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  1. Offensive behaviour

    This is exactly what Hearts should do. If it means cutting prices hugely for Old Firm visits for a while to make sure we shift the tickets, then so be it. I want my football with an atmosphere. That's provided by giving away fans half the stand. Hibs is different. As long as they give us a full stand, we should continue to do the same.
  2. Iran

    Looks like Tractor Sazi have let it slip. Lost this weekend to slip to five points behind. Five games to play.
  3. Julian Assange Arrested

    I'm not really sure what to make of this. He may be a rapist. I don't know. He's certainly an oddball and I wouldn't fancy going for a pint with him. However, nobody with even the most rudimentary knowledge of history would be surprised that someone who strongly embarrasses powerful governments has suddenly been accused of a completely discrediting crime. This is not a new movie.
  4. Enjoying this hugely. Time for a four-up, four-down system, IMO.
  5. Celebrity c***s

    ...and in that moment, the fate of Scottish radio was sealed.
  6. Celebrity c***s

    Our collective obsession with celebrity is arguably one of the sickest things about our society. It's no wonder so many of them act like bell-ends. When someone is lauded in society for something trivial like being good at a sport or being in some shitey tv show, it shows how perverse our priorities are.
  7. Times when you've excelled yourself.

    A few years ago I was working as a Baptist minister in America. At the time things over there were quite dicey with racism. Anyway, I heard this story about a couple of black lassies getting into trouble for not giving seats on the bus to white people. I thought "I'm not having that". So, me and a mate got together and organised a boycott of the buses and we kept at it for so long that they changed the law and everything. It was magic. To be honest, I became quite famous off the back of it. Anyway, it led on to all sorts of other stuff. I got a lot of hassle off the polis, but I decided not to give up. I got asked to do a bit of public speaking and organised a few rallies. That sort of thing. Long and short if it is that the whole thing went so well that America even ended up with a black President. Not bad considering blacks couldn't keep seat on the bus when I got started. I even got a Nobel prize! It's all a bit mental to look back on now, but I think I did a decent job.
  8. Infuriating Things That YOU Do

    Saw Edinburgh City play at East Kilbride earlier this season. It was the first time I'd ever seen the club play and up until that point I had absolutely zero opinion on them in a positive or negative sense. In the second half I moved to stand a bit closer to their supporters and 45 minutes later Edinburgh City were only marginally below The Old Firm and Hibs on my list of utter scum. The most annoying group of supporters in the world. I hope your club dies.
  9. Hearts v Hibernian

    Aye. I don't really engage much with the Hibbies on here, so I'm not sure who the sensible ones are.
  10. Hearts v Hibernian

    Absolute nonsense. No matter how many times you say it. The game yesterday actually reminded me of the derby we lost at home towards the end of the 2008-09 season. Hearts were the better side that night too, but didn't take their chances and ended up losing to a penalty awarded for a foul that took place outside the box but Riordan kept on his feet till he got into the box then went down like a sack of spuds. These things happen. Games are won and lost in wee moments. Yesterday was a similar result. We didn't play nearly as badly as some of the reaction would have you believe, and we've been pretty unlucky to lose. That's football. It's happened before and it'll happen again.
  11. Hearts v Hibernian

    Hearts also could have scored again, so what's your point? You're not making any kind of coherent argument, probably because your overall point isn't really defensible. Hibs got the breaks when they needed them yesterday. An offside call went their way, they could have had a penalty given against them but they didn't, Djoum missed a chance that he'd score more often than miss. Such things win and lose games. And that's fine. Football is massively over-analysed. A lot of what happens is simply down to the break of the ball or a split-second decision from a referee. But talk of 'wanting it more' or of one team not trying to win is simply childish garbage.
  12. Hearts v Hibernian

    Again, that's a scoreboard analysis of the game. Hibs equalised very quickly after going behind, so it's impossible to make the assertion that Hearts 'stopped playing' based on being ahead, since that scenario existed for far too short a period of time for a pattern of play to emerge. You're basing your opinion on the outcome rather than the process. After Hibs equalised, Hearts steadied the ship and went on the front foot again, and could have been back in front by half time. The people I was watching with, as I mentioned before, supporters of neither Hearts nor Hibs, were of the opinion at half time that Hearts looked the only likely winner. Hardly the actions of a side not interested in winning. Do you base your view on tactics, motivation and performance in every game simply on whether it was won or lost?
  13. Hearts v Hibernian

    1) I'm sorry that you seem to be of the (entirely wrong) opinion that winning the ball automatically means the challenge is not a foul. On that count you are simply wrong. There's a reasonable argument to be made either way for whether it was a foul or not, but your argument based on winning the ball is wrong. You don't know the rules. 2) Cliched nonsense. And ignores the fact that Hearts spent large portions of the first half, when the score was level, on the front foot. Not the actions of a side mostly concerned with avoiding defeat. Daily Record level of analysis of a game. 'Wanted it more'... Give us peace.
  14. Hearts v Hibernian

    Gtf. Claire thought he'd been fouled because Stevenson knocked the ball off him. The wrong decision there was that Hearts got a throw in that should have went to Hibs. I'm not saying it was a foul. I'm saying it could easily have been given as one. Like I said, on such decisions games turn. On another day, with another ref, it might be a penalty. Not much to be done about it now anyway. These things happen.