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  1. She's fucking honking. Imagine paying money to w**k off over that living corpse.
  2. Crewed for him at the Teca a few years ago, he's about 5 ft f**k all. "Thanks guys, have a beer, have two! Have a smoke, have two!!" he said to us as he was ushered away by a 20 odd strong security team. Top guy in my book for acknowledging the local crew.
  3. Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough, to get it ready for the plow, the cabbages are coming now, the earth exhales.
  4. Nowhere near as annoying as when the oblivious fuckers decide to stop dead. See old wifeys at the entrance to any shop. All seem to think it's the ideal place to stand and chat shite.
  5. On the bag chat, found this when clearing out the old dears loft. Mind my old boy taking me to the commie pool with it when I was about 3 or 4. I use it to keep the winter stuff in the car.
  6. Wherever I would normally wear trainers and with what I'd normally wear? I'm a right old hip hoppy c**t so my jeans are pretty baggy anyway. Be good to bang on after the heavy lifting is done backstage at gigs and festival work too. Is that OK Dad?
  7. Forum '84 Hi - Cuts & Slices. Some collab with a pizzeria in Bed Stuy(do or die) NY. I just liked the colours. Must be shrinking cause it feels like a hella high hi top, and I had hoped the ankle strap was removable but happy with them for 70£.
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