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  1. Parking Eye PCN in today for being 18 mins over the allowed 1 hour and 30 mins free stay at a car park in Glasgow. Assume I’m ok to just ignore the charge and carry on?
  2. Wtf is Luca raging at Can maybe understand a slight bit of resentment towards Billy, but Gemma hasn’t done a thing wrong there
  3. I find it quite interesting as I always assume these guys just pipe drivers straight out the middle. It was funny watching one this morning that was apparently 48 on the meter but smoked miles down the fairway
  4. Yup he looks done. The “if anyone can” would’ve worked 10 years ago, not after 2 career threatening injuries and an ageing wreck of a body. The GOAT in my eyes, but I hope he chucks it after this weekend
  5. That was a tough watch, can’t help but feel the double on 1 just massively fucked Tigers mindset which would’ve been feeling huge pressure already. Hoping for an absolute miracle tomorrow for him to make the cut.
  6. Unreal patter from the new girls to let Andrew know he’s been mugged off. Reckon he’ll turn for someone else
  7. A pretty underwhelming couple of signings to say the least. If we’re signing any midfielders they need to be creative and IIRC, Gillespie isn’t the answer. Jai, we all knew his potential. But a mix of it going to his head, poor advice and horrendous injuries really stalled his career and it has gone backwards ever since leaving us. I’d guess that leaves us with room for 4 more signings, which really do need to be quality additions to the side.
  8. The difference in effort between these two sides is staggering. Majority of this team just can’t be arsed. Robertson leading this mentality.
  9. I wish we had a player like that. f**k off Clarke.
  10. Gilmour on, McTominay slotted back into the 3. f**k off Clarke. Get this back 3 done with when Tierney isn’t fit.
  11. Wonder when Adam’s will do something in this set of games.
  12. Haven’t been in the Clarke out camp but moving that way. Another fucking pathetic performance. Andy Robertson missing again.
  13. Hickey had his chance last week.
  14. First in swinging corner and we get a goal
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