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  1. Who would have thought Cumbernauld could be a town with 3 senior teams in it?
  2. They will rotate between Rutherglen, Shettelston and EK.
  3. And for what its worth I'm sure that there were clowns in the Airdrie support that day. Its the whole vagueness of what happened I don't get. Just Airdrie = bad.
  4. I'm still puzzled about what happened last time. Its all hints. What sort of right wing non sense was it? Tax cuts and selling off national industries?
  5. The only consolation is that Airdrie have the same chance of playing Championship football next season as Clyde! How about Raith? Since the boy supports them?
  6. So, are Elgin being parachuted into the WoS league with all their home games played midweek November to March?
  7. So who have we got showing interest publicly then?
  8. I think Holytown Colts have a similar set up to what Gartcairn had. They use the Keir Hardie centre.
  9. I was saying at the game yesterday that the last win against Raith I can remember was play off game years ago. We have a dreadful record against you.
  10. Ok Angus. We can leave this here and you can pop up again in a few weeks with the same stuff.
  11. I very, very much dout you witnessed any Sectarianism at a montrose and Airdrie game.
  12. If I had to guess then the away support would be around 400 mark
  13. We didn't play through the middle when he came on either as he is to far off the pace to be involved. I don't think Ian Murray belives in having a midfield.
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