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  1. Am of the other opinion, it might just be a good thing getting a competitive game in before we play hurlford [emoji2369]
  2. Read your statement bawbag, yous look, if you haven't seen the talbot this season, how can you look [emoji15]
  3. How do you know what Talbot look like this season, just asking, cos a thought you followed cumnock and Talbot hivny played them this season
  4. Must be Kilbirnie, as they are trying to offload midfielders.
  5. What's happening at Cumnock. Out the Scottish n West and struggling in the league, how is Paul Burns still their manager?
  6. A feel your pain, the most successful junior club in the history of the game, getting more money flung at them. Get it round ye n stick in where the sun dont shine
  7. We’ll see how the silky soccer gets on when playing on a heavy park in the middle of winter [emoji1303]
  8. I fear for Scottish Junior Football now. although the west leagues are very competitive, but out with that the standard is poor. thats twice I have watched lochee in the last couple of months and I think they would struggle to stay in the top west division, but they are undefeated in the east over 90 mins . In saying that you can only play against what's put in front of you.
  9. Didn’t see the Samson’s making a Noel Hunt of themselves at full time
  10. Both father and son could have caused a lot of bother at full time, but fortunately it didn’t escalate. Btw ally semple is a good keeper, but an absolute pellet of a person.
  11. The Semple family are truly a quality bunch. I now know who ally takes after.
  12. Stonn up its defo tuckers shout. That and keep et it.
  13. Well done Bonnyrigg, what a great result. Bring on the hibs[emoji1303]
  14. Not surprised, big step up for those guys. Mibby it's time the Lugar committee held up there hands and say they should have stood firm with the Ayr Utd deal.
  15. Naw mate, don't think it's Keith Stewart
  16. Have heard that the Ayr United boys will be there till the end of the season. Former ochilltree amateurs manager is going to take over for the new season.
  17. Dream on bonecrusher, Ally Simple is a prize tit. You are correct, he only behaves that way to wind us up and he is very successful at it. Pity he isn't successful at keeping clean sheets. Best junior keeper in the juniors, I think not, the best keepers in the juniors go about their business in a professional manner..
  18. Apparently Ayr United are going to put coaches and youth players in place for next season. Think the Lugar committee will still run the club and let Ayr look after the playing side..
  19. Brycey, how do you make out, this is up talbots street. They have played 3 competitive games on astro this season, Largs, petershill & banks of dee. Hardly a lot of games
  20. Well done foot ball kick goal. All the best for the rest of the season
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