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  1. In fact, while I'm here. Any tips from people who have been to The Den would be greatly appreciated. Going with my girlfriend who is somewhat shiting herself. I've been told though it's best to stay around the London Bridge area and get the train from there to South Bermondsey? And I assume buying tickets on the night won't be a problem?
  2. Think I mentioned before, but I'm off to the New Den on Friday night to see Millwall vs Forest! Was actually hopeful of getting to Spurs vs Burnley instead as my girlfriend's uncle's work has corporate season tickets but they were already taken. Didn't even know the Millwall game had been moved to the Friday, but alas, I'm on my way.
  3. Musselburgh Athletic 2-0 Camelon. My first trip to Olivebank despite having lived along the road for almost 2 years. First half was poor and scrappy with Camelon missing a penalty just before the break. Other than that, it was dire. 2nd half saw Musselburgh play much better stuff and they were fully deserving of the points. First goal was a really well taken finish from a tight angle after rounding the keeper. The 2nd, a bullet header from close range which the keeper could do nothing about. Camelon picked up a few bookings too, and one of their players was red carded after the final whistle. Still a timid affair compared to the Under 20 fixture between these 2 last night which saw 3 red cards between both sides.
  4. Don't know if it's the same guy, but Linton's keeper is a ****.
  5. They don't perhaps have an actual Derby fixture as such which has been played throughout their history, but aside from the Sheffield 2, no one in Yorkshire really does. Despite that, any 2 Yorkshire clubs going head to head is usually considered a Derby, and they all hate each other. Leeds vs Manchester United is probably their biggest rivalry though. Although I don't know exactly when that started. There's plenty of history behind the Lancashire vs Yorkshire rivalry, but I don't know specifically when it became such a big deal between these 2 teams. By the looks of things, it could've been around the 60's when both clubs were competing for a lot of silverware thus intensifying the regional rivalry. Although by that logic, does that mean hypothetically in say 50-100 years time, the Man Utd-Leeds rivalry could effectively fizzle out and something like Sheffield United vs Man City takes over? Purely based on some scenario that another Lancashire and Yorkshire club were at the top of the English game.
  6. Yeah I guess if it comes to a point where there's a genuine conflict of interests then it will spiral into something.
  7. Gillingham. Sure I've read that in a survey, most of their fans claimed the team they hated most was Millwall, but no one really recalls a real reason why, and Millwall certainly don't care about them. Can't imagine Cambridge or Colchester have much in the way of rivalry. Colchester vs Southend maybe as the only 2 professional Essex clubs, but they're still quite a bit away, and think Colchester are almost in Suffolk. Not sure about Peterborough United actually. Quite a few teams in that part of the world, but the only rivalry I would really know of is Ipswich vs Norwich. Then there's the South coast. The bizarre rivalry of Brighton vs Palace is a thing, but aside from that, Brighton wouldn't really have a rival I don't think. And then there's Bournemouth, who try to latch on to Southampton, even though Saints fans don't care at all. Imagine there's plenty big French clubs. Like Germany, most cities are one club cities, but they don't really have the same fan culture as Germany. Germany itself, Hoffenheim as mentioned don't really have one due to being a relatively modern club in terms of where they are, while Leipzig probably can't lend their name to a real rivalry from their end. Although both clubs have no shortage of haters. What about Hertha Berlin too? Don't think a rivalry with Union has taken off yet. Sure Union will want to be the best in the city, but I don't think there's real organic rivalry. Union seem to have more interest in Dresden or Rostock. Whereas Hertha, I just can't recall being involved in any real rivalry clashes.
  8. Don't know the history, but Tranmere fans seemed to be the only ones who took great joy in seeing Bury go under.
  9. Nurnberg have sacked their coach too. Wonder if this could breathe life into the race for 3rd.
  10. Sane out for up to 4 months is a blow for Schalke. Think we might have to bring Jeffrey Bruma back on loan at this rate.
  11. Still a bit gutted Schalke couldn't put the game to bed on Saturday. Bielefeld away in the cup this week with a trip to Augsburg on Sunday evening. Bundesliga is unbelievably tight right now. I also watched Gladbach last night, and they look really good. Hamburg vs Stuttgart was my pre-Revierderby viewing on Saturday, and that was a cracker too.
  12. More than happy to help! Love planning these wee sort of trips. Any time me and my girlfriend want to get away, I always squeeze a game in where applicable. Wonder why she even bothers suggesting holidays.
  13. Are you leaving on the 13th? Jong PSV vs Jong Ajax on Monday night that weekend. Failing that, Helmond Sport play NAC Breda on the Friday night. A quick Google shows it's a short train ride from Eindhoven to Helmond, and the ground is within walking distance from the station in Helmond. Stadium holds around 4,000 but apparently they only average around 1,500 spectators. As for Germany, sadly they shut down all leagues over Christmas until late January. There will be friendlies, but usually low key matches vs lower league teams, so not sure how much notice they'll give, or how well advertised they'll even be.
  14. Think that would definitely be a good way of doing it. Plus, the Belgians and the Dutch have had no problems with playoffs for European spots so that could tie in well. Would imagine the KNVB Beker and Beker van Belgie would still exist too, so there'd be European places up for grabs there too.
  15. Apologies if i've missed discussion on this elsewhere, but the FA's of both nations are in advanced talks to merge and have an 18 team Superleague, possibly ready for next season. Would be a cracking league I think, and perhaps a good way for Dutch and Belgian clubs to keep hold of their promising talents if it takes off. I assume only the 'Superleague' would be mixed, and leagues below would be regionalised, essentially staying all Dutch and all Belgian leagues.
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