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  1. Obviously you’ve played wi this fantastic player at some stage of your distinguished career 😉
  2. So come on tell us how many of the Craigshill team have you played with 🤥
  3. Jeez benchwarmer that’s top bants btw 😩😩
  4. Dry your eyes benchwarmer the league or the cups are never decided in January 😢 😢
  5. Word of the street is StraightOuttaEOS is your new assistant tonight 🤡
  6. Definitely don’t rise to it as all your doing is feeding his ego 🤡🤡 Btw I really doubt if he’s actually played football at any level at all 🤥 🤥
  7. Sounds like it was a good game then, any chance of naming the blue and white squads on show tonight for the guys like myself who couldn’t make tonight’s game.
  8. If what’s been said is true then I genuinely fear for the amateur game now.
  9. Guess work or do you have a source ?
  10. For someone who’s not officially part of any of the above you appear to have a very lot to say on this topic. Mouthpiece and baw bag springs to mind. 🤥 Let’s hope Syngena are still around come Christmas time..😂
  11. Sarcasm is just a free service I provide 😉
  12. Saturdays must be awful for you with soooo many shellsuits to choose from Cp Unt / Pennies / Fallin / Craigshill and now Syngenta 😂
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