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  1. Not for one minute claiming Airdrie fans weren't acting like c#@%s but I'm always amazed that these stories involve woman, crying children and action heros who could have battered all the stone island clad yobs if he wanted to but let the weans get a doing. Glad I didn't get to Kirkcaldy today as it sounds like a terrible day for Airdrie
  2. Played on that ground at boys club level as well. Got a right hammering. Didn't even realise it was junior ground until a few years ago
  3. Have now watched Airdrie longer in the new ground than I did at broomfield. Still get nostalgic about sitting in the old stand with my grandad or balancing on the railings in front of the pie stall. Would love to have a ground with a couple of modern stands and a covered terrace.
  4. I remember at the time thinking crowd was higher than reported. 3 stands were full
  5. Not so sure Police Scotland would relish that draw. Mass brawl in the town centre before the game. A few incidents around the ground at full time. Very eventful day.
  6. Airdrieonians on a good run leading up to this. Hopefully boost the crowd
  7. I've been saying this for a few seasons that it would make for a better atmosphere. If the fans want it, it won't happen though.
  8. It appears as if there was a trust team and a community trust team at the suicide prevention tournament in ravenscraig yesterday. I wonder if they spoke to each other.
  9. Glad I gave today a miss. I was happy with the appointment of Murray but its clear he is clueless and we are now stuck with him. Season is a disaster yet again
  10. Gartcairn have moved parks but still in Airdrie Sports centre. They have dressing rooms etc enclosed but no cover yet. Think the game will go ahead at home no problem.
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