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  1. Two goals down after 5 minutes is a tall order but then to lose 2 goals at the start of the second half is criminal. Keeper for the first and the second had a touch of offside about it. Some of the Rabs finishing today was very poor. Can’t take it away from Talbot always raise there game on the big ones.
  2. Fancy Rob Roy this Saturday, they are scoring plenty goals with Watt on fire. So should be a cracker.
  3. I took in a few Cumbernauld games early on and defo thought they were a team looking like they could get promotion
  4. Disappointed with today's result but good luck to Arthurlie the rest of the season. 3 goals away from home would normally get you the 3 points. Watt , Fraser and Mckie goals today but again the defence still a problem. To concede 4 goals not like the Rabs, but I am sure the coaching staff will turn it around.
  5. Look forward to the new season with open and honest chat about the Rabs.
  6. Good luck to Danny And Jordan for next season
  7. Good luck next season to Buckie, Kev Green, Duff , Shaun, Reece and Luke thanks from a great season.
  8. Who's all the players signed from this years squad. Jordan Brown GK away Buchanan. Away Green away Out the defence
  9. Sorry only my opinion yes I did champion Jordan all season but he is attacking midfield like Shaun Fraser Luke is more holding play maker. Player of the year 2015-2016. Bottom line to many injuries and players. not available at vital time. Great effort from all concerned
  10. Well done Glens today but disappointed that GK Jordan brown and Luke Whelan didn't start today but featured all season. The were the back bone that was missing.
  11. What I heard on Wednesday night at the game . Maybe not true because some that's signed (may have not ) just rumours.
  12. Both are not signing for next year. Green off Buchanan off Duff off Pearson off Mackie off
  13. Great end of season to top 4 teams, may the best team win. [emoji120][emoji460]️[emoji471]
  14. Fair enough I admire your honesty, on the Liam Rowan incident I reflected and yes a red was correct. Late and as a result reckless but no intent to hospitalise the player. Talbot must be some team because Danny Boyle is the best centre back I have seen this season .
  15. What's your opinion of the keepers follow through. I personally think keepers get away with murder. Can't touch them but they can knock your head off.
  16. It's the keepers follow through excessive force imo
  17. Thought the keepers tackle on Sawyers was reckless. Keeper tried to injure the player imo
  18. There is nothing wrong with showing passion for your team. Get behind the boys if you don't believe how can you expect maxi and the team, smile a little and people will smile back believe and maybe just maybe the team will and if dreams come true great if not we've fucking pushed them all the wAy. If you can't shout about that, then it's not football it's cricket or some other shit sport. Come on maxi and the boys I believe, it's going to the fucking wire FACT
  19. What you can't take away is points on the board. FACT
  20. TALKING SHITE playing a game with words. grow a pair and believe in maxi and the team.
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