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  1. Well done, Mr Pie, for getting in fast before Greenacres, who must have written his post earlier and copied and pasted it in anyway!
  2. Morrisons defo above Tesco, Asda defo below Aldi/Lidl
  3. That gives an appalling impression to anyone. It really should say ground-down home supporters, too. But there is a feel-good air about Queens at the moment, and long may it last; doing something about the public-facing physical structure of the club ought to match that feeling, and fast!
  4. I quite like the mossy roof, tbh. First things would be the signs - leaving junk lying for years gives a terrible impression (and just to shut some folk up if nothing else); the toilets, ffs; Skyline's door and all the other doors and windows that make the place look like a slum; paint anything that doesn't move and organise some better food/drink.
  5. Am I not right in thinking that there was a rumour of Broadfoot coming to Queens at this time last year and that there was a strong reaction on this forum against it? Or possibly in 2020, it's got flipping impossible to get a grip on time since the pandemic arrived!
  6. This forum is much poorer without SD's input. The critics who mistook his detailed and accurate approach for pedantry and condescension should have a look at themselves.
  7. Absolutely. Even if it was pure chance, it looks terrible!
  8. By my estimations, then, there's about a 40% chance of one of them scoring A goal if Roy and Cameron start.
  9. Has someone hacked green acre's account? I tend to agree with these points.
  10. Exactly. I am genuinely mystified as to why he didn't.
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