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  1. What about Pussy Hands? He was quite high up in the Philly mob
  2. Big Comic Fortnightly, loved this comic. That and whatever cartoon was into at the time, usually Turtles, which folded out to a massive poster, or Thundercats which gf re-bought the first 5 as a present. Was surprised that they were part of the Marvel universe.
  3. It will be eastern Europeans. The bread attracts sparrows, then all they have to do is look for a garden with birds in it so they can steal your dog.
  4. I got em off, you know Nobby Burton who comes round with a suitcase? Two for a tenner, yes please! Four, so....
  5. Heard that it's all pretty much a scam or something that religion? Only the originals are true, the newcomers are just money filler?
  6. Police audit vids, basically just people bamming up the police by filming them. Cant get enough of them
  7. Always see them in Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire, but never out this way. Always believed that the hoodies muscled them out but it came down to feed immediately after the two resident hoodies flew away. Pretty chuffed cause always excited to see them when visiting relatives cause never get to see them up here!
  8. Wtf, just saw a magpie in my garden (loch ness area). Have never seen one this far north, ever. This is hoody/carrion crow country, in 20 odd yrs bird watching have never seen one up here. Could it have been released or blown off course?
  9. I just thought there was a certain warmth to the other charectors, they were all decent and likeable. He was just a nasty c**t though.
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