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  1. The bairns been trying to get Otis dressed up for a while, seems to be enjoying it Or maybe not!
  2. Thanks, I highly recommend it. If you've got a mate that's into climbing then it would be a very good idea to take them along! I felt totally out of my depth at times but I think that was mostly down to being my first time scrambling. It's quite tricky to locate the ridge in the first place but this guys post is a great help. https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8599
  3. Thought I'd give myself a wee shock to the system today, so decided on the Curved Ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor. Yeah, that done it. My first real attempt at some scrambling and I'll be honest, at times I was shiteing myself. Started off as a cracking walk round the base to the Water Slab. Was following directions from a forum post on walkhighlands when I saw a couple of guys descending from what turned out to be D Gully. They'd got lost but now reckoned they knew where they were going so I tagged along for a bit. We crossed over above the slab and started heading up. A couple of tricky bits then came to a section where I thought this is pretty dodgy. Had to compose myself and managed up. At which point I realised there was no way i was able to downclimb and was committed. Got to the ledge just below the Rannoch Wall and was pretty nervous now. The guys had charged on while I sat for a bit, I looked up to see where they were and thought how the hell am I getting up there! A few folk passed and offered some much needed words of encouragement. Then onto the Curved Ridge. I have never in my life been in the position where a slip or fall would be fatal (apart from maybe the good old days at Brockville). So this was incredibly intense. Managed the Crux no bother after a bit of investigation, then up and down the Crowberry Tower. Just a shame the views were hidden behind a constant blanket of cloud from this point. Last scramble from there up to Stob Dearg. Then pretty straightforward over to Stob na Broige. Just over 6 hours all in.
  4. No, just a wee amused smile on her face. God only knows what was going on her mind.
  5. I win this thread. I swear on my kids lives this actually just happened. She just asked me, "who picks the penalty takers? The manager, David Beckham or Prince William?" On a night of footballing comedy, this was the icing on the cake 😁
  6. Just walked in on her on the phone ordering a carpet for her dad, when I heard her say to deliver it to our address. She came off the call I asked why tf was it getting delivered here? "because our landlord gets a discount" "And how are we getting it to your dads?" "Just fold it up and put it in the back of the car" Fold it up. A 6 x 5m carpet. Put it in the boot. I can see her getting rolled up in the carpet and dumped in the Carron.
  7. Anyone recommend a boxing club around Falkirk, Stirling or Cumbernauld?
  8. Maybe worth giving the Smolov Jr for Bench programme a try.
  9. Meall Nan Tarmachan today. Planned to do the ridge but the wind was brutal coupled with very poor visibility (therefore no photos!) so just bagged it and headed back down. Very enjoyable walk though and I wont mind doing it again soon to catch the ridge.
  10. Lost in Music's great. Not heard A Day in the Life, will give it a listen today.
  11. That's the first time I've heard Ronson's The Only One I Know and I feel like part of me has just died inside. Also, I prefer The Fall's version of Victoria.
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