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  1. Send the children and wife away for the night and get a few of your mates round. Then after a few beers go and “politely” chap the door and explain the situation. If force is needed then so be it.
  2. Dogs can see ghosts. Don’t go back there!
  3. There is loads of them that could be “the cat”. As long as it isn’t Arthur, I don’t care who gets killed for it.
  4. Just back from the park. Can’t even get her whole body in her bed.
  5. I’ve never played on one of the new types as I’m to old. However, going to Rugby Park every second week, I don’t notice any difference between a game on grass or a game on plastic. That c**t Preston can go and take two fucks to himself!
  6. Not to worry lads. According to sportsound it was all the fault of the pitch. Not the fact that both teams have no attacking threat.
  7. Because it seems we turned tin pot when Steve Clarke left.
  8. Stubbs looks like he could be a good signing for Accies. I liked the Hamilton keeper moaning about time wasting near the end of the game.
  9. You have to watch these welsh teams. They are magnificent![emoji22]
  10. Are you sure it’s a hangover and not just guilt from getting pumped by one of her work colleagues?
  11. If it’s not a mushroom supper, you’re not happy!
  12. Cammy is away to kickback to try and cut and paste a response.
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