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  1. Signed up for the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon. Shitting myself.
  2. First ever 10k on Sunday. Planning to go out running tomorrow night, swim on Wed then running again Thursday. Gentle parkrun to stretch out the legs on Sat morning before the big one on the Sunday. Sub 50 would be immense but below 53 would be a nice target.
  3. Our last win against Motherwell at home http://www.afcheritage.org/matches/fixtures/mreport.cfm?fixture_id=4948&season=2008-09&squad=Senior 2008, absolute joke!
  4. Where is yon laddie deky? He's normally around sooking up everyone's bait.
  5. Huge game. Well done to Motherwell for keeping up the pace with the famous. Hopefully you boy's bring a big crowd up. Atmosphere will be buzzing. Oh wait.....Sunday @ 1215
  6. Would have agreed with this yesterday but now, not too sure. Nicky Low and Declan McManus will both go with Shankland coming back. I think Cpt Big Penis will be politely moved on.
  7. We very nearly came close at Parkhead a few years ago. Quite amazing how it will always be remembered as the day they lost the league.
  8. Create a new one in August. You can be certain they'll be there or there abouts. Embarrassingly, some seem proud of that.
  9. Welsh or Irish trip first followed by an Eastern European team then whoever all the way to the final nae doubt.
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