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  1. I would fucking love to see Fury vs Usyk
  2. Quality fight. According to the wife Joshua would've if he'd only hit Usyk with an undercut. Interesting to read BBC news earlier when every "expert" predicted a win for Joshua.
  3. Been a few weeks since the last walk so when the laddie said he wanted to do his first Munro it got me back in the mood. We had a night at a hotel in Newtonmore to use up, so after a quick look at Walkhighlands, we opted for A' Mharconaich and Geal Chàrn and booked up for last night. Amazing how quickly the hill fitness regresses, I was gassing after 15 mins and it felt like a total slog up Geal Chàrn but once we were on the shoulder it kicked in and we made good pace from then on. Wee stop at the shoulder cairn. Onto the summit, then a cracking descent to the bealach, followed by another slog up onto the long plateau of A' Mharconaich. A few strips of these thingys along the plateau, assume it's to get some growth back up there to stop erosion?? Cracking views of the Drumochter Pass and beyond and the descent was fairly easy on the knees, and just a few boggy sections. Done in just under 4 hrs, descent walk in good weather, and most importantly the bairn loved it.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this, gonna try for the Barras.
  5. Stumbled across them last night, first album is tremendous. Gonna download the others today. Not much online about them I can only find a couple of album reviews.
  6. Thanks for the messages guys. Kids are fine, just me and the Mrs feeling a bit shell shocked atm.
  7. Heartbroken tonight. Otis had a habit of eating socks when he was anxious, which is hard to stop when there's 3 kids in the house. My wife's been in and out of hospital the last week so his nerves were shot. Unfortunately this time the sock didn't come out, so we had to take him to the emergency vets on Friday night for an op. They removed the sock but he hadn't ate since. He looked dreadful last night so took him back in. We had to put him down a few hours ago. I'm sitting out the back with a crate of beer looking at photos missing him like f**k, not even a year and a half old Always cracked me up, here's his best Dale Carrick..... RIP mate.
  8. The bairns been trying to get Otis dressed up for a while, seems to be enjoying it Or maybe not!
  9. Thanks, I highly recommend it. If you've got a mate that's into climbing then it would be a very good idea to take them along! I felt totally out of my depth at times but I think that was mostly down to being my first time scrambling. It's quite tricky to locate the ridge in the first place but this guys post is a great help. https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8599
  10. Thought I'd give myself a wee shock to the system today, so decided on the Curved Ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor. Yeah, that done it. My first real attempt at some scrambling and I'll be honest, at times I was shiteing myself. Started off as a cracking walk round the base to the Water Slab. Was following directions from a forum post on walkhighlands when I saw a couple of guys descending from what turned out to be D Gully. They'd got lost but now reckoned they knew where they were going so I tagged along for a bit. We crossed over above the slab and started heading up. A couple of tricky bits then came to a section where I thought this is pretty dodgy. Had to compose myself and managed up. At which point I realised there was no way i was able to downclimb and was committed. Got to the ledge just below the Rannoch Wall and was pretty nervous now. The guys had charged on while I sat for a bit, I looked up to see where they were and thought how the hell am I getting up there! A few folk passed and offered some much needed words of encouragement. Then onto the Curved Ridge. I have never in my life been in the position where a slip or fall would be fatal (apart from maybe the good old days at Brockville). So this was incredibly intense. Managed the Crux no bother after a bit of investigation, then up and down the Crowberry Tower. Just a shame the views were hidden behind a constant blanket of cloud from this point. Last scramble from there up to Stob Dearg. Then pretty straightforward over to Stob na Broige. Just over 6 hours all in.
  11. No, just a wee amused smile on her face. God only knows what was going on her mind.
  12. I win this thread. I swear on my kids lives this actually just happened. She just asked me, "who picks the penalty takers? The manager, David Beckham or Prince William?" On a night of footballing comedy, this was the icing on the cake
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