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  1. Fine by me too but I just can't see it. I'm hoping for a drab draw, a better outcome from the last 2 games. 😒
  2. Jimmy Wardaugh and Willie Bauld playing together in that snap, Hearts wearing maroon socks also as opposed to white socks after the 1959/60 League win.
  3. Before 2016 the pub quiz question was... Who was the last Hibs player to score the winning goal in a Scottish Cup Final ?
  4. 13th September 1958. Note: 1957/58 League Champions flag flying* at the North Stand gable. * Not exactly flying, maybe just hinging. http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/games/195809131.html
  5. Out of all that lot I counted out 25 faces that have been connected to Hearts.
  6. Cheers guys... I've put the Panini 81 ones up too
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