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  1. Russia banned from global sports for 4 years. Have we qualified? Edit - apparently doesn't apply to continental competitions
  2. I’m almost past caring. We’ve had too many mistakes like that this season. It was at the other end but even from where we were it was obvious Grant has made an arse of it. He’s a liability and should be dropped immediately. Hopkin built his success at Livi with a defence that was solid and kicked everything and anything, but he’s made a right mess of ours. Sadly he and his coaching staff are on 3 year deals so there’s no chance we’ll be punting him.
  3. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Amazon prime? It’s been so much better than Sky IMO. Hopefully they can get more games in the future and eventually become the main provider, at a much cheaper rate.
  4. Well, thank f**k for that. Time for the glamour tie at McDiarmid now
  5. Sad thing about the result is that it’s not even a surprise. We’re an absolute mess.
  6. Hopefully a defeat in the replay will finally make Hopkin resign.
  7. That’s him fucked as a manager. Can’t imagine another club will touch him unless it’s a part-time side.
  8. There was a bit of a falling out between JJ and him last season as well, at a point we weren’t doing well at all apparently. I thought Tidser would’ve teared league 1 apart especially with McKinnon as his boss. McKinnon had him playing the best we’d ever seen at the start of last season before he fucked off.
  9. Has Tidser actually fallen out with McKinnon?
  10. Scosha


    Ooft that was pretty decent viewing. Pain in the arse having to wait until January now but they’ve left it wide open.
  11. House of Fraser sent this out at half time Sums up the arrogance of them.
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