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  1. The sooner January comes the better for Partick in all reality once Nuno KAPUTo, FINITO Carbone & Kris Doolan arrive relegation should be realistically virtually assured combine that with the return of 'paintit face'
  2. Hertz Hertz glorious Hertz we fucked up the cup and we fucked up the league . .
  3. McCall looking to cement Thistles place is league 1 folklore with January transfer targets Nuno Caputo and Finito Carbone.
  4. wee jobby never has or never will win a league as manager FEENEESHED !
  5. Spekky jobby got u guys on tenderhooks already then 😏
  6. Scumdee feeneeshed with Nuno Capucho caput over finito meanwhile the Jags are rising 😏
  7. Thankfully not propping up the bottom of the Scottish championship
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