different Australian streaming service with better content. That being said, it's getting close to HBO Now season
  12. Read the title as "My Bairn's first tattoo". This is much better.
  13. All fine and well until a speeding burning car crashes into your house and your accurist won't call the fire brigade.
  14. Really hoping Celtic go on and win the Scottish cup. It looks like our only chance at Europe this year!
  15. It would be brilliant for all 3 trophies to be held for a short time by 3 ex-highland league teams.
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