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  1. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Yes me as well Dealbreaker was being offered the pens happy days
  2. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Will Sandys have enough players for that
  3. Select job

    Certainly talks a good game for sure but let’s wait till they actually kick a ball in ernest next season
  4. Leafa

    Toys are out big style coz Sandys are loosing players Fact
  5. Leafa

    This ha ha
  6. Leafa

    Lothian Vale are in you hedge ha ha
  7. Midweek friendly

    6 v 1
  8. Midweek friendly

    Think Danderhall might be up for it
  9. Leafa

    Still waiting for mine
  10. Leafa

    ha ha wind it in mate it’s only a football discussion forum ffs
  11. Leafa

    Who ratted your cage
  12. Leafa

    If Sandys had went through the fixtures beating every team fair and square then yes you’re correct. As you well know that was not the case having being run over by Craigshill before the game was abandoned And by the wonders of the leafa logic points awarded to Sandys surprise surprise eh !! Then awarded the points for the return game as well so overall there’s six points that went along way to Assisting a bang average Sandys team to win the league by default. Fact lets not forget that Danderhall ripped yous a new one that day at 6 v 1 Fact
  13. Leafa

  14. Leafa

    Don’t flatter yourself
  15. Leafa

    Never the same when you win by default