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  1. Polar opposite for me, I'd say he's looked completely out of place in every film I've watched him in. His old man, on the other hand, has been fantastic.
  2. @johnnydun Wise decision, I'm getting pished tomorrow. Not that I'm any better sober.
  3. Or maybe not. Thanks bud, enjoyed that game. sav1876 defeats invergowrie by being less drunk
  4. Early carnage in the bottom of the table clash between sav1876 and invergowrie as The Gowrie turn up to the match blootered and get 2 star players sent off early doors. They now appear to have fallen asleep as sav1876 contemplates an indirect freekick while trying to catch up on alcohol consumed.
  5. Well played. Pumped again. Starting to think chess ain't for me. 😅 Can see retirement at the end of the season.
  6. sav1876 puts up the white flag against Beef2711. Well played mate enjoyed that once it got going, even though I was getting humped.
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