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  1. 2 weeks off work for self isolation at an end so time to reflect on my success with Cork City. Domestically, I've breezed it. Cork start as reigning champions on FM19 so have a strong squad already, I really just wanted to go a club who was already suited to success, and could focus on pushing on in Europe. Won 5 titles on the bounce, as well as numerous cups. There's about 5 domestic cups a season to play for. Think I've won something like 18, although they're all very low rep so not exactly the most beneficial for the reputation. Europe has been great though. First season, I managed to get to the Europa groups and even to the last 32 before getting pumped off Eintracht Frankfurt. Since then I've got to a further 2 Europa last 32's and a last 16, playing the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Lazio on the way. A 2-1 win away at Sporting Lisbon was easily my best result in the Europa. I also had one season in the CL group stages. A fine experience which has transformed the club forever. Got humped in my first 5 games, but financially, massive for us. Match 6, while a fairly pointless exercise, turned into my finest hour. A 1-0 win over Real Madrid at Turner's Cross, thanks to a Karl Shephard penatly in the 76th minute. The coefficient is at an all time high, with the Irish league now holding 2 CL berths. I've also built up a great academy, churning out some fantastic youngsters. A couple of which have moved to England for 6 figure sums within 2 seasons, and are Irish internationals. The rest of my squad is built up of players plucked from Scotland. Aaron Doran was a huge success, although now left and winding down. Currently, my 3 star players are Robbie Crawford, Bobby Burns and Bruce Anderson. I've achieved all there really is to do in Ireland, but having so much fun that I've knocked back loads of jobs, both north and south of Hadrian's Wall. I really want to stick around for a crack at the Ireland job, and truly turn them into a football powerhouse, but Mick McCarthy just won't ****ing leave.
  2. Aye exactly, as if half these clubs need the cash.
  3. I only got a Bari scarf because a mate in my old job was from there and was going home for a match. Wasn't sure if I'll ever get that chance again. My mate prefers a shirt wherever he goes, bought one at Augsburg with me, San Siro and Bernabeu with his Mrs etc. But a scarf is much more traditional for me. A better momento. Especially with 'elite' clubs. There's nothing really authentic about buying one of their shirts even if you have been. I visited the Parc des Princes albeit just outside, and didn't even contemplate going into the PSG shop.
  4. Quite content with our glorious maroon, although our away kit should always be a nod to the original coulours of red, white and blue. Majestic.
  5. I've got a good wee collection of scarves too. I try to make the effort to buy a scarf from any team I go to watch. Only teams I've seen without buying a scarf is Valur Reykjavik, Millwall, and Berwick Rangers. I just didn't get a chance at Valur or Millwall sadly. Added Ferencvaros to my collection last week, got an Augsburg one last year (lovely maroon and white bar scarf, with subtle green piping) and despite the fact I've never been to see them, or even their country, I've got a Bari scarf.
  6. I'm another who's turned into a bit of a collector. Plenty Hearts and Schalke tops for obvious reasons but got a few fairly random ones. Most random is probably a Maribor shirt. Seen one online relatively cheap, and always had a soft spot for them once they completed the holy trinity of beating Hibs, Celtic and Rangers in Europe. Malmo have too, but didn't stumble upon their shirt yet. 2 PAOK Salonika shirts too as I have a Greek mate who supports them and recently added a Newcastle shirt to my collection. Not a real fan as such, I just go down to a lot of games with my mate who is. Few Nurnberg shirts too as they have a friendship with Schalke. Unknown to have friendship clubs on these shores, but very common in Europe. No one seems to really know why, but they wear maroon, so who am I to question. Only one I can really think of that is pretty random or obscure with no real context is DC United. Saw it cheap, thought it was nice and bought it. I have nothing more to add there.
  7. Started a save inspired by my recent trip to Budapest, and took over Ferencvaros. My 4-3-3 Gegenpress will dominate domestically I assume, but I want to turn Hungary into a bit of a force again. Unbeaten in my first 7 in the league, and got to the Europa groups from QR1. Beat Feyenoord and Zenit on the way which was impressive. Favourite file I've played though is my unempoloyed challenge starting in Scotland. Took over Peterhead in League 2 sat 8th in December and got them straight up through the playoffs 6 months later. 2nd season, finished a respectable 7th in League One as well as reaching the Betfred QF. Left at the end of season 2 for Brechin who had just lost in the playoffs. I kept up that tradition by finishing in the playoffs 3 times, but on the 3rd attempt I finally managed promotion to the Championship. Problem seemed to be starting the season slow (new players perhaps not used to the gegenpress yet) and ending strong, but by which point, we were playing catch up. Ross County, Morton and Livi all made me work for it. Season 3 saw me get the QF of both cups too, losing at home to Celtic both times. The Scottish tie, I actually led 2-0. Spent a season in the Championship finishing 5th. Missed out on a playoff spot by 3 points. Again, I started very slowly, not winning my first 6, before flying up the table. Started season 5 with Brechin playing the Betfred, but was offered the job by St Mirren just days before the start of the Premiership season, so off I popped. Started by beating Hibs at home, Hearts away and Aberdeen at home. I've only lost 1 out of my first 7, and that was Celtic away.
  8. Got a new laptop for the first time in ages last month, so great to be in the modern era rather than playing updated versions of old FM's. As fun as they were. That said, I opted for FM19 to start with as there were plenty bad reviews for FM20. Might switch over and give it a bash since it's been updated, but dunno if there's much point? Or should I persevere until 21 is out? Anyhoo, I've actually mostly been playing the Touch version. I know, it's not quite the full thing, but it's perfect for me. I started my first save on the full version with Musselburgh in the EoS. Took me 14 hours of gameplay to play one season. I haven't really got time to put so much effort in, and even then, I prefer to have a degree of efficiency to my saves, so it's been touch ever since. It doesn't feel any different as a game, other than they've stripped back press conferences and all the bells and whistles. Fine by me. I also love the instant result feature too. Handy for those meaningless end of season games.
  9. My photographing skills are shite. Sorry.
  10. Ferencvaros 0-0 Honved Good game, but little quality. The whole registration thing was mad, but all in, £20 each. Entertainment was alright, birds are tidy, transport decent etc.
  11. Sadly missing Hearts vs Rangers on Sunday so looking to get my football fix. A few Lowland and EoS games on around Edinburgh tomorrow but thinking between Spartans or Craigroyston for logistical reasons. Haven't ever seen Craigy play so leaning towards that. Feel totally lost tomorrow. Daughter doesn't want to stay the night, girlfriend on a night out so I've the day to myself but it's the weekend before payday so i've barely a nugget to rub together.
  12. In England, it was always usually more the counties that we were told. Don't see it as much these days but I remember it being easy to find out in match reports.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50878409 Pick your combined Edinburgh derby XI. Featuring Demetri Mitchell, who doesn't play for Hearts, right back Jamie Brandon as a striker and a Hearts badge which was a concept designed during the Chris Robinson era which was never made official.
  14. Actually a wee bit jealous in a way. Found it a bit random when they made Villa's kits, but they were superb. More fashion/football combo's please.
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