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  1. Couldn't be worse timing wise with the confirmation of the next move down literally a couple of days away. We really need this to be an outlier and not the next couple of days showing a similar pattern or we might see a bed shitting for the 17th. Hospital numbers and deaths. That’s all that matters now.
  2. Does offered mean they can still take the AZ if they want?
  3. Seen quite a lot of this online tonight. Hopefully enough of them stand up to make their voices heard so loud they can’t be ignored...
  4. What worries me most about Leitch’s comments is that if he’s talking about distancing at the football, then surely the SG are considering just keeping social distancing in place for the foreseeable? Hopefully England’s actions force their hands.
  5. That’s my work confirmed that all staff can work 3 days a week at home once we “return” to the office from the end of June. Genuinely stunned at that given they were so against flexible working pre-Covid.
  6. When was the last time we had < 1% positivity?
  7. Outdoor areas at the pubs all busy at 11am on a Wednesday in Glasgow. You love to see it.
  8. Currently in the process of buying a flat, but date of entry isn’t until the summer. My solicitor is taking days if not weeks to respond to emails and seems to have no urgency to complete the missives. Is it possible to change your solicitor at this point? Has anyone on here done it?
  9. There is no way the public will comply with these rules where possible after 21st June when hospitals are empty and a HUGE amount of the population are vaccinated. These restrictions were to “protect the NHS” and “save lives” well, the NHS is now protected and less people are dying (and this will only reduce even more), due to the impact of a highly successful vaccine. I still take comfort from the likes of Whitty etc saying we’ll need to live with this going forward. We’ll get there!
  10. First pint of T of the year 😍. Hopefully that’s the last time I’ll ever say that in April.
  11. Just back from a few glorious pints of Tennents. It’s good to be back baby. GIRUY Devi.
  12. Seen a fair amount of weapons on Twitter this afternoon claiming we’re due to follow India after letting a crowd in at the League Cup final today. These morons seem completely oblivious to the fact we have vaccines that WORK and more than half of our country - and the majority of the vulnerable - are vaccinated.
  13. I see the polis have shut the gates to Kelvingrove park to stop crowds gathering. Nice. That’ll only encourage people to go back to the house 🤣
  14. I managed to buy one a few weeks ago but with lockdown ending I now hardly play it as I'm out doing other things it'll no doubt come in handy in the winter but with the credit card bill in a week it feels like a complete waste of cash right now!
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