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  1. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    For the record King looks pish anaw and Heaton the big Cole lad looks solid though.
  2. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Garbage if Cooke was even 70% fit he should have had a field day against that shite as it was he contributed hee haw and never even tested the keeper rabbit in headlights or James Marwood springs to mind . . .
  3. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Stokes will score more goals than entire team when he signs and add creativity and cody cooke will hopefully be out the door before xmas !
  4. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    We need Stokesy ASAP
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Seemingly Doolan not happy with Thistles transfer policy and players let go, here's hoping Dundee Utd scupper the deal with a 2.5m package for Dools and we can concentrate bringing in some1 whos not wrong side of 30.
  6. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Geez Doolan or ill slap u stupid looking students silly
  7. Miller shoots lightening bolts out of his arse . . . . he can wear what he wants.
  8. Certainly looking promising upfront.
  9. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Livi got a better strikeforce than us we need to add quality and goals upfront as i do not think Danny Mullen will score more than 10 league goals this season.
  10. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    shitting it already cunto
  11. Hertz Hertz glorious Hertz yous fucked up the league and yous fucked up the cup . . .
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Back to Cowden eh lads !! Mind and bring the fog machine out . . .
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Cool story bro
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Championship forum pish flappers