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  1. Who do thistle look at as their derby/rivals these days?
  2. I must admit i don't know a great deal about the north juniors but would Ellon and Stonehaven not be able/intrested to support teams that could progress in the pyramid?
  3. Any futher forward with the stands/cover that has been spoke about over last couple of years?
  4. Although I heard this from a credible source earlier I don't know if I can buy into the Redknapp thing at all.
  5. As much as football isn't that important right now I'm a bit bemused with the club at the moment. Would like to know the reasoning behind this.
  6. The grounds official name is Excelsior Stadium. Penny Cars is the sponsorship name and it generally know as new broomfield amongst fan's
  7. The main stand is pretty big as well. Even when Airdrie have a decent support in it there is still and emptyness. Maybe if it was same size as the stand opposite it would be better.
  8. Pretty bored here and kind of stole from an other thread. Assuming most of us look at Motherwell as our derby and rivals, who ranks next? For me its Thistle. Plenty history and needle there. I look forward to playing the Rovers but don't dislike them and have about the same feelings towards Hamilton as forfar or stranraer. Zero.
  9. I belive the speedway own the ground now. Think the owners may have invested in Ashfield but not certain.
  10. Who would have thought Cumbernauld could be a town with 3 senior teams in it?
  11. They will rotate between Rutherglen, Shettelston and EK.
  12. And for what its worth I'm sure that there were clowns in the Airdrie support that day. Its the whole vagueness of what happened I don't get. Just Airdrie = bad.
  13. I'm still puzzled about what happened last time. Its all hints. What sort of right wing non sense was it? Tax cuts and selling off national industries?
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