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  1. Has anyone taken out GAP insurance before? Just got a new car and thinking of taking out GAP insurance from some online company, anyone got any they would recommend?
  2. I’m not 100% sure about it either but booked travel and hotel just in case. Would hate to miss out on what would be a superb few days away regardless of the result. Booked flights straight after full time on Thursday for £80 and the hotel is fully refundable up until 28 days before. I’d guess we’d know by then what the script is with fans so if it doesn’t go ahead losing £80 won’t be too bad.
  3. Flights booked to London. Hope to f**k the vaccine is sorted by then and we’re allowed some form of normality. What a fucking week of football that’s going to be. A home game, hopefully fan zones allowed, jaunt down to London to scud them there, back up the road to George Sq fan zone and watch the team take 9 points from the group.
  4. Is Clarke happy just sitting in and waiting for the inevitable? Why the f**k are Griffiths and Armstrong not on?
  5. It’s a bold call but he’s got to take McBurnie or Paterson off for Griffiths. We have 0 threat up front now. They’re defence is there for the taking.
  6. Anyone know why that foul was given against McGinn? Nonsense decision. We’d have been 1-0 up had that played on. Dykes tap in
  7. I’ll miss being able to use COVID as in excuse for not attending family gatherings. Looking forward to spending a Christmas Day in the house and not have to chat to arsehole Uncles & Aunties. I’m back working now but I definitely miss furlough in some ways. I actually enjoy my job and couldn’t wait to get back, but being able to spend 4 months of the year on the golf course/having a bevy/playing the PlayStation on company time and full pay was pretty special. Especially when the weather was great for the most part.
  8. I might have just completely missed this but has there ever been mention of widespread anti body testing? As far as I can see only certain people can get the test or you can pay SEVENTY pounds for one out of Superdrug. I’m fairly convinced I had Covid at the start of March so would be keen to know if I actually did!
  9. I voted no in the Independence referendum back in 2014, not because I don’t want us to be independent, but because I felt we wouldn’t have been able to manage on our own and wasn’t convinced about the SNP party leading us into the unknown. The past few years I’ve sometimes regretted the decision but this whole furlough fiasco is the final straw for me. Get us out this ‘Union’. What a fucking shambles.
  10. Fuckin hell. Would absolutely take 8th right now.
  11. I would pay £50 a game to listen to Gerry Irvine on comms.
  12. Robertson has been dreadful for Scotland the past year or so. Like I said, I couldn’t think of anyone else to put out wide, but hoping we ditch the 5-3-2 formation.
  13. Marshall Palmer Cooper Gallagher Tierney Armstrong Brown McGinn Fraser Griffiths Christie It won’t happen but I would genuinely have Scott Brown back if it was possible. Savic will be a huge threat and Brown was superb against him twice last season in Europe against Lazio. We also need a leader in there, Robertson isn’t that - again he was so underwhelming tonight. Ive put Christie out wide as I can’t think of anyone else who offers a decent threat going forward, probably forgotten someone.
  14. A midfield of Christie, McGinn and McGregor would be hopeless defensively. I’d be swapping McGregor for Armstrong. McGregor put in another hopeless performance in a Scotland jersey tonight. it’s an unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t be against having Scott Brown back in there against Serbia. Brown playing behind McGinn and Armstrong would be decent IMO. Fingers crossed Griffiths gets some game time for Celtic and gets fit enough for a call up. I just can’t see where a goal is going to come from from any other striker currently available. ETA - Brown bossed 2 games against Lazio not so long ago where Malinkovic-Savic was in their midfield.
  15. Has there been any mention if people in bubbles are still allowed to meet indoors?
  16. Would be surprised if one of those sides aren’t relegated this season. Both absolutely pish.
  17. What channel was Nicola’s speech on? Went on iPlayer and all they had was Boris’
  18. Surely the Scottish Gov aren’t going to do an outright ban on pubs and restaurants.. is there evidence that they’re causing that big a problem? To a point I can understand closing early but to shut the whole thing down will be a tragedy for many out there. I work quite closely with a number of bars/restaurants in Glasgow and the majority of them are already a baw hair from closing down.. a complete ban will shut them down for good and leave thousands potentially unemployed.
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