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  1. What an unexpected run from Daz, showing Boyle how it's done😄
  2. Think our defence looks more solid with McGregor in it than Porteous to be honest.
  3. Crags is an arsehole, pass it on
  4. You mean Crags as Stewart annoyingly keeps calling him
  5. Great play from Jackson Irvine, a lot of players would have just tried to head that but he brought it down on the chest and laid it off, nice finish from Nisbet as well!!
  6. The ref evening up his mistake for the first penalty!!
  7. Zander 'Fucking Legend' Clark
  8. Get it right fucking up ye!!!!
  9. St Johnstone's defending has been superb!! Great tackling and throwing bodies in front of shots.
  10. Craigan: "St Johnstone deserve to see extra time" How generous of you, come on Saints ram it right up him!!
  11. Zander Clark having the game of his life
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