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  1. Downloading just now for 360, and I'll get it for free on XB1 at Christmas aswell, must say reviews for it are looking good so far.
  2. See if I go and buy this on my 360 tomorrow, does that mean I get it for free when I upgrade to XB1 at Christmas?
  3. I loved MW3, and every COD before it from 4 onwards, not bought one since although I'll likely pick this up when I get my XB1 as a lot of mates will have it.
  4. Started a Scotland save, played 4 games so far and must say it's been going rather well. GIBRALTAR (H) Won 7-1 IRELAND (A) Won 2-1 GEORGIA (A) Won 2-1 GERMANY (A) Lost 3-2 Going to start an Arsenal save just now though, need to take advantage of Reus' clause.
  5. Main stand, looked like a just a mistimed challenge but from where I was I couldn't tell if studs were up or not, can see why he was shown off, but in my opinion a yellow would have sufficed.
  6. Quite possibly the most boring game of football I've ever watched, we were shite, although sending off was undeserved IMO
  7. Tough night for Ella Jade, turns out her dad died tonight aswell.
  8. My whole squad now hate me and are threatening me to resign, went to hold a team meeting to tell the players to push on, the reply? "Another meeting? Great"
  9. It's never a pen, I think most people for appealing for it out of blind hope tbh.
  10. Has the ability to be MOTN, reckon Ambrose/Rollins will steal the show though. Also, starts an hour earlier tonight, midnight start instead of 1.
  11. I'll stay up and sleep through the borefests like Bella/Bella so I'm fine for Ambrose/Rollins. Anyone know of where I can find a stream that will work on my phone tonight?
  12. My results with Morton so far, been a few real high scoring games but I'm doing rather well if I say so myself, bar a freak result against Stirling.
  13. On my Morton save I was playing Brechin, drawing 3-3 when they surely get a winner in the 92nd minute, but straight from kick off we run up and equalise through a Jamie McCormack OG, then straight from kick off again, they give away the ball and we run up and nab a winner through Mark Russell on his debut! Utter scenes.
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