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  1. Chucked/Cheated out the Scottish cup and pumped by East Fife in the space of 3 days and reality sinking in to even the most staunchest of Jags fans that thing's need to change (4 years too late 😄)
  2. Spunkin Duncan Sheep Shearer or Pissed Up Pele Paterson surely ?
  3. That was a White elephant for sure my good friend Stewart Gilmour essentially sold them scrap metal for £150k tee hee.
  4. Like who ? Stephen McGinn was a Hibs player ? Anyways he would be more effective in the Thistle midfield with no legs in front of the ageing , weather beaten reject that is Bannigan ☺️ Or are you talking about their newly appointed manager who again has been far more successful and has a better track record than McCall's ?
  5. Goodwin certainly has righted his wrongs from the semi final in last 2 games pleasing to see he can adapt and rectify error of his ways and kudos for doing the double header over both ugly sisters !
  6. I liked it when she paintet her face same colour as the flag . . . . . . . .
  7. You students better dig deep this time as you wont have 3500+ St Mirren fans turning up like you did in last Save the Jags campaign.
  8. Hearts Hearts glorious Hearts we fucked up the league and we fucked up the cup !
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