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  1. JJ just needs to f**k off. Dreadful manager.
  2. Grim when it’s not even a surprise.
  3. Didn’t think us losing to Spartan’s would ever be topped. Thanks Ayr.
  4. Only turned up when his loan deal was about to end. Delighted I’ll never see him in a Morton kit again. Can’t ever see him making it in the Premiership, especially with his physique. Any competent full back has schooled him most times he’s played.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Jamie McGowan must be seething at Duffy right now. Continually kept him at Morton but never ever gave him a chance, with a couple of loan spells to the juniors. Finally gets a chance to play under Duffy with Dumbarton and he's released
  6. We won't win this with the squad we have at the moment.
  7. Made 1 or 2 appearances in July/August then been injured ever since. Never really got a chance to see what he was like.
  8. Can individual performances from an away team count? Dobbie came on as a sub against us a few year ago and banged in a hat-trick in 10/15 mins to win the game. Yet to see another player have such an impact on a game against us.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    How was Armour on Saturday?
  10. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    What a fucking boyo.
  11. Not surprised to see LeodhasXD coming across as a bit of a weapon given his ramblings on the Morton Alloa thread at the start of the season.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Hope Armour does well. He’s always looked lively and direct whenever called upon and scored a good goal for us in the league cup this season.
  13. He’s been crippled with injuries the past couple of years but hopefully if we get him fit he’ll do well here.