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  1. I doubt he will but would love to see Denny get over his injuries and start playing well again. He was great in his first season with us.
  2. We've signed Gary Oliver again and Rabin Omar from Elgin (I think). Also retained Millar, Muirhead and McGinty 😬 as well as Nesbitt which is great news.
  3. This question might have already been answered on here but.. has Nicola/Scottish Gov advised what the situation needs to be like before this mandatory rule on face masks is dropped? Will it be a few weeks/months/years? Or just normal for every day life for the foreseeable?
  4. “All non cohabiting partners can form extended households without physical distancing.” - does this mean couples who live apart in their parents home can now stay with each other? I know previously they had said that a bubble could be formed if both lived on their own.
  5. The only times I’ve worn gloves have been when filling the car up. Don’t really see the point when at supermarkets etc just make sure to not touch my face and wash them immediately when I’m home.
  6. I could be wrong but looks like our ‘volunteer’ is no longer controlling the social media. Hardly seen any cringeworthy posts for a few weeks now and his time in charge has been removed from LinkedIn
  7. Watched 4 PL games since they resumed and every single game I’ve found myself beyond bored. Give me our game over that any day.
  8. We signed Blues permanently a few weeks into his loan last season. Who knows why - he’s pish.
  9. Does phase 1 begin on Thursday or Friday this week? Seen some reports that it’s Thursday but then also that Nicola will confirm on Thursday when phase 1 officially begins?
  10. Scosha

    Online divisions

    I’m quite comfortable in Div 2 and get promoted often, but as soon as I’m in Div 1 it’s like the level of opposition become ridiculously good/lucky and I lose almost every game. Anyone else like that? Won 7 in a row in Div 2 yesterday then lucky to grab a draw every 3 or 4 games in div 1. Weird.
  11. Sounds like all Scottish football will be stopped until September - Cheerio Partick, hello Hearts!
  12. Not sure if that’s a dig or not but we’ve had Ayr, QOS and yourselves away all in the space of a week.
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