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  1. Bought a car from them 2 years ago, within 2 months i had to replace the brake discs and pads front and back, my local mechanic described a lip on the rear discs as something he'd never seen before, i contacted Arnold Clark and they directed me to the warranty in which the brakes weren't included, so after spending alot of money on the repairs i still have a grudge on them. Haven't used them since as a result.
  2. Watched "we were soldiers" last night! 8/10 really good film!
  3. I watched it aswell, First time i had seen it in fact! Was a great movie and would definatly watch it again.
  4. Arctic Monkeys - who the f**k are the arctic monkeys Tune!
  5. Dont know if this has been posted already, couldnt be arsed going through 200+ pages... I hate it when people squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube and not the end, sounds pathetic but it's so annoying!!
  6. I went to see The Magicians, the film with the guys from peep show, it was absolute gash! thought it would have been funny, as peep show is hilarious! rather disapointed! 2/10 at a push
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