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  1. You could have a point about that, but it also runs to risk of reinforcing the vibe of unfairness and misery, and that runs the risk of justifying a dark cloud over everything. It's more helpful to go a day at a time and think of something you can do to make your day better, and make your day something you did something with. Kind of like focusing on a shite left-back's crossing ability instead of his shite defending. You'll get more out him that way.
  2. How people deal with it is a personal thing, and we'll all have good days and bad days. I've had both myself, now being 21 days into lockdown. But there comes a point where we all need to accept that we are where we are and face the day accordingly. Of course, part of that is keeping in touch with mates and family and getting support when needed, but just moaning about things all the time is not healthy. Everybody wants to be able to go for a pint, or go to the park, or go to the football, or whatever. Going on about it is pointless.
  3. Absolutely nobody is disputing that.
  4. That's dangerously close to "suck it up" type advice, which probably doesnt help the general requirement for people to open up more in terms of mental health. No, not at all. There's a difference between speaking to people about a genuine issue you've got an asking for support, and just moaning about not being able to live life normally. Everybody wishes this was different. Pointing out that it's shite repeatedly is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course people should lean on those around them, and we all do to an extent, but continuing to focus on the negatives of this is not helpful and will just make you feel worse.
  5. This is where I am with it. This is hard for everyone. Going on about how hard it is, or about how 'unfair' it is, or about how much you want it to be over does nobody any good. We are where we are and just need to make the best of it. Read a book you've been meaning to read, watch a film you've been meaning to watch, do some exercise, cook something new, call your pal that you haven't spoken to for ages, play your guitar, whatever, just get on with it. This time is going to pass regardless of your attitude to it, so you might as well do the best with it that you can. Moaning about it is fucking pointless.
  6. Well, you can combat that one person at a time by letting it go.
  7. As all avid 24 watchers will know, removing someone from a position of authority during a crisis seldom makes things better.
  8. Exactly. That's why the restrictions may well have to be tightened. You give some people an inch, they take a mile.
  9. I sort of agree, but not fully. I think, based on interviews I've heard over the weeks with various health people on radio etc, that the agreed wisdom among most governments pre-pandemic was that it would be important to allow people to get out for a bit each day to make the lockdown work. In that regard, the UK's view seems to have been in line with a lot of other governments. But, in practice, I think it's been seen that the idea of being allowed out for non-essential supplies just leads to people stretching the boundaries and not taking it seriously. I'd imagine the exercise thing will go soon and it'll be outside for essential supplies only.
  10. Depends what you mean by 'full lockdown'. I doubt very much people will be stopped from going to the shops to buy food. This ludicrous 'exercise' thing will probably bite the dust soon though. People have quite clearly been taking liberties with it.
  11. Even if I wanted to listen to this, my personal standards and ethics would prohibit it because you used the word 'content'.
  12. Agree. Series one was good. Aimen is quite clearly, and quite openly, a slippery character. You'd have to be to have lived his life. But it means you always have to read between the lines with what he's saying. The China edition would have been better with someone with else doing it, or at least another voice present. It was basically a waste of time edition of what is a pretty good podcast.
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