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  1. The pub (aka the best form of drinking) becomes less of an option following certain life events. At that point, the cans suddenly become more appealing. £5 pints was a certain life event for me.
  2. It's been a month and a half. I remember why I like my own place.
  3. I have a pal staying with me for a wee while. Christ, now I know how my old boy must have felt. There's nothing more heartbreaking than coming home and he's left a light on or the bathroom fan, or something plugged in fully charged. I'm a TV plug out the wall kinda guy so this is new territory for me.
  4. Aye good point. I don't have a cat but I'd imagine a high percentage of owners take the food from the kitchen to prepare and weigh in the living room.
  5. I always find they best way to get my point across when explaining why I'm pouring shite over an effigy of a dead pensioner is by holding a hilariously small microphone like a toothpick.
  6. They are daft oiks who eat tatties raw out the ground so it's not surprising they even fucked that up.
  7. On his knees in the night saying prayers by the street light
  8. Set of scales in the living room just for weighing......things.
  9. Is it not the ep when the Mega store opens and puts Navide out of business, he stays in it overnight to burn it down. Tam had been electrocuted and was really generous, then they have to lock him in a cage?
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