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  1. Jimmy Wardaugh and Willie Bauld playing together in that snap, Hearts wearing maroon socks also as opposed to white socks after the 1959/60 League win.
  2. Before 2016 the pub quiz question was... Who was the last Hibs player to score the winning goal in a Scottish Cup Final ?
  3. 13th September 1958. Note: 1957/58 League Champions flag flying* at the North Stand gable. * Not exactly flying, maybe just hinging. http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/games/195809131.html
  4. Out of all that lot I counted out 25 faces that have been connected to Hearts.
  5. Cheers guys... I've put the Panini 81 ones up too
  6. John Brough with his original yellow goalkeeper top on although this was in 1981
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