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  1. Schalke 3-2 St Pauli. Apologies if this doesn't go down well like the Liverpool games But I felt this was too good not to share. For the first time since 2019 (cheers Covid) I was back with the Iron Blue Heidelberg fan club to watch Schalke. Just being back was fantastic, seeing a lot of faces I hadn't seen for 3 years, but I don't think in my wildest dreams I could've imagined witnessing what I did. Thanks to Fortuna Dusseldorf beating Darmstadt on Friday evening, a win would secure promotion back to the Bundesliga for Schalke. 2-0 down after 17 minutes, it looked like we wouldn't witness it and we'd have to watch the final day back in Scotland to see if they could make the return, and then, the Roy of the Rovers-esque come back was on. A Simon Terodde penalty immediately after the restart gave us hope and he scored again with 20 to go. The tension in the stadium at this point was incredible. Then, substitute Rodrigo Zalazar emphatically finished to make it 3-2 on 78 minutes to wild celebrations in the Nordkurve. St Pauli ended with 9 men and had a penalty claim, but eventually, the final whistle blew and that was it! There were tears, hugs and all manner of celebrations around me. I've honestly never experienced such euphoria at a match, and the noise was simply incredible. Even watching the highlights back I'm overwhelmed. Despite warnings against it, the fans invaded the pitch (I couldn't help myself) but it was pretty scary. The surge forward in the Nordkurve could have honestly caused a crush and it was rather unsettling looking back. Once at the front of the Nordkurve there's roughly a 10 foot drop to get trackside but I had no option but to brave it and go for it. Worth it in the end however as we stayed on the pitch for a long time after celebrating with fans and players alike. Sadly, my phone died at half time so I didn't get much content for myself. Was far too caught up in the moment anyway but this photo below is a cracker (albeit not mine). All in all a truly remarkable evening, a night and match I will never forget for the rest of my life. And next year I'll be back to watch Bundesliga action!
  2. Me and my lady friend looking at going to Berlin in the summer. She's just asked me if we need a passport to get in to Germany now we're not in the EU. Refuses to believe that we've always needed a passport to enter Germany. Gets worse, she's just told me she thought the Berlin Wall was in China. Mainly because people say it takes days to walk along it, and there's always photos of it in Chinese takeaways. Where can I find a DDR takeaway?
  3. Sean Clare is the one that sticks out for me at Hearts. Signed as an attacking midfielder who we apparently staved off some big teams to sign, and looked miles off it when he joined. Was slotted in on the wings at times too and looked better wide but still not great. Then he had to slot in at right back for a game and I think he had a mare, but after that, actually turned into a very competent right back. By the time the season drew to an early close for Covid, he was a shining light in a poor Hearts team and I was quite gutted to see him go.
  4. **** me, I gave up here. How on earth did that get into a printed publication. I can hazard a guess actually. Love how they describe it as 'mammoth'. Rangers win closes the gap on the dizzy heights of 3rd, which means the square root of **** all in the LL.
  5. Sweden do it too, and maybe Finland also. Can't remember if you've done Finland yet.
  6. Does anyone know how Edinburgh City's attendances have been affected this season by their home games moved to Friday nights? Think they've been averaging around 200-300 most weeks. Their game on the weekend there was actually 3pm on a Saturday but no idea what the crowd was like. Think it'll be interesting to see the difference looking back once they've moved to Meadowbank and their games are mostly on Saturday afternoons again. Then again, the downside of Friday night games at that level is it no doubt impacts travelling support. Again, not talking huge differences, but for fans of say Elgin or Stranraer, there's certainly going to be more of them coming to Edinburgh for a Saturday afternoon game than a Friday evening game.
  7. Not entirely random, but speaking of St Pauli, I will be at the Schalke vs St Pauli match on May 7th. It'll be my first trip to Germany (and Schalke) for 3 years for obvious reasons so very much looking forward to it. And it looks to be a very good match indeed. It's the penultimate game of the season, and both sides are pushing for promotion. St Pauli have been in the top 2 for most of the season, while Schalke have mostly been inconsistent, but have now won 4 on the bounce since Mike Buskens took over as caretaker to go top of the table. Very close going into the final 5 games, but hopefully we'll be partying in Gelsenkirchen until the wee hours.
  8. Good spot Ginaro, cheers. Leith Athletic looks enticing.
  9. Knew there was a minimum, but wasn't sure there was a maximum. It would make sense though as to why they show games between say, Norwich vs Brighton, as it covers them more for the minimum quota, without pushing the maximum quota of say the bigger teams if they only show Norwich or Brighton playing them.
  10. Don't know the specifics of the EPL TV deal, but I'm sure all the clubs got a fair say in negotiations and managed to get a clause that every team has to be shown X number of times. As for the SPFL deal, I'm really not sure how much say the clubs got.
  11. Alternatively, I've had similar thoughts but more about the non-league game. I'd love to see more of their matches played on a Friday night or even a Sunday, particular in places like Edinburgh or Glasgow. I follow the EoS and LL closely, and would love to take in more games than I do, but as they're all 2/3pm kick offs on a Saturday, I seldom get the chances as I'm a ST holder at Tynecastle. Even if it was just a handful of games on some sort of rotational basis, not necessarily entire matchdays on a different day. Not sure how drastic it would increase crowds but would be interesting to see if they experimented with it.
  12. Your board must be ****s. 2028, in the Champions League knockout stages, and by the looks of it they haven't expanded your stadium.
  13. Energetik-BGU currently joint top of the Belarusian league with BATE IRL. Clearly inspired by @oneteaminglasgow
  14. Good luck Dave. Only done the challenge for the first time during lockdown but loved it. Never really challenged myself too much mind you. Just used the standard database and done Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe in that order, so basically lowest rep of each tournament to highest. By the time I ticked the first 3 off, I blagged the River Plate and Man City jobs in a flash and got them wrapped up quickly. Asia was by far the hardest for me, mostly as it had the strictest rules for squad registration and the business part of the tournament coincided with major international tournaments poaching all my best foreigners.
  15. **** knows where they apostrophes came from.
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