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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Can Lawless play out wide? I can't remember what kind of player he is but recall him scoring a lot of goals the season you were promoted. We're still after a couple of forward thinking players so hoping we might put an offer in if he remains without a club for much longer.
  2. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Storer’s goal was a fucking belter. Don’t think any keeper would have saved it. Unfortunately our defending lead to 2 free men at the back post for the 2nd which was quite disappointing. Felt 2nd half we dominated from start to finish with the midfield doing really well - Telfer especially. Just couldn’t make the most of our chances sadly. We’re nearly there. That second half showed how capable we are. Another wide player and a striker would be ideal as right now that is what is severely letting us down.
  3. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    A back 4 with Kilday at RB is giving me the fear already.
  4. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Not expecting anything against Partick tonight after our 'performance' on Saturday. No doubt O'Ware will get a goal.
  5. Fans will like Doyle. He's a great guy and had a decent season the one before last but was found out offensively last season. Good luck to him, likeable guy who gives 100% every week.
  6. Murdoch won't have anything to prove to us. We know fine well how good a player he can be and how much potential there is with him. Doohan was brought in as backup and Duffy never gave him a chance.
  7. Croatia v England - semi final

    @Div unlimited greenies for this thread please.
  8. Croatia v England - semi final

    Fucking beautiful from the Croatians. I’ve never enjoyed post match punditry as much as I am right now. They’re all absolutely devastated.
  9. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Very surprised Murdoch didn’t manage a better move but he’ll do well for Ayr.
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Bit of a surprising move. I always thought Real Madrid would keep him until retirement and make him a number 9 the older he gets. Maybe he fancies going and trying to win everything in another country. He's dragged RM to 3 Champions Leagues in a row, if he did the same with Juventus just once there would surely be no doubt that he's the GOAT?
  11. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Haven’t seen us at all this pre season but by the sounds of it we’ve been fairly solid in defence and midfield, just our strikers haven’t been any good. Recurring theme from last season.
  12. He would've signed with someone by now if compensation wasn't an issue.
  13. Ah, I thought I'd read McKinnon said he wouldn't be fit for the start of the season due to an op. Good we'll have a striker available to play then. Hopefully he'll do better this season.
  14. Don't think McHugh will be fit until the start of the league campaign. Hopefully we'll hear news about Jai by the end of this week, and either way, we could have him or someone new in up top. Hoping we sign a right back and another winger before the first game in Ayr.
  15. He didn't reject Morton. He was taking too long to make a decision so Ray withdrew the offer. Would be interested to see how he does if Falkirk signed him. He's got ability and a lot of potential but he's regressed the last couple of seasons from the left back that could breeze past anyone on the ball with the cigars out.