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  1. That was absolutely awful today and Ferguson should walk. Realise it is early in the season but his continual terrible decisions and persisting with the players he signed has been a disaster with the exception probably being Boyd and the three loan signings. He is absolutely clueless, took Cawley, Henderson and Taggart off but left rubbish like Mendy, Church and King on. The sending off was probably a bit harsh due to the original yellow but it was Hutton's own mistake that led to Peterhead getting the chance, he has been a poor signing. Both Andy Graham and Howie are better central defenders than Mendy and personally I think Durnan is poor as well, might do better with another partner. The goalkeeping situation has come back to bite us. Felt sorry for the young keeper today but either Parry or McDowall would have been a better bet if they hadn't been chased out of the club, not convinced Hutton is better than either.
  2. Have to agree Liam, I didn't want him his manager, haven't been impressed by some of his signings or treatment of some of our long serving players but willing to give him a chance. He showed passion today but probably not in the right way. As I said before didn't hear any abuse today but it has possibly been a culmination of the abuse over the last few months.
  3. The incident at the end was very strange especially as I didn't think the abuse towards the manager or team was bad today. Not sure what triggered Ferguson to react like he did but takes a bit of guts to confront fans. Wonder if one of the players said something to him. Was never particularly happy with the appointment but we are doing much better in the league than I expected. Would have settled for a point before the game. Thought we were the better team in the first half and Dumbarton were better n the second half although think we sat back.
  4. I thought we were very good today and ran out deserved winners. Henderson looked excellent on his debut and if all our loan signings are as good as him and Niang, things are looking up. Not a failure in the team but in addition to those two: Kev, Durnan, Hutton, Taggart, Robertson and Mendy were outstanding.
  5. Credit to BF today, the balance of the team looked much better and the two loan signings Henderson and Niang both look quality. There wasn't a failure in that team today. Only downside was Boyd and Trouten going off and Scougal missing from the squad.
  6. Well that was fucking awful. Ferguson's signings with the exception of possibly Howie and Boyd (not based on today's performance), and Niang look dreadful. Our best players Graham, Taggart and Scougal are all players he has inherited. I do think some fans might have an agenda with Ferguson, I personally couldn't give a toss who he played for but his start as Alloa manager has been terrible and unless he can get in a new left back and a couple of fast mobile strikers we will be fighting relegation.
  7. My first game of the season and was fairly impressed with the performance for the majority of the game. We did drop out of it for the first 20 minutes of the first half and could have been punished. Scougall and Taggart played well and think Boyd looks a really good signing. Looking forward to the game at Broadwood and hopefully we can build on Saturday's positives.
  8. Does anybody know how long Cawley and Trouten are out for?
  9. We all want the team to do well. It is early days but I think what most Alloa fans would have wanted/excepted was for the manager to bring in better quality to supplement the players that have served us well, including the two promising youngsters in Williamson and O'Donnell. Time will tell on how many of the new signings make it but the biggest worry is goals as Sammon and Armours goal records are poor to say the least.
  10. An excellent result yesterday, very unexpected but welcome after Tuesday night. Great to see O'Donnell getting a start and hope he will be involved thoughout the season, but time will tell. Would imagine there are a few more signings to come in, possibly on loan, as we look really short on numbers.
  11. This has the potential to be an absolute car crash season reminiscent of Maitland or Lennon. The players he has signed are underwhelming to say the least. Will judge him on the League performances but even so early, fear the worst. When Mulraney said he had increased the budget for this season expected good quality players to balance the likes of Taggart, Cawley, Robertson etc. Not panicking quite yet, it is only one game but hope he is looking to bring in some SPL loan signings. Also hope he gives Williamson and O Donnell a chance.
  12. I didn't invent it, that was what I genuinely thought the price was. I enjoyed your coverage last season but you are not exactly impartial. Even if it was £170, if you take the two Dundee games off, that actually works out at about £14.50 a game. It is more the £18 for pay at the gate I have an issue with.
  13. Unfortunately you are right, it is no surprise they have taken the fans for granted by keeping the entry at Championship prices.
  14. I have to say in my opinion those prices are steep. The season ticket works out half decent value but only against a ridiculous price of £18 for pay at the gate. Would have liked to see the club repay the fans who bought a season ticket last season which definitely wasn't good value £205 for 13 or 14 home games and then two of them were on TV. Not saying it is just an Alloa issue but £18 for League 1 is a rip off.
  15. I hope to f**k this is just a wind up. Wouldn't be happy signing either, never mind both.
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