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  1. Scosha

    Online divisions

    I’m quite comfortable in Div 2 and get promoted often, but as soon as I’m in Div 1 it’s like the level of opposition become ridiculously good/lucky and I lose almost every game. Anyone else like that? Won 7 in a row in Div 2 yesterday then lucky to grab a draw every 3 or 4 games in div 1. Weird.
  2. Sounds like all Scottish football will be stopped until September - Cheerio Partick, hello Hearts!
  3. Not sure if that’s a dig or not but we’ve had Ayr, QOS and yourselves away all in the space of a week.
  4. It’s almost as if punting him out on loan with no replacement was a massive mistake. Still areas to improve defensively but really helping the team going forward.
  5. Pleasing. Been far too long since we last won down there.
  6. Did you not see Cadden’s volley against Alloa last month?
  7. By the sounds of it he left one of the clubs he was at this season due to financial reason within the club, basically something beyond his control. You'd hope that might be a fair enough reason for him to sign for a 3rd club.
  8. Interested to see how Jai gets on in League 1. Got a ridiculous turn of pace but didn’t have much end product during his time with us. Although he did score a few screamers. I would imagine Duffy will get the best out of him.
  9. Clinging onto the fact Hopkin took Alan Lithgow from being a bang average league 1 player to being instrumental in getting Livi promoted a couple of year ago. Apart from that I can’t understand this signing whatsoever.
  10. Yeah, was dreadful having to watch us actually stick to a game plan and have a bit of organisation for once. Very nearly paid off for us.
  11. Would be mixed. I’d be delighted but think a lot of people wouldn’t be too happy.
  12. Grant was laughably bad at Morton. A genuine accident waiting to happen any time the ball came near him. Interested to see where Tidser goes. I love the boy but can’t see where he’d fit in to our current squad given the amount of CM’s we already have. Can’t believe it’s not worked out for him in League 1.
  13. Scosha


    Tommy hinting on Instagram that there will be a spin-off for him
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