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  1. Irn Bru

    Getting fucking fed up of walking up and down the drinks aisle in the Co-op looking for an alternative when I know fine well that there is none. That said, I recently discovered Apple Tango which is ace but not sold in the local shops. Will need to stock up at the next opportunity. Still, every other drink is pish in comparison. I wonder at at which point the sales figures are disasterous enough that they are forced to revert to the original recipe? God I miss a glass bottle/can
  2. The Good Guys

    First time I’ve heard that tbh. Goldblum indeed does has some kind of weirdly unique magnetic charm. Will also add to the list the legend that is in my profile pic, the magnificent Gary Mounfield
  3. The Good Guys

    Ffs 4 pages and no Bill Murray??
  4. What covers are better than original

  5. The funk 'n' soul thread

    Ha, spent half an hour walking around trying to find the Wee red bar, had it on google maps but no sign of it, was asking passers by but no one had heard of it. We gave up and tried the Grassmarket, which was shite. Ended up just going back to the Wash Bar, thankfully the barman was playing soul through the PA so turned out a good night.
  6. The funk 'n' soul thread

    A guys just recommended hanover99, I’ll check out the Wee red bar first though cheers
  7. The funk 'n' soul thread

    Help needed guys!!!! Came through with the wife to Edinburgh for the soul night at the Wash Bar, only to find out it’s not on. Anyone know of any other soul nights near the city centre tonight?
  8. Gigs

    I think that comment from HJ about the royalties was tongue in cheek mate (I'm assuming you also go by the name Swifty's Cakes?? ). I never got a chance to see Shack live, so last week was probably the closest I'll get and it was incredible. Hopefully get an Adios Senor Pussycat gig early next year up here. Planning a trip to Liverpool next summer to see him. Been dying to visit he city so that's the perfect excuse.
  9. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Holy Mountain is hilariously shit, sounds like Inspiral Carpet getting wrecked on acid and swapping instruments.
  10. Gigs

    That blew me away last night, Absolutely magical. I'm amazed he didn't play anything off the new album but what a set list that was, Newby Street, Black & White, Streets of Kenny and Meant to Be were highlights for me and it was great to hear Sgt Major and that stunning version of Stranger. Big man's bang on form. Lets hope he's back up soon to tour the album. Eta- The support was brilliant as well. Roy was totally gripping and what a sound from Nick Ellis . Had a chat with both of them, top guys.
  11. Gigs

    Mick Head at Oran Mor this Thursday. New album out in 3 weeks so looking forward to that played in full plus the usual stunning list of classics. Saw him twice now, both times with just a cellist and trumpet, hoping for some drums and lead guitar at this one but if not it'll still be magnificent
  12. Albums you would take to your grave

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Love - Forever Changes Shack - Waterpistol Shack - HMS Fable Ride - Nowhere Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Got to be 6, can't justify leaving any of those out.
  13. Gigs

    Certainly looks that way, i wonder if Ian will let rip at Reni at some point, clearly something's happened between those two.
  14. Famous people who have fallen out with you

    Drunkenly put Bez in a headlock at Heaton Park. His burd went mental calling me all sorts. Bez, unsurprisingly, looked oblivious to my exuberant embrace, just a confused grin. So I suppose it was really just his fine lady who fell out with me.
  15. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ghost in the Shell - First half of this was really enjoyable but i lost interest fairly quickly. Visuals were fantastic though. 6/10 Boss Baby - Laughed once, when Eugene finally spoke. Even the bairn was bored 3/10 Free Fire 7/10 I, Daniel Blake 8/10