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  1. I did it with my 9 year old today and not knowing the Green route I took my good road bike fitted with the carbon wheels, bit of an eye opener and I didn’t think it was as family friendly as they were advertising. Some of the route was questionable for younger riders. Statts Jnr was a bit disappointed after doing the closed roads Wee Jaunt last week but understood that it was a charity event run by volunteers.
  2. The Etape Caledonia is good but I think Etape Loch Ness is the best one. You can always try PoppyScotland in a couple of weeks that’s supposed to be good.
  3. I did the Wee Jaunt yesterday with my son, he was quite chuffed that he knocked 6 minutes off of last year’s time, and was disappointed in a couple of things. I knew the last stretch going into RHS was going to be rough but it seemed to be worse than ever, I didn’t get a puncture but my son did. The other thing that annoyed me was groups of cyclists and joggers heading the opposite way on the closed roads. I’m a bit sad to see it go as it was a good event for families so I hoping that the other events that they say they are going to concentrate on next year will fill the gap.
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family.
  5. I was going to at least do the Classic but my son wants to do the Wee Jaunt again this year. A question of etiquette though, is it the done thing to drop him for being too slow😂😂😂
  6. Retirement celebration at Leslie Bike Shop this Saturday with Andy and Fiona retiring, Andy has had the business 38 years! At least the business isn’t going to a major chain as one of the employees has bought it so it’ll still retain the atmosphere and reputation. After all these years he’s still not sold me a Bianchi! I’ve walked in to buy one and came out with Cannondales and Meridas amongst other things!
  7. Yes it is quite understandable that a person of limited means would not be buying the S-Works but kudos for at least taking the time to google “high end bikes”.
  8. It’s true, for the price of a Kia Ceed you can put a deposit down on a decent bike!
  9. It made a change attending a match in Scotland with that sort of crowd where it was about the football and not a “party song” in earshot!
  10. Could all persons who secretly video people for their own gratification in the name of road safety please provide evidence of their whereabouts as this is probably one of the next steps. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-48982140
  11. Well here at C.A.S.T we like to think of all road users as equals whether they are car drivers, cyclists, horse riders or similar and we strongly encourage discussion between all parties whether they drive budget Korean cars or expensive carbon fibre bikes. It’s all about positive dialogue!
  12. I see he's 60. Age, being a fat f**k and that level of anger should hopefully see a heart attack before long. Gammon c**t. Lot of rage from Boulton there, he should get himself a bike to help relief that stress!!
  13. Got my Di2 fixed at Leslie Bike Shop, a good clean out and all the cables reconnected seems to have done the trick. I think this started at the Etape Caledonia where the weather was chucking up lots of crap. Great job by the guys there and of course a quick 40 miler shakedown ride yesterday was in order!
  14. As that old meme/saying goes, you are going faster than everyone on the couch! It’s not all about distance and speed, it’s about getting out there!
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