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  1. Surely there's no need for the jaggy/jabby at all? Unless there are nettles that aren't jaggy! You get False Nettles that look almost identical but dont sting! ETA- there called Dead Nettles (good name for a band)
  2. Rose's are red Violets are blue I hate the **** and the **** What about you?
  3. The Robins on the site I'm at are getting bolder by the day 20210211_103732.mp4
  4. Think it definitely was a goldcrest. No sign of it today unfortunately. Beutifull wee bird.
  5. New one for me yesterday, either a goldcrest or a firecrest. Hopefully will be back today and will try and get a pic of it.
  6. It's like a toad aso, Juilian, it's all water under the fridge now.
  7. Fools be acting like the gangs anyway, be like "warriors, come out and plaaay-eeeayyye"
  8. Shes the guilty type, she looks shifty
  9. Oh sure, it sounds incredible,....for the first THREE hours
  10. Congrats to the saints, and while I dont want to piss on your parade,I'm always left thinking what the f**k? Hear all these stats from the established, bigger teams like today, first win there in 30 odd years. Aberdeen a wee while back first win at Snake Mountain in x amount of years, Motherwells first victory at the Glitter Dome in x etc etc, and just think, how?? We bodied the ugly sisters home and away regularly in our prime when we about 15-20 years old as a club, and we are wee teuchter no marks
  11. Reported for racism. Clearly looked for a picture depicting a 19th century Irishman. Disgusting.
  12. One petrofact cup in ten years was it aye? Settle down son.
  13. Some cracking birds on the site I'm working at just now but been unable to photograph any so far. In the last week have seen a barn owl, tree creeper, woodpecker, a group of 6 Jays plus a host of other normal garden birds. Also a pine martin and red squirrels
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