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  1. Harrier Attack Horace Goes Skiing Phoenix Run Baby Run Attic Attack I would have put TSM on the list but only played it on the C64
  2. £460 for a PS5 digital? It's amazing how many of these being advertised are unwanted gifts!
  3. That was the one that led to the XBR seating and changes in the breather systems. The proposed changes in the amount of seats didn't apply to the Puma or the S92. It wasn't a good time to be at one of the big operators when that went in, I was one of the licenced engineers up there at the time.
  4. I personally like shouting out "COVID test" when I let one rip in the house to see if they can smell the aroma of roses and lavender!
  5. I really want to enjoy a coffee but find the taste of run of the mill coffee too bitter, any recommendations for a beginner?
  6. I’m using either my mountain bike, a Merida Big 9 a bit more these days or my good road is a Cannondale SuperSix with Ultegra Di2 and I’ve got a lovely set of Campagnolo Bullets on them. I’m not spending any more on wheels in case they are damaged due to the road surface conditions.
  7. It’s ok Lynda knows someone who knows exactly what’s going on!
  8. I have two songs for definite as they have been constants in my life since I’ve heard them and they mean a lot to me. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf Mix), it has to be that one as the tempo suits the mood as I go through the curtains. James - Sometimes. My favourite song and I want it played as people go in. For a third one, it changes dependent on the day but for now I’d happily settle for Bruce Springsteen and Thunder Road. No religious songs or sentiments thank you.
  9. Thanks Ginaro, I’m hoping between being up in Aberdeenshire during the week and back in Fife at the weekend I might be able to get some shots in.
  10. Thank you! What a great shot there, I love that photo. What settings did you use for that? I’m up in Aberdeenshire this week so will try heading up the Bennachie if I get the chance.
  11. I’m fairly new to photography and have started trying to get some nice night time star shots. Can anyone recommend any good areas in Fife suitable for dark sky type shoots?
  12. I did it with my 9 year old today and not knowing the Green route I took my good road bike fitted with the carbon wheels, bit of an eye opener and I didn’t think it was as family friendly as they were advertising. Some of the route was questionable for younger riders. Statts Jnr was a bit disappointed after doing the closed roads Wee Jaunt last week but understood that it was a charity event run by volunteers.
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