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  1. Scotland squad face June

    Probably should have written that better, I was just meaning Robertson may want a rest after the CL final.
  2. Scotland squad face June

    Would imagine Greg Taylor will get a call up with Clarke in charge now. Wouldn't be surprised if he started as well since Tierney is out and Roberston will likely not fancy it after CL final.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Interesting. Some players have been offered new deals. No idea who’s doing that if Duffy isn’t sure what’s happening.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Ah, I thought Duffy was signed up til the end of next season.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    @Ross Forbes That's Gaston been told he's no longer needed at Morton. Duffy will sign him if no other FT fancies him.
  6. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    Poor touch from O’Dea that led to the foul but he’s been given a hospital pass from whoever number 52 is.
  7. It's not like we were all aware beforehand
  8. Is Hopkin’s style long ball or was that the one that just worked to get you lot out of the Championship? I’m not fussed either way if it means winning games but just wondering if he does actually have a preferred playing style and formation.
  9. Mental that we were more concerned about getting Dykes signed up than Tidser. Hopefully Hopkin comes in and manages to get him punted.
  10. So far it's only Dykes, Lyon and Pearson the GK. The others may get better offers and go elsewhere.
  11. Rangers vs Hibs

    Rangers are cheating c*nts.
  12. Stevie Aitken can f**k off. Horrible manager.
  13. Sounds like they were given contracts to the end of the season with the possibility of it being extended if the board were happy for another year. They definitely announced it as a 2 year deal at the time but seems like there were clauses to empty them early if need be.