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  1. Carling, to wash down a huge pile of cocktail sausage rolls that I cooked up earlier.
  2. Quite partial to a wee bit of cherry cake. ooh,er!
  3. The livestream i am watching, the uploader has just opened a can of beer and shouted "go on son, hit him"
  4. I reckon one of the mods is married to the girl in his avatar.
  5. Looking forward to the judo. Wonder if we are any good at unarmed combat.
  6. Got the kids Hallowe'en costume sorted early.
  7. I've picked the wrong boxer then. My guy Benitez has the same punch drunk condition but he must have better carers as he has not been allowed to fall over like Chacon.
  8. I have an advert for "Artificial Grass" at the top of my page
  9. Just had Bruschetta Pomodori from Lidl's Italiamo range. very nice and tasty.
  10. yep but I will live with it. (Unlike her) think it was my 3rd year with her. She posted a pic of herself a couple of days ago and it was kind of obvious from that she didnt have long to go. feel a little bit sad about her as i have been following her for quite a while on twitter. rip.
  11. I am sitting in the pub, the shoe shop across the road is shut. They have forgotten to take in all the displays outside. The great unwashed are having a field day :-)))
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