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  1. Even that specky twat would leave Twenty Players left back in the dressing room.
  2. Again backs up my claim Danny Lennon would have been a better appointment than McCall for Thistle enjoy the seaside league for the foreseeable future.
  3. Just heard Jobbys interview after the Hearts game and instantly pressume he is back on the prop?
  4. Karma eh big teams get to finish season while yours, Hearts and Stranraers for that matter doesnt even get to start after the marquee signings, training ground debacle and paltry 900 or so season books shifted this could may well spell disaster. No wonder Colin Weir done his bollocks and Jimmy Long Was right to use Due dilligance before purchasing Thistle after he saw who was on the board.
  5. Be lucky to see the season out let alone it starting now much have u guys spunked on transfers and wages ?
  6. In Paintet face we trust #doonthekermitt #duedilligance
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