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  1. Reminds me of the graffiti "continental breakfast is NOT real breakfast."
  2. For ages. Sunset Yellow and Ponticue(?) I believe are the colours banned in USA ETA Ponceau 4R, it's on the label of lucozade I'm drinking
  3. Shit. I didn't necessarily mean your mother but I didn't word it very well. I really meant people kicking their own mothers. Shit, didn't word that well myself either, it wasnt an offering to Ruel Street! (Bring both our mothers for a punt in the pie!)
  4. Are we allowed to kick your mother in the pie? Be my guest. A sneeze would be the least of your worries though.
  5. I get this, it's a reaction to sudden bright light, and if I mind right can only be passed on through a mother to her offspring
  6. Do you have a spare battery for a Sony Erricson?
  7. Sweet. Do you have to have the smart meters? Any pros/cons? ETA just had a wee look, neither really up or down
  8. Have you noticed they pack eggs "upside down" now, with the wider end at the top? Something to do with preventing bubbles in them keeping them fresher for longer.
  9. Is anyone on the prepay electricity? Worked in a shop years ago and it was wee green cards, moved house recently and its like a wee USB pen you top up with. How hard is it to change over to normal? Does the prepay cost more? Put 20 on it 3 weeks ago, just ran out today but that's with no TVs, hoover, washing machine etc really running.
  10. Just remember what the late, great Christopher Wallace said all those years ago - " I don't give a bitch enough to catch the bus, and when I see the semen I'm leaving."
  11. Didn't pay enough attention in school to give a f**k!
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