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  1. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Motherwell Kilmarnock St Johnstone St Mirren Dundee United Livingston Hamilton Ross County
  2. Aye that's pretty accurate about Dicker. Still, we need to start looking forward - Dicker and Power won't go on forever, and both started showing signs last season that they might be on the wane. Great against Rangers or Celtic but lacking something in games we're expected to control.
  3. Happy enough with the transfer business so far. Agree that we need to bring in another centre-back, and although Broadfoot has been fine if he or Findlay pick up an injury we're then reliant on a 19-year-old with no senior appearances to step up (or move Dicker). Tshibola signing today is excellent and hopefully settling down somewhere he knows will get the best out of him. All things being equal he starts in midfield ahead of Dicker for me.
  4. Pffft, I didn't need this thread to remind me that I was/still am/always will be (delete as applicable) an absolute fud of the highest order. As you were.
  5. Looks like my Josh Magennis for top scorer bet has legs now.
  6. Is there anywhere online to watch these ahead of the kick-off in France? Seen most of the World Cup ones, but it would be good to see the Euros versions. Off the top of my head I think I've only seen the Euro 2008 Review. Cheers.
  7. No worries, mate. On paper it did seem like a sensible move and maybe if it was done by a semi-competent club then it would work out far better... For anyone interested, this is the website of Just Sport that explains what they do - http://www.justsport-group.com/justsport-proclub/ Given how our shop, website, club in general are usually run it's probably a good move to outsource this to a company who can be at the very least professional.
  8. You mean, what Killie did for several years with '1869'? etc... The shirts were made in Bulgaria, and the quality was dreadful. They inevitably fell apart after a few months, and the material itself was cheap and itchy tat. From what was said at the club after we moved to Errea, it seemed as if it was a lot of work for a product that didn't appeal to fans and didn't bring in as much of a profit as we expected it to. Killie have now went with Just Sport Group, who will take over production of strips, training gear and running of the club shop & website - the same deal that Hibs and Dundee United use. As for the shirt itself, I really like it. The sponsor could be done better but it'll sell very well if the reaction among Killie fans today is anything to go by.
  9. Giving away free tickets has had no long-term impact on attendances for us. If we have a team playing well, one that the fans can be proud of and a change in the boardroom then fans will come back.
  10. Celtic Aberdeen Rangers Hearts Ross County Dundee St Johnstone Kilmarnock Partick Thistle Motherwell Inverness CT Hamilton Although who really knows other than Celtic being champions?
  11. Slater is excellent, although going by his comments on Twitter it was his decision. I'd love to keep Addison.
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