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  1. Playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire app - "I thought Cleopatra was bitten by a snake" Me - "she was" "But that wasn't one of the answers so i put lion, it says the right answer is (and to add to the insanity she actually spells this out) an A.S.P." After i managed to start breathing again i gave her kudos for knowing she was bitten by a snake, to which she replied, "oh wait, i was thinking about Medusa"
  2. I wasnt too keen on Kill Switch on the album but it was fantastic live.
  3. Ride were excellent last night. The 2 new albums stand up really well against the classics. Glad to have passed the epilepsy test yet again during Drive Blind.
  4. Got Ride on Dec 4th at SWG3 then Mick Head at Summerhall in January. Unfortunately it seems he is back on the bevvy so current outlook for the gig is - 30% it's cancelled 30% it's a car crash of a gig 40% he straightens out and is utterly incredible
  5. Watching Britain's Biggest Warship last night - "Can it go underwater as well?"
  6. Came off the phone to my mate last night. Wife asks "not seen him for ages, what's he up to?" Me "away shooting this weekend" Wife "what's he shooting? Peasants?"
  7. I'm sure they'll be fine, thanks for your concern.
  8. We drove up to Perth recently and just before the roundabout at the Porsche garage there’s a road sign with “the earth is flat” scrawled over it in spray paint. The kids and I had a wee chuckle about it, when I then turned to the wife I could see that she was deep in thought. As I could hear the gears turning in her head I burst out laughing, the following is word for word. me: f**k right off, you can’t be serious wife: no, no I know the earths not flat, I’m not fucking stupid. me: what you thinking about then? wife: was just wondering, how long have we known it’s not flat? me: - silence, waiting in anticipation................... wife : like 30 years or something? tears and snotters everywhere. My 14yo in the back is crying and choking with laughter, stammering out “Galileo!!!!!Galileo!!!!” In between gasps.
  9. Struggled with Catch 22 until just past half way, then it just seemed to click with me and got right into it. By the end i didn't want it to finish.
  10. Roma. Bored me out of my fucking nut, i usually get sucked right into subtitled films but this actually sobered me up and made me want to go to bed on a saturday night.
  11. Homeboy Sandman & Edan @ Bongo Club Fucking Wow. I’ve always said I’ve never been to a bad gig in my life. This was top 5. The build up was brilliant, support was amazing but when Edan took the stage it fucking lifted , some quality mixes came then the big man came up on stage (and nearly fucked his heid on the girder a couple of times) the album was played interspliced with some classic cuts from Edan’s Beauty and the Beat. They both had the crowd in the palm of their hands. They played for an hour and a half but I could have listened for another 2 hours easily. Took the wife along who is pretty much repelled by hip hop but even she loved it. Got some photos with Edan and Homeboy at the end of the night, homeboy took some time to talk and get some better photos after it ended. Edan is the fucking man, psychedelic hip hop with effects pedals. Magic
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