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  1. Just saying hello, good to see a bit of positivity for a change. Looking forward to the challenge.
  2. Funny old game, innit. Well, been there before. But it was a while ago.
  3. Well played Staggies, the taste is sweet!
  4. Well done Motherwell, can't fault any player, Aberdeen ain't that guid it seems.
  5. don't feck with th Baldies, maybe the wrang flic
  6. Scottish football is run by a mafia. Any pretence of a member run "democratic" organisation is a farce. And as a customer you are the bottom of the pile.
  7. this is a good game, thst first goal was a cracker, more please 2nd half, need to get the strikers more involved Burkey is given them the sevice!
  8. we are blessed, King Kenny, Sir Stevie Clarke, Lord Dyer, WeAreBack
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