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  1. What's up at shettleston ? Not been that bad.
  2. Tomorrow's west of Scotland cup tie has been switched to Portland Park Troon.
  3. Troon this morning. Very poor decision to call this game. It should have at least been given to this morning. img]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180120/e024afefe0ee1ed61591f9ceabe5d698.jpg[/img]
  4. Not right if the Troon game is called off. The park is in excellent condition and main roads from Glasgow will all be fine for petershill to travel.
  5. Expect the Troon game to be fine [emoji106]
  6. I'm sure. I think clubs and officials have been penalised for far less than getting a match abandoned at half time. As I said unheard of in recent times and I hope the powers at be set an example that this is unacceptable.
  7. Doesn't sound like nothing. Very serious if the ref called the match off. Got to be implications for both clubs. Unheard of in recent times.
  8. Troon v Renfrew game on. Any neutrals head to Portland for what should be a cracking game.
  9. If your a neutral your games off and you fancy watching a competitive cup tie head to Troon tomorrow. [emoji106]
  10. Good to see darvel doing well and taking a good support through. paddy deserves it for all his hard work. Good luck to all Ayrshire teams tomorrow. Mon the Troon.
  11. Troon play annbank in a friendly at Portland park 12 kick off. Free entry.
  12. We had a good day today with you and your support however his actions has soured a good day. I hope he is proud. We have a young man at 18 by the way has played at u 20for senior clubs who might question why he plays at our grade. Didn't even apologise to they young lad. You might be past it Ryan but don't spoil the hopes of the young players. Hope your proud Ryan.
  13. Do you want me to send pictures !!
  14. You might laugh Stuart lovely guy off pitch but today !! Despite the officials being mentioned at halftime he persisted. I played juniors in the 70's but to nip and scratch guys. Hrsd tackles yes. Nip and scratch He's a woman never heard the likes all I'm saying other refs and teams beware.
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