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  1. Hopefully we're now seeing a peak in the ICU stats. Cases were at over 4k per day and a few weeks later just 65 in ICU, vaccines work! Roll on the 9th...
  2. Great, so at least 75% have had 2 doses and will undoubtedly hit at least 80% in the coming weeks. What’s the issue?
  3. When I was down in London for the Scotland game there was about 50% of people not wearing masks on the tubes/trains etc, struggle to see how anything they're saying now will reduce that number.
  4. "We will not abandon you" 😂. Fucking hell...
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a post match analysis as much as this. These pundits who wrote off everyone are fucking scunnered.
  6. I fucking hate these cheating c***s. Luckiest mob you’ll ever see with everything going for them. Italy will pump them
  7. Take ligaments ffs
  8. Is there a breakdown in where these cases are coming from? Uuuuge numbers but unlikely to drastically impact hospital figures. With cases being as high as they have been over the past month we must surely be getting to a point where there's a decent level of immunity from infection amongst the 18-30s regardless of vaccine status.
  9. Keen to know how many of those 2000 cases ended up in hospital. My estimate would be a handful at most.
  10. Denmark/Czechs would put on a better fight than this German mob who have been woeful.
  11. A better team will pump this England side. They’re rotten.
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