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  1. Yup, this has gone beyond Idiots running rangers, now very dodgy people, don't need this in the game at all. But, given what everybody seems to know, will the Rangers fans stand up and be counted on this one or roll over either through not caring or apathy?
  2. So Green is selling his shares....hope he sells them to someone sensible and not to someone who has a reputaion for being a gangster or somthing like that...but I'm sure they won't...that would be stupid....
  3. And yet green said Rangers would never play in the SPL again while he was in charge.. What to do, what to do..?
  4. I think they are up 0.5 today Tedi.....Gilmour will be quids in
  5. Talking about spectacularly wrong.. http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/163620-celtic-view/
  6. No way...if that was true that would mean Charles has been telling lies and there's no way he would do that, slander i say...!! Still....i'm sure the share issue will still be doing well..no worries on that front.
  7. This must be the "Armageddon" we were warned about...turns out it's awesome
  8. A good majority of the sevco fans on RM actually think the media are OUT TO GET them..incredible stuff.
  9. Anyone else back this on kickstarter or remember playing the original? http://elite.frontier.co.uk
  10. Just did this, what a difference..nice one.
  11. Yeah, I remember after the 5-1 game...total love in, everybody getting on together, probable because it was 2 non old firm teams
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